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Free online library on electronics Free encyclopedia of electronics and electrical engineering:
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Ballasts of fluorescent lamps
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Chargers, accumulators, galvanic cells
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Security devices and alarm systems
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Upgrade of radio stations
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Various electronic devices
Voltage stabilizers
Voltage transducers, rectifiers, inverters
Welding equipment

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Art of audio
Art of video
Batteries and rechargeable batteries
Big encyclopedia for children and adults
Biographies of great scientists
Children's scientific lab
Entertaining experiments in chemistry
Entertaining experiments in physics
For builders and handymans
For lovers of travel. Tips for tourists
Fundamentals of health and safety
Fundamentals of medical first aid
History of engineering, technology, objects around us
Home workshop
Industrial technology at home - simple recipes
Labor protection
Lecture notes, cheat sheets
Life of great physicists
Miracles of nature. A fascinating journey around the globe
Spectacular tricks and their solutions
Personal transport: land, water, air
Riddles, puzzles, trick questions
Scale modeling
The most important scientific discoveries
Tools and mechanisms for agriculture
Typical labor protection instructions (Job descriptions)
Visual illusions

Free online library on electronics Free magazines:
A Radio. Prakticka Elektronika magazine
Amaterske Radio magazine
Circuit Cellar magazine
Electronique et Loisirs magazine
Electronique Pratique magazine
Elektor Electronics magazine
Elektronika dla Wszystkich magazine
Elektronika Praktyczna magazine
Everyday Practical Electronics magazine
Evil Genius magazine
Funkamateur magazine
Nuts And Volts magazine
QEX magazine
QST magazine
Radiotechnika Evkonyve magazine
Servo magazine
Stereophile magazine
Радио Телевизия Електроника magazine

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Popular car audio
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Popular video recorders and video players

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Erisson TVs
Gorizont TVs
Rainford TVs
Rekord TVs
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Rolsen TVs
Rubin TVs
Vestel TVs
Vitjaz TVs

Power supply units for TV sets and video equipment

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Benq-Siemens mobiles
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Ericsson mobiles
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Beko household appliances
Braun household appliances
Candy household appliances
Elenberg household appliances
Elica household appliances
Gorenje household appliances
Hansa household appliances
Merloni household appliances
SEB household appliances
Snaige household appliances
Stinol household appliances
Universal household appliances
Whirpool household appliances

Free online library on electronics Free electric tools schematic diagrams and service manuals:
Bocsh electric tools
Makita electric tools

Free online library on electronics Free electric tools schematic diagrams and service manuals:
Bocsh electric tools
Makita electric tools

Free online library on electronics Free reference books:
Collection of dumps
Correspondence of models and chassis
Horizontal-output transformers by HR company
Horizontal-output transformers by Konig company
Integrated circuits, microcontrollers and transistors
Mechanisms of audio and video equipment
Radio components by Atmel
Radio components by Cirrus Logic
Radio components by Maxim
Radio components by Microchip
Radio components by Mitsubishi
Radio components by Motorola
Radio components by National Semiconductor
Radio components by Panasonic
Radio components by Philips
Radio components by Rohm
Radio components by Samsung
Radio components by Sharp
Radio components by Sony
Radio components by Toshiba
Remote controls for TV sets and monoblocks

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Free online library on electronics

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Free online library on electronics Free online library on electronics, Free encyclopedia of electronics and electrical engineering

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A bacteriologist. Job description

A bar and two marbles

A battery of copper pyataks

A bit about the circuit boards

A bit of a circus

A bookshop worker. A typical safety manual

A branch full of flowers and leaves

A can opener

A cane costs no support

A cane wrapped in a newspaper

A capacitance meter for capacitors and ion capacitors

A capacitance meter on logic chips

A cat that walked by itself

A categorical imperative

A Chekist should have a cold head, a warm heart and clean hands

A Christmas tree was born in the forest

A cigarette from the air

A circuit that generates large delays

A class teacher. Job description

A coin is a whole!

