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Free online library on electronics Free encyclopedia of electronics and electrical engineering:
Alternative energy sources
Assemblies of amateur radio equipment
Audio equipment
Audio-fidelity and speaker volume controls
Ballasts of fluorescent lamps
Bells and audio simulators
Chargers, accumulators, galvanic cells
Citizens' Band radio
Clocks, timers, relays, load commutators
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Digital equipment
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Electric meters
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Infra-red equipment
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Portable radio stations
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Power supply units
QRP equipment
Radiation indicators
Radio amateur computation
Radio amateur technologies
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Radio reception
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Security and alarm system using mobile communication
Security devices and alarm systems
Sound systems
Sound-to-light units
Upgrade of radio stations
Use of microcircuit chips
Various electronic devices
Voltage stabilizers
Voltage transducers, rectifiers, inverters
Welding equipment

Free online library on electronics Useful articles and background materials:
Art of audio
Art of video
Batteries and rechargeable batteries
Big encyclopedia for children and adults
Biographies of great scientists
Children's scientific lab
Entertaining experiments in chemistry
Entertaining experiments in physics
For builders and handymans
For lovers of travel. Tips for tourists
Fundamentals of health and safety
Fundamentals of medical first aid
History of engineering, technology, objects around us
Home workshop
Industrial technology at home - simple recipes
Labor protection
Lecture notes, cheat sheets
Life of great physicists
Miracles of nature. A fascinating journey around the globe
Spectacular tricks and their solutions
Personal transport: land, water, air
Riddles, puzzles, trick questions
Scale modeling
The most important scientific discoveries
Tools and mechanisms for agriculture
Typical labor protection instructions (Job descriptions)
Visual illusions

Free online library on electronics Free magazines:
A Radio. Prakticka Elektronika magazine
Amaterske Radio magazine
Circuit Cellar magazine
Electronique et Loisirs magazine
Electronique Pratique magazine
Elektor Electronics magazine
Elektronika dla Wszystkich magazine
Elektronika Praktyczna magazine
Everyday Practical Electronics magazine
Evil Genius magazine
Funkamateur magazine
Nuts And Volts magazine
QEX magazine
QST magazine
Radiotechnika Evkonyve magazine
Servo magazine
Stereophile magazine
Радио Телевизия Електроника magazine

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Popular car audio
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Popular video recorders and video players

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Beko TVs
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Erisson TVs
Gorizont TVs
Rainford TVs
Rekord TVs
Roadstar TVs
Rolsen TVs
Rubin TVs
Vestel TVs
Vitjaz TVs

Power supply units for TV sets and video equipment

Free online library on electronics Free mobiles schematic diagrams and service manuals:
Benq-Siemens mobiles
Eastcom mobiles
Ericsson mobiles
Fly Bird mobiles
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Gorenje household appliances
Hansa household appliances
Merloni household appliances
SEB household appliances
Snaige household appliances
Stinol household appliances
Universal household appliances
Whirpool household appliances

Free online library on electronics Free electric tools schematic diagrams and service manuals:
Bocsh electric tools
Makita electric tools

Free online library on electronics Free electric tools schematic diagrams and service manuals:
Bocsh electric tools
Makita electric tools

Free online library on electronics Free reference books:
Collection of dumps
Correspondence of models and chassis
Horizontal-output transformers by HR company
Horizontal-output transformers by Konig company
Integrated circuits, microcontrollers and transistors
Mechanisms of audio and video equipment
Radio components by Atmel
Radio components by Cirrus Logic
Radio components by Maxim
Radio components by Microchip
Radio components by Mitsubishi
Radio components by Motorola
Radio components by National Semiconductor
Radio components by Panasonic
Radio components by Philips
Radio components by Rohm
Radio components by Samsung
Radio components by Sharp
Radio components by Sony
Radio components by Toshiba
Remote controls for TV sets and monoblocks

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Free online library on electronics

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Free online library on electronics Free online library on electronics, Free encyclopedia of electronics and electrical engineering

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S / PDIF adapter

S1B class missile models

S3A class missile models

S3A class rocket

S3A class rocket

S6A class rocket

S9N Classroom Rotors

Sack site

Sacred Stones of Europe

Saddle soap

Safe cellar

Safe Hacksaw Storage

Safe motorcycle carburetor

Safe operation of tools, fixtures and equipment, vehicles, safety and security devices

Safe razor

Safe staircase

Safe triplex glass

Safely charging Li-ion batteries

Safety and sexual culture

Safety at work and in an educational institution

Safety Committees (Commissions)

Safety Committees. Office of labor protection

Safety engineer and energy manager. Job description

Safety in railway transport

Safety Instructions

Safety of buildings and structures

Safety of production equipment and vehicles

Safety of the life of children and adolescents

Safety on the bus

Safety precautions for electrical work

Safety precautions for the operation of electrical wiring and electrical appliances

Safety requirements for extracurricular and extra-curricular activities

Safety Requirements for Operation of Lifting Machines

Safety requirements for the operation of vessels, cylinders, pipelines

Safety requirements when working on personal computers

Sahara Desert

Sail and ship

Sail on a rubber boat

Sailboat from logs

Sailing catamaran

Sailor-rescuer. Job description

Sales agent. Job description

Sales Director. Job description

Sales Manager. Job description

Sales Manager. Job description

Sales representative. Job description

Salmon node

Salmon of skins. Job description

Salt of the Earth

Sam self-studded, the non-commissioned officer's widow herself carved


Samovar on wood and electricity

Sample structure and content of the main OSH documents

Sampler for diode-transistor logic

Sampler for installation testing

Sampler for mounting continuation

Sampler for mounting continuation

Sampler with acoustic and light indication

Sampler with sound indication


SAN-bus in modern cars

Sand is poured from someone

Sand soap

Sandblast driver. A typical safety manual

Sandblaster. A typical safety manual

Sandblaster. Job description

Sandblasting Glue

Sandblasting. A typical safety manual

Sandbox for the season


Sanitary and epidemiological requirements for working conditions

Sanitary and medical and preventive maintenance of workers

Sanitary day care. Job description

Sanitary worker (washing) when working in the bathroom and bath. A typical safety manual

Sanitary Worker. A typical safety manual

Sanitary-cleaning washer of chemist's ware. A typical safety manual

Sanitary-technical requirements for industrial premises and workplaces

Sanky Nezhdanoffsky

Sardonic laughter

Sarez Lake

Sargasso Sea

Saryn on the boar

Sasha from Uralmash

Satan reigns there

Satellite Aiming Indicator

Satellite Radio Tuner Extension

Satellites of Jupiter

Saturday for a person, not a person for Saturday

Sauna for bees

Sauna in a hurry

Sauna in the garden

Saussure's Linguistic Concept

Save electric lights

Save electricity

Save me, my God, from friends, and with the enemies I can handle

Saving data in radio stations memory


Sawdust in place of fuel oil

Sawing installation


Sawmiller of meat products. A typical safety manual

Say a word about a poor hussar

Say a word about the poor pshchalka

Scaffold site

Scale - how it is printed

Scales on Archimedean spiral

Scandal Chronicle

Scandal in a noble family

Scandinavian fjords


Scanning device

Scanning mode in the ALAN-100 + radio station

Scanning Probe Microscope


Scarlet fever

Scarves are untied themselves

Scary shadow

Scattered from the Street by the Basin


Schematic diagram of AVC-105 ringing audio panel

Schematic diagram of AVC-305 audio paging panel

Schematic diagram of the vehicle VAZ-2107

Schematic diagram of Ukrtelecom phone

Schematic diagram, pinout (unpacking) of the Siemens S25 / C / M / S35 cable

Schematic diagram, pinout (wiring) of Alcatel One Touch DB cable

Schematic diagram, pinout (wiring) of Motorola T191 cable

Schematic diagram, pinout (wiring) of Nokia 3210 cable (MBUS)

Schematic diagram, pinout (wiring) of Nokia 51xx / 61xx FM2BUS cable

Schematic diagram, pinout (wiring) of Nokia 8210/8850 cable (Mbus)

Schematic diagram, pinout (wiring) of Siemens C60 cable with GPRS support

Schematic diagram, pinout (wiring) of Siemens C62 cable

Schematic diagram, pinout (wiring) of the Nokia 5110 cable, 61xx (max3232) and pinout of the phone

Schematic diagram, pinout (wiring) of the Nokia 5110/6110 cable

Schematic diagram, pinout (wiring) of the Siemens S10, S11, S1018 cable

Schematic diagram, pinout (wiring) of the Siemens S25 / C35 / S35 cable (max3232)

