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The purpose of writing this book is to provide an overview of the material on the art of secretly storing important documents, valuables, money, securities, etc. In it, you will also learn how to protect yourself from privacy and trade secrets, what equipment and what the methods should be applied where it is possible to purchase the appropriate equipment or how to make it yourself. This book will help you take a step in the art and science of secret storage, from it you will learn how to hide large and small objects (documents) for a short time or for a long time.



Chapter 1. A bit about ...

Chapter 2. Hardware caches

Chapter 3. Tools and devices for hardware caches

Chapter 4. Methods and tools for detecting caches

Chapter 5. Confidential information is also a secret

Chapter 6. Car Secrets

Chapter 7. Cache, which is always with you

Chapter 8. Unusual Methods

Chapter 9. Something about smuggling

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