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Encyclopedia of electronics and electrical engineering
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Free online library on electronics Free encyclopedia of electronics and electrical engineering:
Alternative energy sources
Assemblies of amateur radio equipment
Audio equipment
Audio-fidelity and speaker volume controls
Ballasts of fluorescent lamps
Bells and audio simulators
Chargers, accumulators, galvanic cells
Citizens' Band radio
Clocks, timers, relays, load commutators
Consumer electronics
Current controllers, voltage and power regulators
Data communication
Digital equipment
Electric installation work
Electric meters
Electric motors
Electric power supply
Electrical safety, fire safety
Electrician's reference book
Electrician's tools
Electricity for beginners
Equipment protection from emergency operation, uninterrupted power supply units
Field intensity detectors
Fluorescent lamps
For a musician
For an electrician
For an inexperienced radio amateur
For radio amateur constructors
For students
Frequency synthesizers
Grounding and neutral grounding
Halogen lamps
High-frequency power amplifiers
Home, garden, farmland, hobbies
Household appliances
Indicators, detecting devices, metal detectors
Infra-red equipment
Lightning protection
Measuring equipment
Microphones, wireless microphones
Mobile communication
Portable radio stations
Power amplifiers
Power controllers, thermometers, thermostabilizers
Power supply units
QRP equipment
Radiation indicators
Radio amateur computation
Radio amateur technologies
Radio control
Radio reception
Radio stations, transceivers
Reference materials
Security and alarm system using mobile communication
Security devices and alarm systems
Sound systems
Sound-to-light units
Upgrade of radio stations
Use of microcircuit chips
Various electronic devices
Voltage stabilizers
Voltage transducers, rectifiers, inverters
Welding equipment

Free online library on electronics Useful articles and background materials:
Art of audio
Art of video
Batteries and rechargeable batteries
Big encyclopedia for children and adults
Biographies of great scientists
Children's scientific lab
Entertaining experiments in chemistry
Entertaining experiments in physics
For builders and handymans
For lovers of travel. Tips for tourists
Fundamentals of health and safety
Fundamentals of medical first aid
History of engineering, technology, objects around us
Home workshop
Industrial technology at home - simple recipes
Labor protection
Lecture notes, cheat sheets
Life of great physicists
Miracles of nature. A fascinating journey around the globe
Spectacular tricks and their solutions
Personal transport: land, water, air
Riddles, puzzles, trick questions
Scale modeling
The most important scientific discoveries
Tools and mechanisms for agriculture
Typical labor protection instructions (Job descriptions)
Visual illusions

Free online library on electronics Free magazines:
A Radio. Prakticka Elektronika magazine
Amaterske Radio magazine
Circuit Cellar magazine
Electronique et Loisirs magazine
Electronique Pratique magazine
Elektor Electronics magazine
Elektronika dla Wszystkich magazine
Elektronika Praktyczna magazine
Everyday Practical Electronics magazine
Evil Genius magazine
Funkamateur magazine
Nuts And Volts magazine
QEX magazine
QST magazine
Radiotechnika Evkonyve magazine
Servo magazine
Stereophile magazine
Радио Телевизия Електроника magazine

Free online library on electronics Free audio, video, tvs schematic diagrams and service manuals:
Popular audio
Popular car audio
Popular DVDs
Popular faxes
Popular monitors
Popular monoblocks
Popular phones
Popular TVs
Popular video cameras
Popular video recorders and video players

Avest TVs
Beko TVs
Elenberg, Cameron, Cortland domestic radio electronics
Erisson TVs
Gorizont TVs
Rainford TVs
Rekord TVs
Roadstar TVs
Rolsen TVs
Rubin TVs
Vestel TVs
Vitjaz TVs

Power supply units for TV sets and video equipment

Free online library on electronics Free mobiles schematic diagrams and service manuals:
Benq-Siemens mobiles
Eastcom mobiles
Ericsson mobiles
Fly Bird mobiles
LG mobiles
Maxon mobiles
Mitsubishi mobiles
Motorola mobiles
Nokia mobiles
Panasonic mobiles
Pantech mobiles
Samsung mobiles
Sharp mobiles
Siemens mobiles
Sony-Ericsson mobiles
TCL mobiles
Voxtel mobiles

Free online library on electronics Free household appliances schematic diagrams and service manuals:
Beko household appliances
Braun household appliances
Candy household appliances
Elenberg household appliances
Elica household appliances
Gorenje household appliances
Hansa household appliances
Merloni household appliances
SEB household appliances
Snaige household appliances
Stinol household appliances
Universal household appliances
Whirpool household appliances

Free online library on electronics Free electric tools schematic diagrams and service manuals:
Bocsh electric tools
Makita electric tools

Free online library on electronics Free electric tools schematic diagrams and service manuals:
Bocsh electric tools
Makita electric tools