A collapsing note

A compass from a needle and a glass of water

A cup of coffee

A cup of tea

A deceptive vision

A device for smooth switching on incandescent lamps

A digital microphone for training feathery imitations

A digital multimeter measures the temperature

A dipole with a power point displaced from the center

A dog to eat

A double-edged sword

A driver carrying people by a truck. A typical safety manual

A field refrigerator

A figure that does not have a face

A flower that changes color

A foreman of cold-stamping equipment and dies on presses. A typical safety manual

A fragment from the center of a leaflet

A friend is a strong friend

A garland giving a current

A generator for controlling a multi-color LED

A glass - a diving bell

A glass in the air

A glass of water from a pocket

A glass on a rope

A glass on paper

A glass on the rope

A glass that disappears in a bag

A good amplifier is chosen not based on personal data

A good mine with a bad game

A good quartz filter for CW and AM

A good shepherd shears her sheep, but does not rip off their skins

A handkerchief is worth and a hand

A holiday that is always with you

A ladder with stairs

A large 5-meter homemade wind generator (Part 1)

A large 5-meter homemade wind generator (Part 2)

A large 5-meter homemade wind generator (Part 3)

A lathe operator engaged in longitudinal cutting of sawn timber. A typical safety manual

A leash node based on a simple node

A light bulb instead of a relay-regulator

A little about the GPA

A little bit about accelerated charging

A little more, just a little bit

A little mouse with a big family

A little sun in a bucket of water

A logic probe with a large input resistance

A logical analyzer based on a computer

A lot of noise from nothing

A lot of paper

A lot of people called, but a little chosen

A magician's hat

A map hanging in the air

A metal welder (welder). Job description

A microscope from a drop of water

A milliometer is a prefix to a multimeter

A monster with green eyes

A mordant for imitating patina on copper and bronze products

A mordant to imitate a rosewood tree

A multi-room video audio system

A musical call on microcircuits of series УМС

A musical call on the IMS UMS8

A musical call on the microcontroller with the ability to replace melodies without using the programmer

A musical call that everyone can do on the basis of the microprocessor Z80

A musical phrase generator on integral timers

A new kind of addiction is a musical drug

A newspaper that does not break up

A night vision device with your own hands

A non-drying pillow for stamps

A number of magical changes of a sweet face

A number of thirteen Domino bones

A nurse about pre-medical examinations of drivers. A typical safety manual

A nurse's dietetic. Job description

A penny of a broken one does not cost

A person is born free

A person who knew too much

A power supply with a short-circuit protection system

A projectionist. Job description

A proposal that can not be rejected

A pulsed power supply based on a block from a DVD player

A purse that does not give a thing

A rocket from a tea bag

A rope tied with a handkerchief

A rough poster language

A rubber motor helicopter

A scarf on a sword

A security guard using weapons, ammunition, special means. A typical safety manual

A semiconductor AC key on the optocoupler TH125-12.5

A semipermeable partition holds sugar and water flows

A session of foresight (several tricks)

A session with a tambourine (several tricks)

A session with coins and bills (several tricks)

A session with cylinders (several tricks)

A session with liquids (several tricks)

A session with maps (several tricks)

A session with ropes (several tricks)

A session with shawls (several tricks)