Schematic, pinout (wiring) cable for Ericsson 8xx, T1x, A1018 phones

Schematic, pinout (wiring) cable for Ericsson T2688 phones

Schematic, pinout (wiring) cable for Motorola 6xxx, 8xxx, Flare phones

Schematic, pinout (wiring) cable for Motorola Asim phones

Schematic, pinout (wiring) cable for Motorola BDM phones

Schematic, pinout (wiring) cable for Motorola d520, m3100 phones

Schematic, pinout (wiring) cable for Motorola T191 phones

Schematic, pinout (wiring) cable for Motorola v3688 phones

Schematic, pinout (wiring) of the Siemens C25 - SL45 cable, pinout

Scheme providing a sweep across the diagonal axis of any oscilloscope

Scheme, pinout (wiring) of the Alcatel Dual Band cable

Scheme, pinout (wiring) of the Sony Ericsson T100 cable

Schmitt Trigger

School harvester

School of cursing

Schottky diodes of the KDH2964 series

Schrodinger Erwin


Science knows a lot of guitar

Science of passion is gentle

Science to win

Scientific Editor. Job description

Scintillation detectors of ionizing radiation


Scotch tape will not be twisted


Scourge does not overpower

Scrape Russian and you will find a Tatar

Scratch the mirror

Scratches and scratches

Screaming women: cheers! And the caps were thrown into the air

Screen at the radiator

Screw instead of caterpillars

Screw Juicer

screw press juicer

Screwdriver made by own hands

Screwdriver with clip




Scylla and Charybdis, Between Scylla and Charybdis

SE amplifier on 6Zh52P and 6P43P lamps

SE amplifier on a 6P36C lamp

SE amplifier on the G-807 lamp by AI Manakov

SE on 6N30P and 6E5P lamps

Sea Workers

Sealed batteries

Sealed lead-acid batteries in amateurish practice

Sealed nickel-cadmium batteries

Seamstress (seamstress, seamstress, seamstress) when working on machines or manually. A typical safety manual

Seamstress (tailor). Job description

Seamstress engaged in sewing cover and flooring materials. A typical safety manual

Seamstress. A typical safety manual

Search and discover

Search for a woman

Search for large items with a metal detector

Search for yesterday

Searching for thermal issues

Seat belt


Sechenov Ivan

Secluded Corner

Second & quot; I & quot;

Second breath of the refrigerator

Second session with maps (several tricks)

Secondary chains

Secondary clock with matrix indicator

Secret (sympathetic ink)

Secret became explicit

Secret carnations

Secret Ink

Secret of the Nine

Secret of the Seven

Secretary (dispatcher) of the training part. Job description

Secretary of the enterprise manager. Job description

Secretary. A typical safety manual

Secretary. Job description

Secretary-machinist. A typical safety manual

Secretary-shorthand. Job description

Secrets of repairing phones

Secrets of Sony phones

Secrets of the lamp sound. Is it necessary to build a tube amplifier?

Secrets of the Madrid Court

Secrets of the rubber motor

Secrets of TV Repair

Secrets of welding

Secure charger

Secure Charger

Securing the dialer chip

Securities market. Cheat Sheet

Security alarm device

Security alarm for the farmer

Security alarm system on КР1850ВЕ35

Security alarm system

Security and signaling device

Security device based on the simulator

Security device for the orchard

Security device Laser stretching

Security device on the microcontroller with a phone line alert

Security device on the subscriber loudspeaker

Security device with a resistor key

Security device with alarm via telephone line

Security device with iBUTTON control with the ability to connect a cell phone

Security device with iButton keys and a shock sensor

Security device with iBUTTON tablet keys

Security device with iBUTTON tablet keys

Security device with independent power supply

Security device

Security Device

Security guard of the office. Job description

Security measures for river and sea transport

Security measures when using household appliances and tools

Security of telephone lines

Security system based on GSM phone

Security system with digital indication

Security systems

Seduced and abandoned

See the eye, but the tooth of the nemet

See the invisible

See the mote in someone else's eye and do not see the log in your

Seed of Discord

Seeking a person




Selected cards from a specific place in the deck

Selected documents on emergencies and disaster medicine in the Russian Federation

Selecting an Intermediate Frequency

Selecting and testing a microelectrode

Selecting capacitors of the same capacitance

Selection and replacement of incandescent lamps

Selection of electrical apparatus and conductors for short circuit conditions. Determination of short-circuit currents for the selection of apparatus and conductors

Selection of electrical apparatus and conductors for short circuit conditions. Scope of application

Selection of electrical apparatus and conductors for short circuit conditions. Selection of conductors for heating conditions in the event of a short circuit

Selection of electrical apparatus and conductors for short circuit conditions. The choice of apparatus for switching capacity

Selection of electrical apparatus and conductors for short circuit conditions. The choice of conductors and insulators, verification of load-bearing structures according to the dynamic conditions of short-circuit currents

Selection of electrical apparatus and conductors for short-circuit conditions. General requirements

Selection of MIS transistors for the voltage converter of the automobile ULF

Selection of the current transformer wire in the load

Selection of the diameter of the wire if you need to replace one wire with two or three

Selective Affinity (Affinity of Souls)

Selective antenna amplifiers of DMW

Selective magnetic goose

Self, beloved

Self-adhesive scissors

Self-Adjusting Deck

Self-assembly of the speaker system

Self-cleaning banana

Self-defense of a woman

Self-fulfilling prophecy

Self-inflammable candles

Self-inflating ball

Self-insurance and self-restraint when traveling in mountainous areas

Self-Isolating Power Supply

Self-loading wheelbarrow

Self-made amplifier on the TDA 7294 chip (part 1)

Self-made amplifier on the TDA 7294 chip (part 2)

Self-made amplifier on the TDA 7294 chip (part 3)

Self-made high-resistance voltmeter

Self-mixing spoon

Self-oscillating multivibrator

Self-propelled monofilament

Self-propelled plow

Self-propelled potato digger

Self-recording signs

Self-Restoring Electronic Fuse

Self-restoring fuse, 5 amps


Self-stick pen

Self-tearing scarf

Self-tensioning knot

Self-tensioning node with a half-bayonet

Self-untangling rope

Self-wheel with a foot drive

Seller of the gas station. A typical safety manual

Seller. Job description

Seller-consultant-cashier. Job description

Semenov Nikolay

Semi-automatic Antenna Tuner

Semiautomatic device for an eternal lamp

Semi-automatic drilling machine with laser pointer

Semi-automatic octane-corrector

Semi-automatic protection against voltage surges

Semi-automatic protection of radio equipment from voltage drops

Semi-band antenna

Semi-band directional HF antenna BMA-7

Semiconductor archeology, or Tribute to an unknown predecessor

Semiconductor Materials and Products

Semi-conductor Peltier refrigerators

Semiconductor solar cells

Semiconductor voltage limiters

Semi-permeable partition in the plant cell

Semiramis Gardens

Semi-tracked snowmobile GMV-2

Send from Pontius to Pilate

Send to the dump of history

Sending sound via IR channel

Sending sound via IR channel

Senior Assistant to the Captain. Job description

Senior bartender. Job description

Senior cashier of the ticket office. Job description

Senior client-manager. Job description

Senior creative manager of the radio station. Job description

Senior economist of the department of active-passive operations. Job description

Senior engineer-projectionist. Job description

Senior engineer-technologist. Job description

Senior Operator. Job description

Senior Researcher. Job description

Senior turbine equipment operator. A typical safety manual

Sensitive electromagnetic field indicator

Sensitive Metal Detector

Sensitive metal detector

Sensitive microphone with amplifier on low-noise transistors

Sensitive situation

Sensor classification

Sensor for the fan

Sensor Generators

Sensor in the security alarm

Sensor of alcohol vapors

Sensor relay, triggered by a finger touch, 10-12 volts 120 watts

Sensor switch based on timer 555

Sensor switch for lighting on transistors

Sensor switch off the soldering iron

Sensor The engine is started

Sensor time relay for electromechanical toys

Sensor time relay for electromechanical toys

Sensor with fixation

Sensors for car security alarm

Sensors for car security systems

Sensors for security alarm

Sensory power controller on the K145AP2 chip

Sensory Reversing Switch

Separate lubrication of a two-stroke engine

Separating crossover filter for car subwoofer

Separating filters of three-way loudspeakers

Separating LC-filters in multiband UMZCH

Separating sheep from goats

Separating the tares from wheat

Separation filters for incorporation into the recorder

Separator. Job description

Sequencing the chain elements



Serial and parallel connection of speakers

Serial asynchronous adapter (COM port). Basic concepts and terms

Serial infrared port of the computer, hardware key

Serial RS-232 interface

Series of resistance and capacity values

Seriously and for a long time

Sermeau truth



Servant of the people

Servant of two gentlemen

Servant to the king, father to the soldiers

Serve as a goat in the stables

Serve Mammon

Service engineer. Job description

Service life of halogen incandescent lamps

Service modes of LP type Z of PANASONIC video recorders, device and repair

Service of gas-powered machines operating on gas. A typical safety manual

Service of steam boilers on gaseous fuel. A typical safety manual

Service of the workshop electrical equipment. A typical safety manual

Service personnel of timber-mining vessels. A typical safety manual

Servicing bowling equipment. A typical safety manual

Servicing hot water boilers KVGM-20 on gaseous fuels. A typical safety manual

Servicing hot water boilers ZIO-60, E / 1-0-9g with gaseous fuels. A typical safety manual

Servicing of boilers with electric heating. A typical safety manual

Servicing of diesel power stations of the RRS. A typical safety manual

Servicing oxygen cylinders. A typical safety manual

Servicing stationary equipment of electronic automatic telephone exchanges. A typical safety manual

Servicing steam boilers for liquid and gaseous fuels. A typical safety manual

Servicing steam boilers with liquid fuels. A typical safety manual

Servicing the machine of the grain cleaning department. A typical safety manual

Serving the digesters. A typical safety manual

Sesame, open (open)!