Free online library on electronics Free reference books:
Collection of dumps
Correspondence of models and chassis
Horizontal-output transformers by HR company
Horizontal-output transformers by Konig company
Integrated circuits, microcontrollers and transistors
Mechanisms of audio and video equipment
Radio components by Atmel
Radio components by Cirrus Logic
Radio components by Maxim
Radio components by Microchip
Radio components by Mitsubishi
Radio components by Motorola
Radio components by National Semiconductor
Radio components by Panasonic
Radio components by Philips
Radio components by Rohm
Radio components by Samsung
Radio components by Sharp
Radio components by Sony
Radio components by Toshiba
Remote controls for TV sets and monoblocks

News of science and technology




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Schematic diagrams to order:
World air conditioners
World audio
World car audio
World DVDs
World faxes
World fridges
World microwave ovens
World monitors
World monoblocks
World phones
World photo cameras
World projectors
World TVs
World video cameras
World video recorders
World washing machines

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Free online library on electronics

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Free online library on electronics Free online library on electronics, Free encyclopedia of electronics and electrical engineering

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Big Encyclopedia. History

Big Encyclopedia. History

Big Encyclopedia. History. Simple answers to difficult questions:

Can roses kill?

Can you name at least one Irish saint?

Did hair color discrimination exist?

Did King Arthur really exist?

Did the weather influence the course of history?

For how many years did Alexander the Great create the largest power of the Ancient World?

For what did English King Richard I get the nickname Lionheart?

For what merit was AV Suvorov promoted to field marshal?

For what was Socrates sentenced to death?

From whom did the Russian princes (and kings) of Rurikovich conduct their genealogy?

How and for what the Persian king Xerxes I ordered to punish the sea straits of the Hellespont?

How did Dalmatians (a breed of dog) help firefighters in times of horse thrust?

How did Leo Tolstoy try to disaccustom soldiers from profanity in military service?

How did Peter I fight poverty?

How did Princess Anna, daughter of Yaroslav the Wise, speak about the French capital?

How did Russian Prince Mstislav Vladimirovich become the ruler of Kasogs?

How did the Cocker Spaniel Checkers save Richard Nixon’s political career in 1952?

How did the Grand Duke of Kiev Vladimir Svyatoslavovich explain his refusal from Islam?

How did the Grand Duke of Kiev Vladimir Svyatoslavovich explain his refusal from Judaism?

How did the major religions?

How did the Moscow Textile Academy originate?

How did the Parisian press react to Napoleon’s return from Elba Island?

How did the Persian king Darius I contribute to the observance of the laws in his power?

How did the Protestant religion appear?

How did the Punic Wars go and what did they end?

How did the Rubicon, a small river in Northern Italy, go into a popular expression?

How did the Salvation Army appear?

How did the tale of Cinderella become a reality of Russian history of the 17th century?

How did Tsar Ivan IV the Terrible named Queen Elizabeth I for her concerns about the interests of British trade?

How did you first use the platinum found in the Urals?

How long has the Great Wall of China been built and how large is it?

How long it took Constantinople Patriarch Photius to complete all the degrees that separated the layman from the head of the clergy ?

How long was the longest war in European history?

How many books were burned at the Alexandria Library?

How many people died during the Great London fire of 1666?

How many people died during the most devastating fire in London?

How many prisoners were released after the Bastille?

How many wives did Henry VIII have?

How many wives did the Grand Prince of Kiev, Vladimir Svyatoslavovich, have before baptism?

How much did Napoleon Bonaparte give to the battle?

How much gold did the Spanish galleons take from the New World?

How soon did American President Woodrow Wilson break his main electoral promise?

How was Emperor Paul I going to help Napoleon in the war against Great Britain?

How was the court title of stats ladies established in Russia?

In which of the wars did British soldiers most of all - if you count in percentage?

Is it true that the meeting of the queen of pirates and the Queen of England took place in 1576?

On the body of which king after his death were tattooed words found: Death to kings?

To whom the defense lawyers were provided and who did not receive them according to the convention adopted on June 10, 1794 (22 prerial II of the Republic) Decree on the reorganization of the Revolutionary Tribunal?

Was Columbus the discoverer of America?

Was Tsar Ivan the Terrible a great ruler?

Were there pirates in antiquity?

What a major battle that took place on the territory of modern Russia in 1391 is not mentioned in most textbooks?

What advertising trick did American Orvil Redenbacher become the king of popcorn?

What are barbarians?

What are the chastity belts for?

What are the Ides of March?

What award did Diogenes ask for himself?

What color won the Scarlet and White Rose Wars in medieval England?

What did Darwin do with dead owls?

What did Nero do while Rome was burning?

What did the Great French Revolution and Napoleon bring to the country?

What did the people of Kiev accuse their Grand Prince Svyatoslav Igorevich with?

What event was the reason for the murder of Gaius Julius Caesar by conspirators?

What happened to the majority of people accused of witchcraft in England?

What happened to the ship St. Mary?

What is a Gordian knot?

What is a Rosetta Stone?