A set of cladding materials for furniture. A typical safety manual

A shortened antenna for a range of 160 meters

A shortened antenna of the 160 m range

A shortened half-wave vibrator on CBS

A signal generator with a frequency of 60 kHz... 108 MHz

A signal generator with a small harmonic coefficient

A simple 50 MHz transverter

A simple ADC is a prefix to a PC

A simple amplifier for a receiver with free energy supply

A simple amplifier on a TDA7294 chip with a printed circuit board and appearance

A simple broadband HF signal generator

A simple charger for car batteries

A simple device for discharging the battery

A simple device for soft starting of the electric motor up to 4 kW

A simple frequency meter from a Chinese receiver

A simple generator for learning the telegraph alphabet

A simple HF converter for a car receiver

A simple hidden-wire searcher without a power source

A simple indicator of a busy telephone line

A simple light switch for the bathroom

A simple lithium-ion battery tester

A simple loudspeaker with an acoustic labyrinth

A simple metal detector with a contour at 4.6 kHz

A simple model of collapsible flowers

A simple morning clock at 1267.2 MHz

A simple pocket radio station for the village

A simple probe for checking diodes and transistors

A simple rectangular pulse generator

A simple self-generating power generator with a power of 1.5 kW for UMZH

A simple shortwave-observer radio

A simple stereo generator

A simple tangent for the station of the bourgeoisie

A simple two-stage voltage regulator based on a booster transformer

A simple way to increase the number of accepted programs

A single-ended stereo amplifier on pentodes

A small three-element antenna

A small three-element antenna

A small victorious war

A small-sized satellite antenna guidance indicator

A sniper simulator based on a laser pointer

A solar-powered network power supply

A sorter in the production of food products. Job description

A square of four cards that are not duplicated in a row and line

A stabilized power source for configuring low-power modules

A stain for imitation of an oak tree

A stain to simulate a walnut tree

A strong man is always powerless to blame

A submarine of grapes

A subwoofer from improvised materials

A terrible century, terrible hearts

A trained hand

A trained matchbox

A tricky match

A verb burn the hearts of people

A voltmeter with an extended scale of 10-15 volts

A Wayward Card

A wayward glass

A whip antenna for the 144 MHz band

A whip antenna with a gamma-matching device

A woman is hovering on the table

A worker cutting bread. A typical safety manual

A worker in the complex cleaning and maintenance of households. Job description

A workshop in a city apartment

A young man who thinks about living

A zero-sum game

Abdominal pain

About an antenna with an active reflector

About biogas plants

About bribes Klimych is read, but he nods sly at Peter

About Byron, well, about the mothers of important

About ceramic capacitors

About choosing mixing diodes for a direct conversion receiver

About connecting apartment calls

About connecting the Dreamcast set-top box

About correction of the S-meter in the CB radio station

About feeding radio receivers with free energy

About fluctuations and waves

About harmonizing a half-wave antenna

About how to start fluorescent lights

About manufacturing of output transformers for tube UMZCH

About marking ceramic capacitors

About matching plate antenna amplifiers

About measuring out-of-bounds values

About new generation antennas

About noise immunity of household equipment

About nutrition of low-power household equipment

About pickups (tips for a self-made gadget)

About power, watts, decibels. Explanation of terms

About recovery and operation of nickel-cadmium disk batteries

About repair of imported lanterns

About repair of UMZH on the ICC

About repairing a microcomputer

About Simple and Powerful Voltage Regulators

About sound-absorbing material

About sources of radio interference in the ignition system

About sport, you are the world!

About starting a three-phase motor from a single-phase network

About the antenna Five-eighths of lambda

About the benefits of phantoms

About the binary system and codes

About the calculation of steps on a field effect transistor

About the Capacitive Decoupling

About the dead - or well, or nothing

About the detonation decrease in the LPM

About the effect of metal traverse on antenna work

About the efficiency of a bicycle

About the horizontal composition of the frame

About the inclusion of a three-phase engine

About the inclusion of a three-phase motor in a single-phase network, which facilitates the launch

About the inclusion of a three-phase motor in a single-phase network

About the lamp-field-bipolar-microcircuit UMPCH

About the memory of the heart! You are stronger than the mind of sad memory

About the Moon, mercury and earthquakes

About the noise immunity of car radio locks

About the power supply of heating elements with direct current

About the preparation of ferric chloride

About the principles of squelch operation

About the radio-76 transceiver

About the resistance change when metals are heated

About the stabilization of the GPA frequency

About the tiger! Rejoice that you are not human!

About the use of a subwoofer in a music system

About the use of fluorescent lights with burned threads

About the use of harmonic resonators in devices on MK

About the visibility of distortions

About the word of the old poet: "Words, words, single words!" & quot;

About time and about yourself

About times! About customs!

About tuning the Ural-84 transceiver

About tweeter speakers

About UMZH interaction with the load

About valor, about deeds, about fame

Abrasions and abrasions

Abroad will help us

Absolute disappearance of a coin

Absolute Weapons

Absolutely black body

Absorbent food

Absorption and Radiation of Heat

Absorption of odor by porous substances

Absorption or absorption (absorption)

Abyssinian well

AC Adapter for Digital Camera

AC adapter for the CB radio station

AC adapter for the player

AC ammeter with a linear scale

AC Detector

AC electric motors

AC millivoltmeter

AC Power Adapter for Screwdriver

AC power indicators

AC Security Device

AC Sven HP-830B with two-way UMHC

AC Voltage Regulator Option

AC Voltage Regulator

AC voltmeter with an extended scale

Academic site

Accelerating the reaction - how do catalysts work

Accelerator of charged particles

Accept number and image

Acceptance and shipment of milk. A typical safety manual

Acceptance tests. AC electric motors

Acceptance tests. Accumulator batteries

Acceptance tests. Air circuit breakers

Acceptance tests. Capacitors

Acceptance tests. Complete busbars (busbars)

Acceptance tests. Complete switchgears of indoor and outdoor installation (KRU and KRUN)

Acceptance tests. DC machines

Acceptance tests. Disconnectors, Separators and Short Circuit Switches

Acceptance tests. Dry current-limiting reactors

Acceptance tests. Earthing devices

Acceptance tests. Electrical apparatus, secondary circuits and electrical wiring up to 1 kV