Session with Chinese rings (several tricks)

Session with magic boxes (several tricks)

Setting horns to someone

Setting the Falling Snow

Setting the Guitar on TV

Setting the metal detector

Setting the Quad-effect

Setting the temperature meter of a digital multimeter

Setting up a broadband power amplifier

Setting up acoustics in a car using mono recordings

Setting up and negotiating antenna-feeder devices

Setting up antennas and circuits using an interference generator

Setting up automatics and telemechanics. A typical safety manual

Setting up equipment for wire broadcasting stations and correction of straight wires. A typical safety manual

Settings for AE modes

Seven and kings are changing places

Seven cities are arguing for honor

Seven feet in the forehead

Seven feet under the keel

Seven Fridays in a Week

Seven Signs

Seven Wonders of the World

Seven-channel electronic key

Seven-segment and matrix indicators

Seventh Water on Kisel

Several cards appear alternately at the top and bottom of the deck

Several more experiments with inertia

Severe prose

Sewing machine electric motor control unit

Sewing machine

Sewing polyethylene - using a newspaper

Sewing with wooden needles

Sex education


Sexual revolution


Shagreen Skin

Shake the ashes off your feet

Shaking Ink

Shaper of a given number of pulses

Sharashkin's office

Share and conquer

Share the skin of a dead bear


Sharing Light

Shark node

Sharpener for cutters

Sharpener. A typical safety manual

Sharpening knives. A typical safety manual

Sharpening of the planer blade

Shavers of sausage products. A typical safety manual

Shavers of sausage products. Job description

Shaving the whips on a semi-automatic installation. A typical safety manual

Shawl changing color

Shawls from a newspaper sheet

Shawls in the air


Shchi da porridge

She disappeared, drowning in the shining blue day

Shelf from an old bucket

Shellac bleaching

Shemyakin court


Sherlock Holmes

ShI power regulator of electric motors

Shichovshchik. A typical safety manual

Shield at the gates of Tsaregrad

Shine - and no nails!

Shine your absence

Shinoreemontnye work. A typical safety manual

Ship on Wheels

Ship repairman-repairman. A typical safety manual

Ship without sail and propeller

Shock knot

Shock Wave



Shoe Cleaner. Job description

Shoe Drying Machine

Shoe repair shoemaker. A typical safety manual

Shoe-maker for individual tailoring of shoes. A typical safety manual

Shoemaker. A typical safety manual

Shoot down with pantaliku

Shoot the sparrow on the chaff not spend it


Shooting Bottle

Shooting: Tips for novice TV-men

Shopping Opportunity

Short Circuit Meter

Short pulse generator

Short waves in wires

Short, forty minutes

Short-circuit currents

Short-circuit protection power supply, 0-12 volts 400 mA

Short-circuit signal on the UTC1240A chip

Shortened antenna for 160 meters

Shortened VHF Antenna

Shortness of breath

Shortwave antenna

Shortwave Observer Receiver

Shortwave transceiver (UW3DI)

Shortwave transceiver Ural D-4

Shortwave transceiver Ural-84

Shortwave transmission antennas

Shortwave whip antenna

Shot bottle

Shot sound simulator

Should I drink 1,5-2 liters of water per day?

Should UMLA have a small output resistance

Shovel from forks


Show where the crayfish are hibernating

Shred Paper

Shrug from the corner

Shuttle and Buran reusable spacecraft

Siamese twins

Siberian fly swatter

Sibiryak Motoblock

Side Mount Antennas for Trunking Systems

Side of the bake


Signage-sensing indicators and blocks of digital indication

Signal Arbitrator

Signal compressor on the operational amplifier

Signal conditioner for the subwoofer

Signal device

Signal flashlight on solar cells

Signal for the refrigerator

Signal Generator of the DMV

Signal Generator of the DMW

Signal Generator

Signal Generator

Signal Generators on CMOS ICs

Signal Generators

Signal indicator on the motor

Signal of a non-optimal engine mode

Signal Open the refrigerator door

Signal Strength Indicator - Stereobalance Indicator

Signal strength indicator

Signal strength indicators

Signaling device on the K157XA2 chip

Signaling device when approaching the object

Signaling for a car based on a cell phone

Signaling of a night attack

Signaling of mains voltage failure

Signaling the reverse gear

Signaling the reverse motion

Signaling with phone alerts

Signals on the flashing LED

Signed, so off your shoulders

Signs of a change of clear weather to inclement

Signs of changing weather conditions

Signs of fire safety

Signs of narcotic intoxication

Signs of the change of inclement weather to clear

Signs to change the weather


Silence is a sign of consent

Silencer to an airplane engine

Silent Angel Flying

Silent Sapa

Silent tuning of the antenna

Silicon photodiodes

Silk site

Silver mirror made of silver nitrate and glucose

Silver polishing of ivory

Silver Water with Your Own

Silvering of conductors and parts

Silvering of metals

Silvering of metals

Sim Card Reader SOLO GWR

SIM card readers (3 options)

SIM Reader

Sim win

Similar like

Similar looking for similar

Simple 144 MHz transmitter

Simple 15 Watt switching power supply

Simple adapter for recording a conversation from a telephone line

Simple adjustable converter on discrete elements, 12-36 volts

Simple adjustable power supply on the L4960 chip, 5.1-40 volts 2.5 amp

Simple alarm clock on PIC16F84

Simple Amateur Radio Amplifiers

Simple amplifier on the K174XA10 chip

Simple amplifier

Simple analog-to-digital converter

Simple and compact vertical antenna for the C-band range

Simple and fast way to calculate power supplies

Simple and inexpensive paint for fences

Simple and reliable GSM security

Simple Antenna and DMW Converter

Simple antenna current indicator

Simple anti-theft device

Simple anti-theft devices

Simple anti-theft devices

Simple arithmetic

Simple as a bellow

Simple audio amplifier on the K548UN1A chip

Simple Autocomplete

Simple automatic charger for Ni-Cd batteries

Simple automatic charger

Simple automatic device for domestic deep water pump

Simple bayonet with a dagger

Simple bayonet with two slices

Simple bayonet

Simple beeper scheme

Simple bipolar power supply, 220 / + - 0.7-5.5 volts 2.5 ampere

Simple block of Anti-advertising

Simple Boost Devices

Simple broadband antenna

Simple broadband antennas

Simple but useful amplifier

Simple capacitance and leakage current meter for electrolytic capacitors

Simple capacitance meter

Simple car caregiver

Simple car guard

Simple car guard

Simple car security devices

Simple CB antenna

Simple charger for batteries

Simple charger for batteries

Simple charger for four batteries

Simple charger for Li-ion batteries

Simple charger for Ni-Cd and Ni-MH batteries

Simple charger on the TC-200

Simple charger

Simple charger

Simple color music console on thyristors

Simple color music console

Simple combination lock

Simple compressor (for the radio transmitter)

Simple converter for receiving MMDS TV 2.5-2.7 GHz

Simple converter, 12/220 volts

Simple current controller

Simple designs on the KU112A trinistor

Simple device for flashing light

Simple device for testing phones

Simple devices for video equipment

Simple DFT

Simple digital capacitance meter MASTER C

Simple digital megger

Simple direct conversion receiver for the 7 MHz band

Simple economical metal detector

Simple effective antennas for long-distance communications

Simple electronic ballast on the IR2153 chip

Simple electronic button volume control

Simple electronic fuse

Simple electronic music call

Simple electronic switch

Simple electronic trap for insects

Simple electropuncture stimulator

Simple emergency power source

Simple Experiences

Simple extension for remote control

Simple field indicator

Simple field indicator

Simple Five-Element

Simple FM detector

Simple FM receiver

Simple FM receiver

Simple FM transceiver

Simple FM transmitter on the C-band range

Simple frequency counter

Simple frequency synthesizer

Simple frost sensor

Simple generator for repelling rodents

Simple greenhouse

Simple half-bayonet

Simple hammock

Simple heat stabilizer for vegetable storage

Simple heat stabilizer, 10-50 degrees

Simple heat stabilizer, 1-80 degrees

Simple HF Band Regenerator

Simple HF minitranserver

Simple HF self-oscillator

Simple HF vibratory antennas and the possibilities of their modernization

Simple hiding of hidden wiring

Simple high voltage signaling device

Simple high-quality FM stereo of 70-110 MHz range

Simple high-quality UMLA

Simple house thermometer with two DS18B20 sensors

Simple ignition switch

Simple indicator of an alternating electric field

Simple Infrared Generator

Simple intercom device

Simple Interphone

Simple KB receiver

Simple KB signal generator

Simple key voltage regulator, 15-25 / 5 volts 4 amps

Simple key voltage regulator

Simple keyboard

Simple laboratory power source, 1.3-30 volts 1.2 Ampere

Simple laboratory power source, 220 / 16.32 volts 0.5 Ampere

Simple laboratory power source

Simple laboratory power supply, 220 / + - 15 volts 1 ampere

Simple laser security alarm system

Simple Lathe

Simple LC-generator

Simple LED lamp for the staircase

Simple Lighting Controls

Simple load power regulator based on the electric drill controller

Simple logic probe

Simple low-frequency amplifier on lamps

Simple manufacture of frosted glass

Simple megaphone with siren mode

Simple metal detector on beats

Simple metal detector on germanium transistors

Simple metal detector on the chip K176LE5

Simple metal detector on the K155LA3 chip

Simple metal detector on the K561LE5 chip

Simple metal detector on the UCY7400 chip

Simple metal detector with a piezo filter

Simple metal detector with an indicator on the VHF (FM) receiver (64-108 MHz)