What is an obelisk?

What is Antique?

What is Easter?

What is left of the ancient temple of Jerusalem?

What is the Bill of Rights?

What is the discipline in the Napoleonic army?

What is the feudal system?

What is the Golden Age?

What is the Great Migration?

What is the Magna Carta?

What is the Renaissance?

What is the special meaning of the name Marianne for the French?

What killed the Grand Duke of Kiev Igor?

What kind of seeds were sent to each other Darius and Alexander before the battle and what did it mean?

What made Japan, which had a policy of self-isolation for more than two centuries, open its ports to foreign ships ?

What oath did the masters of ancient Chersonese take?

What rule did Peter I set for speakers in the Senate?

What was called a tank?

What was the first set of laws in Russia?

What was the main cause of death during the 18th century naval battle?

What was the name of Billy Kid?

What were George Washington’s artificial teeth made of?

What were the last words of Admiral Nelson?

What were the Middle Ages?

What word can describe the most humiliating defeat of Napoleon?

When and how was the bacteriological weapon first used?

When did people start exploring the underwater space?

When did the first Negro appear in America?

When did the first parliament appear in Russia?

When did the first pirates appear?

When did the first Slavic states appear?

When did the first strike take place?

When did the first world exhibition take place?

When did the Middle Ages begin and end?

When did the Red Cross start to operate?

When was Buckingham Palace built?

When was gold discovered?

When was the first peace treaty concluded?

When was the Great Sphinx built?

When was the Tower of London built?

When were donkeys and scientists put in the middle?

When were the gems discovered?

Where and when did the Russian troops defeat the Golden Horde?

Where did Marco Polo come from?

Where did the Eskimos come from?

Where does the Bucephalus come from?

Which country was the last Scotland to invade?

Which modern monarchist dynasty is the oldest?

Which nation was the first to invent a concentration camp?

Which of the American politicians held both senior government positions (Vice President and President of the United States) without being elected to any of them?

Which of the Kiev princes were the first to adopt Christianity?

Who and against whom fought in the Battle of Culloden?

Who and why divided the Commonwealth in the XVIII century?

Who are patricians?

Who are Quakers?

Who are the Anglo-Saxons?

Who are the Aztecs?

Who are the druids?

Who are the gladiators?

Who are the Incas?

Who are the knights?

Who are the plebs?

Who are the Templars and why are they so called?

Who are the Vikings?

Who are the Whigs?

Who beat the nose of the Sphinx?

Who brought tobacco and potatoes to England?

Who built the first bridge?

Who built the first castle?

Who discovered Alaska?

Who discovered Australia?

Who discovered Australia?

Who discovered Greenland?

Who eponym the Bloody Mary cocktail?

Who explored the North Pole first?

Who holds the world record for the length of time in power?

Who is a Mormon?

Who is Bolivar?

Who is Cleopatra?

Who is Homer?

Who is Joan of Arc?

Who is John Calvin?

Who is Lord Nelson?

Who is Messalina?

Who is Napoleon?

Who is Robin Hood?

Who is Sir Walter Rayleigh?

Who is the autocrat?

Who opposed the Russian troops led by Dmitry Donskoy in the Kulikovo battle?

Who organized the first zoo?

Who said: Let them eat cake?

Who was called the boyars?

Who was Confucius?

Who was Duke Wellington by nationality?

Who was Muhammad?

Who was Nostradamus?

Who was Seneca?

Who was the Buddha?

Who was the first American president?

Who was the first British Prime Minister?

Who was the first king of England?

Who was the first Moscow prince?

Who was the first person to sail around the world?

Who was the first ruler of England?

Who was the first to use cryptography for correspondence?

Who was Xantippa?

Who were the first nuns?

Whom did they call their clients in ancient Rome?

Why are severe laws or measures sometimes called draconian?

Why couldn't the Mongols conquer Japan?

Why did A.V. Suvorov get the title of Count Rymniksky?

Why did Baty Khan interrupt his trip to Central Europe?

Why did Moscow’s Prince Ivan I Danilovich get the nickname Kalita?

Why did some ancient cities end up under layers of earth and where did it come from?

Why did the Mason-Dixon line appear?

Why did the powerful Median king Astyages betrayed his beloved daughter for an insignificant Persian king?

Why do some people hunt for their heads?

Why do telephony operators in the Chinese district of San Francisco have a phenomenal memory?

Why is the number 40 in the Russian language stand out among the numerals?

Why was President John F. Kennedy particularly respected in the US military?

Why were censuses in the Russian Empire called revisions?

Why were knight tournaments banned?

Why will we never forget Caesar?

With what gesture did the Roman emperor sentence the gladiator to death?

With which eye did Nelson wear a bandage?

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Anatomy, physiology, psychology






Countries and nations

Culture, the arts, fashion

Economics and finance

Engineering, technology, transport

Food and drinks

Geography, ecology


Inventions and discoveries




Science and education