Simple metal detector with high sensitivity

Simple metal detector with transistors

Simple metal detector with two transistors

Simple metal detector, working on the principle of Transfer-Reception

Simple metal detector

Simple metal detector

Simple method of tinning

Simple Metronome

Simple microcontroller programmer

Simple microphone mixer

Simple MIDI keyboard for PC

Simple mid-wave frequency synthesizer

Simple mini-car

Simple modem for HF and VHF communication package

Simple Multidrop Thermometer

Simple Neon Lamp Geiger Counter

Simple ohmmeter

Simple Oscilloscope

Simple panoramic indicator

Simple Phase Indicator

Simple phone dialer blocking

Simple phone

Simple phone

Simple photo relay

Simple power amplifier with KT805 transistors (20 watts)

Simple power controller for trinistors

Simple power controller

Simple power regulator for electric heaters

Simple Power Stabilizers

Simple power supply for BP2857D for LED lighting fixtures

Simple power supply, 1.5-30 volts 5 amps

Simple power supply, 220 / 11-20 volt 22 amps

Simple power supply, 220/5 volt 0.5 ampere

Simple power supply, 5 volts 0.5 ampere

Simple power supply

Simple powerful parallel transistor stabilizer, 12 volts 0.6 ampere

Simple powerful switching power supply for powering radio electrical equipment, 220 volts 300 watts

Simple powerful voltage regulator with short-circuit protection, 42 / 15-38 volts 3 amperes

Simple primary clocks

Simple probes, prefixes, meters

Simple programmer for AT89C2051

Simple pulse metal detector on microcircuits

Simple pulse stabilizer on the chip KREN142EN1, 8-10 / 5 volts 5 amps

Simple pulse stabilizer, 5 volts 400 milliampere

Simple Pulse Stabilizer

Simple pulse voltage converter for the power supply of the TV

Simple pulse voltage regulator, 9-25 / 5 volts 0.7 ampere

Simple pulse voltage regulator

Simple push-pull amplifier

Simple PWM Generator

Simple PWM modulator

Simple Q-factor

Simple Q-METP

Simple Quartz Filter

Simple radio alarm system for car or room security

Simple radio alarm system

Simple radio station of the range 144 - 146 MHz

Simple radio station

Simple radio transceiver

Simple radio wave detector

Simple receiver for the 225-400 MHz band for radio communication of aircraft

Simple Remote Microphone

Simple RF generator

Simple rhombic antenna for receiving MMDS TV

Simple robot

Simple security alarm system for the village

Simple security devices for apartments and villas

Simple self-care

Simple semi-automatic welding machine

Simple shelving

Simple shortwave radio

Simple signal generator for NCH and HF

Simple Signal Generator

Simple signal level indicator on IN13

Simple signal level indicator

Simple site

Simple small-sized drilling machine

Simple small-sized electronic fishing rod

Simple small-sized radio detector detector with indication on two light-emitting diodes

Simple smoke detector

Simple soldering iron temperature regulator

Simple solid and liquid soap

Simple Speech Limiter

Simple SSB-minitransiver for 160 meters

Simple stabilizer with double voltage conversion, 9-12 volts 300 milliamperes

Simple stabilizer

Simple start-up device

Simple stereo mixer

Simple stroboscope with two radiators

Simple stroboscope with two radiators

Simple subwoofer in the car speaker

Simple switching power supply on the UC3842 chip

Simple switching power supply, 220/15 volts 1 ampere

Simple switching power supply, 220/5 volts 4 amps

Simple switching power supply, 220/5 volts 4 amps

Simple synchronous frequency multiplier

Simple tachometer

Simple Telegraph Key

Simple temperature controller on the microcontroller

Simple temperature controllers

Simple temperature-voltage converter

Simple Test Receiver

Simple Test Receiver

Simple thermocompensated voltage regulator for the car

Simple thermoregulator

Simple three-channel color music console

Simple thyristor charger

Simple time relay

Simple transformerless power supply, 220/5 volts

Simple transistor metal detector on beats

Simple Transistor Tester

Simple transmitter for the 144 MHz band

Simple transmitter for the 80-meter range

Simple tri-band antenna

Simple tuning system for VHF FM receiver

Simple TV Antenna

Simple TV Antenna

Simple UBB FM receiver

Simple ultra-wideband TV antenna

Simple UMV antenna

Simple UMZCH on the TDA7294 chip

Simple UMZCH

Simple universal probe

Simple UPS based on an electronic transformer

Simple variety power amplifier

Simple VHF FM radio station

Simple VHF FM receiver

Simple VHF receiver

Simple voltage converter

Simple voltage indicator

Simple voltage regulator for 45 volts

Simple voltage regulator for the car

Simple voltage regulator on a thyristor for 127 and 220 volts

Simple voltage regulator on the chip 142EN1G, 9/5 volt 0.5 ampere

Simple voltage regulator with a high stabilization factor, 0.5 ampere

Simple voltage regulator with a high stabilization factor, 7-30 / 5 volts 0.5 ampere

Simple voltage regulator with short-circuit protection, 15-38 volts 3 amps

Simple voltage-frequency converter

Simple watchdog alarm-call

Simple way to check thyristors

Simple welding current transformer regulator

Simple welding machine

Simple wireless microphone on one transistor

Simple wireless microphone

Simple wobble generator

Simple ZHCH generator

Simplified calculation of the P-circuit

Simplified calculation of the volt-ampere characteristic of the equivalent of a lambda diode

Simplified design of a multi-channel TV antenna

Simplified Segner wheel

Simplified ultrasonic gasoline octane meter

Simplified version of the Class B power amplifier

Simplified version of the power amplifier circuit on complementary transistors

Simplifying the voltage indicator

Sim-Reader v.1

Sim-Reader v.2

Sim-Reader v.3

Simulating propellers

Simulation coloring skins

Simulation of radio reception in noise and interference conditions

Simulation of TV antennas

Simulator - glider flight simulator

Simulator Cuckoo

Simulator for the skater

Simulator of birds singing

Simulator of engine sound and vehicle whistle

Simulator of mouse clicks

Simulator of shooting sounds

Simulator of sounds for the shooting gallery

Simulator of sounds meow

Simulator of sounds of a drop

Simulator of the traffic light on the PIC16F84A microcontroller

Simulator of train sounds

Simulator of unusual sounds

simulator sound jumping ball

simulator sound snare springs plus snare variable volume

Simultaneous production of drilling operations. A typical safety manual

Since when are handkerchiefs used?

Since when are the Tour de France cycling races?

Since when did men start cutting their hair?

Since when did the New Year start to count down from January 1?

Since when did they pierce their ears?

Since when did we get caffeine in our food?

Since when do the steamships go by the sea?

Since when do women participate in the Olympic Games?

Since when do you play tennis?

Since when does our solar system exist?

Since when has Sunday become the official day off?

Sing better than a charcoal rather than a bad nightingale

Sing, swallow, sing!

Singing Dithyrambs

Singing Glass

Singing Lazarus, Beden as Lazarus

SINGLE END Amplifier on 6E5P-6P45S Lamps

Single pulse indicator

Single-band fast deployment antenna

Single-band fast deployment antenna

Single-capped halogen lamps with threaded bases

Single-chip AC / DC converter with PIM

Single-coil induction metal detector

Single-coil metal detector of induction type, theory

Single-cycle converters for electronic ballasts

Single-cycle converters with high efficiency, 12/220 volts

Single-cycle driver for Transformerless Amplifier (Circlotron)

Single-ended high-quality tube power amplifier

Single-ended high-quality tube power amplifier

Single-line switchboard scheme for a two-room apartment

Single-loop geothermal power plants

Single-phase asynchronous motor control

Single-phase electronic electricity meter Mercury-200

Single-phase to three-phase converter

Single-phase to three-phase converter

Single-row mechanical seeder

Single-stage 3hh amplifier

Single-tube tube amplifier 15 watts

Single-tube tube amplifier on triodes

Single-tube tube power amplifier using 6Zh1P, 6P1P lamps

Single-wheel motor-plow

Sinless income

Sins of Youth

Sinusoidal generator on a digital microcircuit

Sinusoidal generator on the LM386 chip

Siren 110 dB on the 74C14 chip

Siren for the model

Siren from Aurora sound siren

Siren Sound Simulator




Sister-hostess. Job description

Sisyphean work

Site Controller. Job description

Site mechanic. Job description


Sitting at the same table with the Philistines

Six boxes

Six chips

Six dollars in hand

Six receivers on one transistor

Six squares

Six suitable numbers

Six-Band Graphic Equalizer

Six-band whip antenna

Six-channel stereo mixer for active loudspeakers

Six-element loop antenna

Sixteen words

Sixth part of the world

Sixty Families

Skate like cheese in butter


Skeletal-slit antenna: myths and reality

Skeleton Coast

Skeleton for the spiral resonator

Skeleton in the closet

Skier lifts are not terrible

Skin bleaching

Skin Care

Skin Effect

Skin shaving

Skipping ring


Slab formwork

Slander, slander, anything will remain

Slap in the face of public taste

Slashed Balls

Slate board - counting machine

Slavic promiscuity


Sledge from skis

Sleep faster, your pillow needs another

Sleep in the air

Sleep of Reason gives birth to monsters

Sleep, my child, fall asleep! A sweet dream for yourself mani

Sleeping bag for fishing rod

Sleeping bags

Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Corner

Sleeping under the balls


Sleight of hands, and no fraud

Sleight of Hands

Sliding blind loop

Sliding window

Sliding window

Sling for linen

Sling operator. Job description

Slinger. A typical safety manual

Slit scarf

Slot Machine Reaction

Sly King

Sly trick

Small Aeroionizer

Small antennas of portable communication stations (part 1)

Small antennas of portable communication stations (part 2)

Small antennas of portable communication stations. Part 1

Small antennas of portable communication stations. Part 2

Small antennas: physical limitations

Small AS

Small Capacity Transducer

Small Electrospark Installation

Small heart on light-emitting diodes

Small household lamps with fluorescent lamps. Features of operation and repair

Small Hydropower

Small Power Controller

Small radio station at 1215-1300 MHz

Small radioactivity indicator

Small Secrets of the Battery Lantern

Small signal path of the Amateur EMF-M transceiver

Small Square Antenna

Small Sunda Islands

Small talk phone

Small tricks of large editing

Small Voltmeter

Small welding machine

Small wind generators for the house

Small-size frequency counter

Small-size frequency-digital scale on a microcontroller up to 200 MHz with a LCD display

Small-size frequency-digital scale up to 200 MHz with LCD display

Small-size transmit-receive antenna of the 27 MHz range

Small-sized agricultural aircraft

Small-sized C-band antenna

Small-sized double-beam oscilloscope-multimeter

Small-sized dynamic installation of Omega

Small-sized dynamic installation OMEGA

Small-sized electromagnetic direct-current relays

Small-sized hidden wire finder

Small-sized high-frequency installation for melting metals

Small-sized loop antenna

Small-sized metal detector

Small-sized Oscilloscope-probe

Small-sized power supply, 9 volts 0.6 ampere

Small-sized power unit - from electronic ballast

Small-sized powerful voltage converter

Small-sized radio station

Small-sized rectifier, 220/9 volts 70 milliampere

Small-sized relays with sealed contacts

Small-sized simple power supply, 220 / 6-9 volts 0.25 ampere

Small-sized switching power supply, 12 volts 2 amps

Small-sized two-element Sigma-Yagi

Smart Box

Smart does not go uphill, the smart mountain will bypass

Smart home

Smart magnetic goose

Smart, prudent

SMD components. Electrolytic capacitors for surface mounting. Code marking

SMD components. Enclosures for surface mount components

SMD components. End-to-end numbering of the most popular buildings

SMD components. Surface Mount Enclosures

SMD transistors

Smearing with tar


S-meter and output power level indicator for the Viola radio station

S-meter Calibrator

S-meter in the radio station ALAN-100 +

S-metr for HF radio station

Smiling augurs

Smith Adam

Smoke detector for fire alarm

Smoke detector on the phototransistor

Smoke Detector

Smoke Detector

Smoke from fingers

Smoke in a glass

Smoke with a rocker

Smoke without fire

Smoke without fire

Smokehouse Operator. Job description

Smoker of sausage cheese. Job description

Smoking a cigar from a burning light bulb

Smoking and its impact on human health

Smoking incense

Smoking Smoking Candles

Smoking substances

Smolyano manganese salt (manganese resinate)

Smolyanomalyashnye drying oil

Smooth activation of the power amplifier

Smooth brightness switch

Smooth compensating bridge attenuator for shortwave transceiver

Smooth driving highlights

Smooth frequency tuning generator for p134

Smooth inclusion of the kinescope glow

Smooth light suppression in the car's interior

Smooth lighting control with IR remote control on the microcontroller

Smooth lighting lighting

Smooth load switching of the integrated voltage regulator

Smooth seams - a teaspoon

Smooth start of pulse and transformer power supplies


Smoothly turning off the light in the car's interior

Snake Bites

Snake in the basket

Snake Node Leader

Snake node

Snake Podkolodnaya


Snalker. A typical safety manual

Sneak friend

Sneak Weapon

Snow Flowers

Snow scooter


Snowmap for sports and recreation

Snowstorm, snowstorm

So a grave mint, splitting glass, forges damask

So are mosquitoes afraid of ultrasound?

So he wrote dark and sluggish

So it was, so it will be

So louder, music, play a victory! We have won, and the enemy is running, running, running!

So spoke Zarathustra

So the temple left - the whole temple, an idol defeated - all God!

So the worldly glory (glory of the world) passes

So, she was called Tatiana

Soap boat

Soap bubbles in the frost

Soap bubbles on the stand

Soap bubbles

Soap flowers

Soap for staining spots

Soap from the stearin candle

Soap from vegetable oil and soda

Soap in soft and hard water

Soap Opera

Soap powders made without special mills

Soap powders with different content of fatty acids

Soap powders, pastes and compositions for washing hands after work

Soap powders, the manufacture of which requires special adaptations

Soap solution - alkalinity test

Soaps for removing stains

Soaps from fat debris

Soaps from fatty and naphthenic acids

Soaps from solid fats (hydrogenated) liquid fats and oils


Soccer ball in the bag

Social characteristics of the personality of a safe type of behavior

Social hazard and severe health consequences of drug and substance abuse

Social Order

Social partnership

Social pedagogue. Job description

Social pedagogy. Cheat Sheet

Social pedagogy. Lecture notes

Social psychology. Cheat Sheet

Social psychology. Lecture notes

Social Security Law. Cheat Sheet

Social statistics. Lecture notes

Social Studies. Cheat Sheet

Socialism with a human face

Society of Abundance

Society prepares a crime, the perpetrator commits it

Sociologist. Job description

Sociology. Cheat Sheet

Sociology. Lecture notes

Socket in the cartridge

Socket with indicator

Sodom and Gomorrah

Sofit in the interior

Soft and manual bicycle

Soft bucket from the car camera

Soft galoshnitsa

Soft grinder

Soft inclusion of powerful loads

Soft lamp indicator

Soft Light

Soft load in the power grid

Soft potassium soaps

Soft start and stop of the electric motor

Soft start device for an asynchronous motor

Soft welder

Softening of the old glass putty

Soft-switching device UMZCH

Soft-voiced intellectual

Software engineer. Job description

Soil, its pollution and consequences

Soil. The impact of soil contamination

Solar activity and ultra-long TV reception

Solar brazier

Solar cells and modules

Solar cells in multimeters and radios

Solar cells

Solar collector. Solar water heating system

Solar collectors and their use

Solar collectors. Accumulating tank

Solar collectors. Air collectors

Solar collectors. Concentrators

Solar collectors. Determination of the size of the solar hot water supply system

Solar collectors. Drying

Solar collectors. Efficiency of use

Solar collectors. Heating of premises

Solar collectors. Heating pools

Solar collectors. How much energy can I get?

Solar collectors. Integrated collector

Solar collectors. Liquid collectors

Solar collectors. Orientation

Solar collectors. Solar cooling

Solar collectors. Solar hot water systems

Solar collectors. Solar ovens and concentrators

Solar collectors. Storage systems for solar heat

Solar collectors. The solar collector circuit

Solar collectors. Thermosyphons

Solar collectors. Tubular vacuum collectors

Solar distiller

Solar distillers

Solar energy in combination with other renewable sources

Solar Energy Registrar

Solar energy with our own hands

Solar energy. Influence on the economy, ecology and employment of the population

Solar energy. Potential, resource estimation, barriers

Solar energy

Solar engine

Solar engines for models

Solar Fan

Solar fruit dryer

Solar heating system

Solar heating

Solar hubs

Solar LED Lighting

Solar modules

Solar Oven

Solar panel for charging portable devices PowerFilm WeatherPro Solar panel from Sundance Solar

Solar ponds

Solar Power Generator

Solar Power Plant Equipment

Solar power plant

Solar power plant

Solar power plants

Solar power plants

Solar Power Source

Solar radiation dosimeter

Solar radiation

Solar thermal power plants

Solar water heater

Solar water pump

Soldering (pinout) of the S-Video connector

Soldering... a cooking stove

Soldering aluminum at home

Soldering aluminum

Soldering and tinning products. A typical safety manual

Soldering for Beginners

Soldering in the matrix

Soldering iron does not overheat

Soldering iron for micro-soldering

Soldering iron for printed circuit boards

Soldering iron from the resistor

Soldering iron from the syringe

Soldering iron gratings

Soldering iron power regulator

Soldering iron power regulator

Soldering iron power switch

Soldering iron temperature regulator

Soldering iron with suction of solder

Soldering iron-economist

Soldering iron-pistol

Soldering of aluminum and its alloys

Soldering of Nichrome and Aluminum

Soldering products containing lead. A typical safety manual

Soldering Propane

Soldering the cable for Samsung A100, A110, A200, A288, SGH600, A300, M100, R210, T100

Soldering the interface cable for Siemens phones

Soldering tip improvement Moment

Soldering tip temperature stabilizer

Soldering torch with solid solders

Soldering wires without using a soldering iron

Soldering with lead-free solder. A typical safety manual

Soldering without overheating

Solders and fluxes. Properties

Solders and fluxes. Purpose and definitions

Solders and fluxes

Soldiers are not born

Solenoid valve control

Solid State Relays of 400 V AC 10 Ohms

Solid State Relays of AC 230 V / 5 Ohm

Solid-state 1 A / 400 V 5P20B solid-state relays

Solid-state 1 A / 400 V AC relays

Solid-state optoelectronic relays

Solid-state relay of alternating current 400 V / 100 mA 5P50F

Solid-state relays of general purpose 230 V / 10 Ohm

Solid-state relays of the KR293 series

Solomon Court

Solomon Solution

Some applications of the operational amplifier type 741 (140UD7)

Some fake rain flowers are afraid

Some features of one of the industrial designs of LDS

Some improvements to the RA3AO transceiver

Some schemes on tunnel diodes

Someone in gray

Someone loses, someone finds

Someone who does not remember his past is doomed to relive it

Something about antennas

Something about smuggling

Something is heard native

Something with my memory has become

Son for father does not answer

Song of Songs

Song of the triumphant pig

Song without Words

Sons of Lieutenant Schmidt

SONY PLAYSTATION - repair of the adaptation unit

SONY PLAYSTATION, or Circuitry of 32-bit video set-top boxes. Module for viewing video CDs

SONY PLAYSTATION, or Features of the circuitry of 32-bit video set-top boxes

SONY PLAYSTATION. Color without problems

Sor out of the cave to take out

Sorelian cement

Sorter. Job description

Sorting round timber with the use of an automated forest transporter. A typical safety manual

SOS - signaling device for disconnecting the network

SOS device

Soul catchers

Souls high impulses

Sound amplifier for music lovers and audiophiles from Ulyanov

Sound amplifier for subwoofer to computer

Sound and light probe

Sound controls the model

Sound Effect Generator

Sound generator as a siren

Sound guard - tone generator

Sound in a vacuum. Lamp sound engineering

Sound in car-2

Sound in Television

Sound in the car: schemes and the correctness of their choice

Sound in the car: theory and practice

Sound in the car

Sound indicator antson

Sound Indicator

Sound keychain on one chip

Sound Keychain

Sound module on one chip

Sound on the radio

Sound orientation

Sound pickups for acoustic guitar

Sound Probe

Sound probe-ohmmeter

Sound probe-ohmmeter

Sound producer. Job description

Sound quartz resonator test

Sound Reflection

Sound relay with time relay, 4 minutes

Sound Relay

Sound self-diagnosis of the computer when it is turned on

Sound soaps

Sound without wires

Sounder of the amateur angler

Soundproofing the car with noise absorbers

Sour cream

Sour dyeing of fabric and yarn

Source for repair of automobile electrical equipment and charging of batteries

Source of increased voltage, 12/30 volts 80 milliampere

Source of UV radiation

Sources of atmospheric pollution

Sources of bipolar model voltage

Sources of current from handy tools

Sources of hydrosphere pollution

Southern Cross

Sow dragon's teeth

Sowing and planting a forest. A typical safety manual

Space Emergencies

Space lab Mars Pathfinder


Spark Detectors

Spark Flaw Detector

Spark without whims

Sparrow on a branch

Sparrow's Night

Spatial selection of signals

Speak in different languages

Speaker box

Speaker characteristics on the oscilloscope screen

Speaker design and specifications

Speaker system VERNA 50-01

Speaker with company heads PEERLESS

Speaker with LPF for the radio or radio


Speakers become poets - born

Special clothes and personal protective equipment

Special enamels

Special psychologists. Cheat Sheet

Special star

Special theory of relativity

Specialist (expert, consultant) on personnel and personnel work. Job description

Specialist for Taxes. Job description

Specialist for transportation. Job description

Specialist in depositary activities. Job description

Specialist in foreign economic activity. Job description

Specialist in franchising. Job description

Specialist in laser therapy. A typical safety manual

Specialist in methods of expanding the sales market. Job description

Specialist in recruiting. Job description

Specialist in registration of legal entities. Job description

Specialist in Social Affairs. Job description

Specialist in the act-claim work. Job description

Specialist in the organization of property and personal safety. Job description

Specialist in training of personnel. Job description

Specialist of conference service. Job description

Specialist of the department of the insurance department. Job description

Specialist of the IT Service and Material Support Department of Information Technology Management. Job description

Specialist of the legal department. Job description

Specialist of the plant management. A typical safety manual

Specialist of the Professional Development Department. Job description

Specialist, technical engineer, administrative and management personnel. A typical safety manual

Specialist. Job description

Specialist-organizer of trading on the securities market. Job description

Specialized Power Supply

Specific analysis of a specific situation

Specific carriers of evil

Specific electrical resistance of various materials

Spectra of harmonic distortion in electron tubes

Spectral analysis

Spectrum Analyzer for LEDs

Spectrum of a musical signal. Part 1

Spectrum of a musical signal. Part 2

Spectrum of a musical signal. Part 3

Spectrum of a musical signal. Part 4

Spectrum of a musical signal. Part 5

Spectrum of a musical signal. Part 6

Spectrum of a musical signal. Part 7

Spectrum of a musical signal. Part 8

Spectrum of light

Speech informer Gnome

Speech programmable signaling device

Speech programs

Speed controller for three-phase asynchronous motors

Speed curb model 1.5 cube

Speed of reaction - experiments with soda and vinegar

Speed regulator of an electric drill

Speed regulator of the shaft of the microelectrode

Sphinx mystery


Spicy sauce Kabul

Spider Manual Digger

Spindler antenna for receiving MMDS TV

Spinning for the model

Spinning machine

Spinning wheel and loom


Spiral antenna for portable radio stations

Spiral antenna for portable radios

Spiral DMV Antenna

Spiral GP for low bands

Spirit of Contradiction

Spiritual Session

Splicer. Job description

Splitter of the telephone line


Splitters for video and audio signals

Splitters of satellite TV signal

Splitting the SCART connector

Spool editing machine

Spoon in a paper tube

Spoon on the nose

Spoonful ringing


Spot welding by yourself

Spot welding on throttles

Spotlight Automotive voltmeter with an extended scale of 10... 15 volts

Sprains and tears


Spread the thought of the tree

Spring Dreams

Spring for the crochet model

Spring on spring-winding machines FS-2, FS-4, FS-5. A typical safety manual

Spring! The first frame is exposed

Sprinkle on the first number

Sprinkle your head with ashes

Sprut, school gum and fly

SPST chips: Analog keys Maxim MAX4706 and MAX4707


SQM converter with SAW filter for narrowband AM / FM

Square on the calendar

Squeak and cry

Squelch of the modern stereo complex

Sri Lanka

SRT device

SSB Detector in the Broadcast Receiver

SSB transceiver at 80 m

SSB transmitter for 2 m

SSTV Signal Generator

Stabbed coin

Stabilitron as a ballast

Stabilitron as an unrecoverable fuse

Stability of functioning of economic objects and their life support

Stability of the functioning of economic objects and technical systems in the ES

Stabilization of the mode of amplifiers of class AB

Stabilization of the U capacitor rectifier

Stabilized adapter from unstabilized, 220 / 5.6 volts 0.2 ampere

Stabilized adapter from unstabilized

Stabilized converter for remote control

Stabilized converter, 12/220 volts

Stabilized DC speed controller

Stabilized electronic ignition unit for the car

Stabilized laptop power supply

Stabilized network voltage converter, 220/20 volts

Stabilized power controller

Stabilized power supplies for the player

Stabilized power supply 5/9 volts 0.5 amps with relay protection

Stabilized power supply for six values of output voltage, 220 / 3,4,5,6,7.5,9,12 volt 0.25 ampere

Stabilized power supply for soldering irons

Stabilized power supply unit UMZCH

Stabilized power supply with output voltage of 5 volts

Stabilized power supply, 0-30 volts

Stabilized power supply, 220 / 0-27 volts 0.5 ampere

Stabilized power supply, 220 / 1-29 volts 2 ampere

Stabilized power supply, 220 / 1-40 volts

Stabilized power supply, 40 volts 1.2 ampere

Stabilized power supply, 40 volts 1.2 amps

Stabilized power supply, 60 volts 0.1 ampere

Stabilized power supply

Stabilized regulated power supply with overload protection, 220 / 0-30 volts 7.5 ampere

Stabilized regulated power supply with overload protection

Stabilized single-ended voltage converter

Stabilized speed controller for power tools

Stabilized VIPER-switched IPS - from the charger

Stabilized voltage converter on the YX8018 chip

Stabilized voltage converter

Stabilizer and watchman for the vibrating pump

Stabilizer for a desk lamp

Stabilizer for four voltages

Stabilizer for heating a 25 W soldering iron

Stabilizer for the YAMAHA XV 400 motorcycle

Stabilizer from the engine, 5,5-14 / 5 volts 150 milliampere

Stabilizer of temperature and humidity

Stabilizer of the motor speed

Stabilizer of the onboard voltage on the chip KR1171SP47

Stabilizer of the rotation speed of electric motors of the types DPR, DPM and others

Stabilizer of the speed of the collector motor

Stabilizer of the temperature of the stove of a household soldering iron

Stabilizer overload indicator

Stabilizer overload warning

Stabilizer with a small minimum drop in voltage, 5-10 / 5 volts

Stabilizer-charger with voltage and current adjustment

Stabilizers of voltage regulators

Stabilizers on AMS1117хх chips

Stabilizers on the KREN

Stabilizing large voltages with low-voltage silicon zener diodes

Stabilizing the GPA frequency

Stable arc

Stable autogenerator

Stable Coin

Stable current generator for charging batteries and its application for repair and construction of radioelectronic facilities

Stable current generator

Stable generator for VHF transmitter

Stable generator with FMC

Stable GPA

Stable high-frequency amplifier

Stable low-noise quartz oscillator for microwave and transverters

Stable pencil

Stable postcard

Stable quartz generator working in a wide range of supply voltages

Stable quartz generator

Stable RF generator

Stable smooth-wave generator (up to 30 MHz)

Stable thermoregulator

Stable Timer on KR1006VI1

Stable transistor generator

Stable VHF converter local oscillator

Stacker of bakery products. Job description

Stacker of sawn timber. A typical safety manual

Stacker-packer. A typical safety manual

Stacker-pourer of canning products. Job description

Stacker-selector of wet goods and yarn by hand. Job description

Staff decides everything

Staff during the work on endoscopic diagnostics. A typical safety manual

Staff of departments, physiotherapy rooms. A typical safety manual

Staff of gynecological offices. A typical safety manual

Staff of pathoanatomical departments and morgues. A typical safety manual

Staff of radiotherapy units. A typical safety manual

Staff of the laboratory. A typical safety manual

Staff of X-ray offices. A typical safety manual

Stages of the big way

Staging of agricultural machinery for storage. A typical safety manual

Staining billiard balls

Staining of metals

Staining the tree

Staircase light with microphone and timer function


Stairway with a string

Stamp paint

Stamping brass

Stamping glass

Stamping iron and steel

Stamping machine when working on presses. A typical safety manual

Stamping of labels. A typical safety manual

Stamping thin-walled shells of bodies

Stand for prototyping of electronic devices

Stand for testing of electronic chainsaw ignition systems

Stand with a timer for the soldering iron

Standalone 32-channel programmable light-dynamic device with a serial interface

Stand-alone bioenergetic module BIOEN-1

Stand-alone box

Stand-alone power failure indicator

Stand-alone security device for infrared rays

Stand-alone security device on IR rays

Standalone security device

Standard fluorescent lamps of foreign manufacture

Standard fluorescent lamps. Color Coding

Standard fluorescent lamps. Features to consider

Standard fluorescent lamps. Labeling

Standard jumps

Standard luminescent lamps of domestic production

Standards for the location of a dwelling house and outbuildings

Standby mode in the CB radio station

Stand-by switch from the usual

Stand-regulator for the soldering iron

Stand-tripod for the New Year tree

Staple for making a screw

Staples connecting in the envelope

Star from the star differs in glory

Star hour

Star of the first magnitude

Star Wars

Starch glue

Starch is cleaved by acid

Starch is colored by iodine

Starch is split by saliva

Starch loses its color when exposed to sodium sulfite and soda

Starch paste


Start with the egg

Start with the eggs of Leda

Starter for micromotor

Starter Generator

Starter Lock Device

Starter protection for halogen lamps on the Z8 microcontroller

Starting a star-triangle of a three-phase electric motor

Starting a three-phase engine

Starting relay for an asynchronous motor

Starting the car engine from the outlet

Starting the car

Starting the computer from the remote control

Starting the MAX756 voltage converter with reduced input voltage

Starting Towing Device

Start-up delay unit for sparking

Start-up device with synchronous rectifier

State Administration of Occupational Safety

State and municipal administration. Cheat Sheet

State and municipal finance. Cheat Sheet

State and municipal finance. Lecture notes

State and municipal management. Lecture notes

State Environmental Policy

State Examination of Working Conditions

State in the State

State infants

State is me

State machine

State of the biosphere and human health

State of Universal Welfare

State policy in the field of preventing and eliminating emergencies, protecting the population and territories

State security and labor protection financing

Static charge on a moving object

Stationary antenna for the SN-258 radiotelephone

Stationary FM transponder 144/27 MHz

Stationary Lead Batteries

Stationary worker. A typical safety manual

Statistical method for analyzing the causes of occupational injuries

Statistics. Cheat Sheet

Statistics. Job description

Stay with the nose

Stay with the nose

Staying at the broken trough

Staying with your opinion

Steady Load Integral Stabilizer

Steam Boat

Steam engine with steam engine

Steam engine without lubrication and cooling

Steam engine

Steam hammer

Steam locomotive

Steam Turbine

Steamer with a candle


Steam-powered engine on the ship

Steam-turbine solar power plants

Steel conductors in antennas

Steering machine in the loop antenna

Steering wheel and pedals to the computer

Steering wheels

Step Charger-Discharge Device

Step forward, two steps back


Stepped site

Stepper motor control device

Stepper motor control

Stepper Motor Controller

Stepper motor driver with microstepping

Stepper motors

Stepwise activation of a powerful load

Stereo - in a simple VHF receiver

Stereo amplifier with SPDIF input

Stereo decoder of signals with a pilot tone

Stereo decoder with input filter KSS

Stereo decoder-prefix

Stereo Depth Controller

Stereo FM 88... 108 MHz receiver on the CXA1238S chip

Stereo FM modulators

Stereo FM VHF Receiver

Stereo in a simple radio

Stereo superheterodyne receiver

Stereo three-lamp amplifier

Stereo transmitter

Stereo transmitter



Stevedore node

Sticking cubes

Sticky note paper

Sticky stick

Stigma in the Down (in the Cannon)

Stimulation of plants by current

Stimulator of plant growth on solar cells

Stirling engine model

STM32 microcontrollers and debugging boards for them


Stock exchange broker. Job description

Stock from starch

Stoletov Alexander

Stolypin's necktie


Stone for a summer house with a solar cell element

Stone Guest

Stone heart

Stone instead of bread

Stone processing

Stone-cutting circular saw

Stonemason. A typical safety manual

Stones cry out

Stool for wooden smoking pipes


Stop bleeding

Stop Host

Stop signal under reliable control

Stop the electric meter

Stop the pulse!

Stop, moment! You are wonderful!

Storage and installation of CMOS chips

Storage and operation of gas cylinders. A typical safety manual

Storage devices

Storage, operation and transportation of cylinders with liquefied, dissolved gases. A typical safety manual

Store as the apple of our eye

Storekeeper of a scrap and metal warehouse. A typical safety manual

storekeeper. A typical safety manual

Storekeeper. A typical safety manual

Storekeeper. Job description

Stork instead of Crocodile

Storm and stress period

Storm in a glass (water)

Story Handshake

Story of a mirror

Stove for summer residence

Stove in your pocket

Straight match

Straight, rude, old-fashioned

Stranded homemade microcable

Strange Cake

Strange cigarette

Strange Funnel

Strange glasses

Strange jar

Strange lemonade

Strange screen

Strangulation and breathing disorder

Strategic management. Cheat Sheet

Strategic management. Lecture notes

Strategic missile R-5M

Strategic Planning Manager. Job description

Strategy and tactics of attack behavior

Strategy of behavior and ways of protection in the conditions of local wars and regional armed conflicts

Straw widow



Stream of consciousness

Stream production

Street Light Automaton

Street lighting control device

Street traumatism. Warning rules

Strength depending on the form

Stretched site

Stretching into a string


Strigi under Kotovsky!

Strikethrough number

Striking wheel

Striped resistors

Stripping of fuel tanks. A typical safety manual

Stripping tool from the installation wire

Stroboscope for a disco




Stroboscopic CDS

Stroboscopic light-dynamic installation

Stroboscopic STB-1 and Auto-spark devices

Strong cranberry

Strong inks for documents

Strong matchbox

Stroping cargo. A typical safety manual

Structural diagram of electronic ballast

Structure of the RF legislation on labor protection


Struggle with other people's hands

Stubborn asterisk

Study the Telegraph ABC

Stupid fur club

Sturdy drawings on wooden plywood

Sturgeon of the second freshness

Style is a person

Subject of labor protection. Basic concepts of labor protection

Submarine from the egg


Submersible pump control device

Subsonic filter on the field and bipolar transistor

Subwoofer - low-pass speaker

Subwoofer 52wSUB2L-2

Subwoofer BANDPASS at 75ГДН-1-4

Subwoofer for 75ГДН1-4, calculated in JBL SpeakerShop

Subwoofer for home, for family. Build

Subwoofer for home, for family. General information

Subwoofer for home, for family. Some tricks

Subwoofer for the car. Part 1

Subwoofer for the car. Part 2

Subwoofer for the car. Part 3

Subwoofer for the car. Part 4

Subwoofer on Magnat dynamics

Subwoofer on the MTX head

Subwoofer on two 35GDN-1

Subwoofer! Now everything will be more serious!

Subwoofer. Theory and practice

Such a cow is necessary for yourself!

Sucking with mother's milk

Sudden appearance of a bouquet of flowers

Suffering of a young (young) Werther

Sugar (sucrose) glows in the dark under the influence of friction

Sugar (sucrose) turns into glucose and fructose

Sugar cooking

Sugar from sawdust

Sugar is floating in coffee

Suggesting a map conceived by different people

Suggesting one of the four subjects

Sulfur in egg white

Sultry woman - the poet's dream

Sum of cards

Sum of odd

Summary of the works of Russian literature of the first half of the 20th century

Summary of the works of Russian literature of the XIX century

Summary table of wires, current, power and load characteristics


Summer construction crane

Summer Experiences

Summer shower with solar collector

Summer Wonders

Sun and the moon

Sun, air and water are more useful for all diseases





Sunken thimble


Super A, Non switching

Super Economical Receiver

Super task

Super Wheeled Propulsion



Superfast clip

Superfluous people



Superheterodyne without coils


Superlinear UMZH with deep OOS



Super-miniature running light on five LEDs

Superminiature winch

Supernumerary for a digital camera


Super-regenerative 144 MHz receiver

Super-regenerative FET receiver

Super-regenerative receiver at 144 MHz

Super-regenerative receiver on the barrier generator HF with OB

Super-regenerator 88... 108 MHz

Super-regenerator with a switched LC-circuit

Supersonic passenger liner Concord

Supervisor. Job description

Supply agent. Job description


Suppressing interference on the PH

Suppressor of external acoustic noise for the transceiver

Surface of varnish

Surgeon. Job description

Surgical diseases. Cheat Sheet

Surgical diseases. Lecture notes

Surgical site


Surrogate (chemical) of linseed oil with mineral oils

Surrogate drying oil by Chilikin's method

Surveyor. Job description

Survival in a wooded-swampy terrain

Svalbard Archipelago

Svehregenerative receiver on the C-band range

Svetlumazarynaya installation Svetlana

S-Video to TV-IN adapter

S-VIDEO-AV adapter

SWA antenna amplifier test

Swallow a coin

Swallowed night light

Swallows of emptiness, readers of newspapers

Swan Song

Swan, Cancer and the Pike

Sweeping frequency generator from SK-M-24-2

Sweet burden of glory

Sweet Life

Sweet miracles

Sweet salt

Sweet woman

Sweets from the net

Sweets on the shoelaces

Swelling of the Quinck

Swim, my shuttle, by the will of the waves

Swimming swimming

Swimming with a torpedo pump

Swing Armchair

Swing knot

Swinging frequency generator with LCD display on the LCD

Swinging top

Switch and antenna amplifier for the 144 and 430 MHz bands

Switch for three garlands

Switch for water pump and valve

Switch frequency meter - capacitance meter

Switch garlands

Switch LPF in transistor power amplifiers

Switch of a heap of light-emitting diodes on two microcircuits

Switch of additional stop lamp lights

Switch of garlands on an unijunction transistor

Switch of garlands on one trinistor

Switch of garlands to relays

Switch of garlands with smooth inclusion

Switch of LED garlands

Switch of two devices for LPT port

Switch off the network

Switch on the mains plug

Switch S-meter for C-B radio station

Switchable antenna BOX HA 80 m


Switchboards and substations with voltages above 1 kB. Biological protection from the impact of electric and magnetic fields

Switchboards and substations with voltages above 1 kB. Closed switchgears and substations

Switchboards and substations with voltages above 1 kB. Complete, pole, mast transformer substations and network sectional points

Switchboards and substations with voltages above 1 kB. Foreword

Switchboards and substations with voltages above 1 kB. General requirements

Switchboards and substations with voltages above 1 kB. In-house switchgears and transformer substations

Switchboards and substations with voltages above 1 kB. Installation of power transformers and reactors

Switchboards and substations with voltages above 1 kB. Oil industry

Switchboards and substations with voltages above 1 kB. Open Switchgears

Switchboards and substations with voltages above 1 kB. Pneumatic economy

Switchboards and substations with voltages above 1 kB. Protection against internal overvoltages

Switchboards and substations with voltages above 1 kB. Protection against lightning overvoltages

Switchboards and substations with voltages above 1 kB. Protection of rotating electrical machines against lightning overvoltages

Switchboards and substations with voltages above 1 kB. Scope, definitions

Switches of video and audio signals on microcircuits

Switches on transistors

Switches, switches, circuit breakers and starters

Switching 12-volt electromagnetic relays from a power source is half the voltage

Switching Antennas by Cable

Switching controllers for garlands on the Z8 microcontroller

Switching device with automatic charger

Switching household elevators

Switching mains voltage with triacs

Switching off the fluorescent lamp

Switching on DC motors to 110 or 220 volt network

Switching on the light with two switches

Switching on the magnetic starter

Switching power supplies on the LM2577 chip

Switching power supplies, 48 / 24-36 volts 5 amps

Switching power supply based on PWM UC3842, 60 watts

Switching power supply for a stereo amplifier, 220 / 2х15 volts 2x2 ampere

Switching power supply for household power electronics

Switching power supply of powerful UMZCH

Switching power supply on an unijunction transistor

Switching power supply on the chip KA2S0880, 220/15 volts 70 watts

Switching power supply on the LX1552 PWM controller

Switching power supply on the STR-S6307 chip

Switching power supply unit UMZCH, 200-240 / 10,20,25 volt 3 ampere

Switching power supply with half-bridge converter

Switching power supply with voltage regulator 1е.32 V with power 200 W

Switching power supply, 220 / 29х2 volts 8 ampere

Switching power supply, 220/5 volt 2.5 ampere

Switching power supply, 5 volts 0.2 Ampere

Switching power supply, 8-40 / 5 volts 500 milliampere

Switching power supply, 9 volt 3 ampere

Switching reception and transmission in CW mode

Switching scheme of mechanical relay RX-TX

Switching the handheld power tool

Switching the water pump

Swivel Clamp

SWR meter for the VHF range

SWR meter

SWR meter

Symbols of power cables

Symbols of SMD transistors

Symmetric amplifier for an electret microphone

Symmetric amplifier for an electret microphone

Symmetric device

Symmetrical dinistors - in power supplies

Symmetrical level converter - voltage regulator

Symmetrical multivibrator

Symmetrical SHPT and chokes on ferrite tubes

Symmetrical transistor in a transformerless power supply unit


Synchronizing the second flash

Synchronous AC motors

Synchronous AM Receiver

Synchronous detector with voltage doubling

Synchronous heterodyne receiver of VHF FM signals

Synchronous Rectifier

Synthesis of digital circuits

Synthesis of Tris (2,2'-bipyridine) ruthenium (II) tetrafluoroborate

Synthesizer for Speech

Synthesizer for the frequency range of 137 kHz

Synthesizer of a sinusoidal signal

Synthesizer of frequency on the modern element base

Synthetic fibers

Synthetic rubber

System administrator. Job description

System of registration and tariffing of outgoing calls

System of social insurance of workers in the Russian Federation

System programmer. Job description

Systems of designations for semiconductor devices of foreign production

Systems of modern wind turbines