Acceptance tests. Electrofilters

Acceptance tests. Foreword

Acceptance tests. Fuses, fuse-disconnectors with voltage above 1kW

Acceptance tests. Gate arrester and surge arresters

Acceptance tests. General provisions

Acceptance tests. Inlets and bushing insulators

Acceptance tests. Load switches

Acceptance tests. Measuring current transformers

Acceptance tests. Measuring voltage transformers

Acceptance tests. Oil circuit breakers

Acceptance tests. Overhead power lines above 1kV

Acceptance tests. Power cable lines

Acceptance tests. Power transformers, autotransformers, oil reactors and grounding arc suppression reactors (arc suppression coils)

Acceptance tests. Prefabricated and connecting buses

Acceptance tests. SF6 circuit breakers

Acceptance tests. Suspended and supporting insulators

Acceptance tests. Synchronous generators and compensators

Acceptance tests. Transformer oil

Acceptance tests. Tubular arresters

Acceptance tests. Vacuum circuit breakers

Accessories for grinding products

Accident in the apartment power network: causes and consequences

Accident in the power supply system of the train

Accident Investigation

Accident of instrumentation and automation. A typical safety manual

Accident on the water

Accidents and catastrophes at the fire and explosive objects of the economy

Accidents at fire and explosive objects

Accidents at radiation-hazardous facilities with emergencies

Accidents at radiation-hazardous facilities

Accidents at work

Accidents in the metro

Accidents on chemically hazardous objects

Accidents on the water

Accidents on transport

Accompanies the light

Accompanist, concertmaster of a club institution. Job description

According to strict rules of art

Accountant for accounting for cash transactions. Job description

Accountant for accounting for intangible assets. Job description

Accountant for accounting of borrowed funds. Job description

Accountant for accounting of capital investments. Job description

Accountant for accounting of fixed assets. Job description

Accountant for tax accounting. Job description

Accountant for the calculation of wages. Job description

Accountant of office accounting. Job description

Accountant of the commodity group. Job description

Accountant of the Control Department. Job description

Accountant of the structural unit. Job description

Accountant. A typical safety manual

Accountant. Job description

Accountant-analyst. Job description

Accountant-auditor. Job description

Accountant-cashier. Job description

Accountant-operator. Job description

Accounting Accountant. Job description

Accounting and control

Accounting financial accounting. Cheat Sheet

Accounting for electricity. Accounting using measuring transformers

Accounting for electricity. General requirements

Accounting for electricity. Installation of meters and wiring to them

Accounting for electricity. Points of installation of power meters

Accounting for electricity. Requirements for settlement meters

Accounting for electricity. Scope, definitions

Accounting for electricity. Technical Accounting

Accounting for low-voltage electricity

Accounting. Cheat Sheet

Accounting. Lecture notes

Accumulation of wind energy

Accumulator settings. Building part

Accumulator settings. Electrical part

Accumulator settings. Sanitary and technical part

Accumulator settings. Scope of application

Accumulators, dryfit technology


Accuracy (accuracy) - courtesy of kings

Ace Houdini

Aces above

Achilles' heel

Acid batteries

Acid Recharge Acid Recovery

Acid-lead accumulator batteries of wide application

Acoustic design of broadband heads

Acoustic design of multiband loudspeakers

Acoustic design of the low-frequency dynamic head

Acoustic design using JBL Speakershop

Acoustic Detector

Acoustic dimmer

Acoustic electronic signaling device for the driver's fatigue degree

Acoustic leak detector

Acoustic lighting switch

Acoustic locator for the car

Acoustic machine

Acoustic motion sensor

Acoustic phase inverter

Acoustic probe

Acoustic protection device

Acoustic relay for a light fixture

Acoustic relay instead of a switch

Acoustic relay on a field effect transistor

Acoustic relay, switching load from cotton, 10-12 volts 120 watts

Acoustic relay

Acoustic relay

Acoustic sensor for Christmas tree

Acoustic short circuit in the loudspeaker and overcoming it

Acoustic switch of four loads and a light effect machine

Acoustic switch

Acoustic switch

Acoustic system for self-production

Acoustic system VERNA 100А-10

Acoustic system VERNA 50А

Acoustic systems with a circular radiation pattern (AC of the spatial field)

Acoustic Telescope

Acoustic unit with increased efficiency at low frequencies

Acoustic units for a stereo system

Acoustic vibrations, their characteristics and impact on the body

Acoustic vibrations

Acrobatics of tube stages

Acrobats of charity

Actions in case of fire

Actions of employees in emergency situations

Actions to improve OSH

Actions with strong freezing

Activator for seedlings

Active AC with combined power supply

Active antenna in the trunk

Active antenna of the VHF FM range

Active Antenna

Active AS with bridge UMZCH on the TDA7266L chip

Active audio signal coupler

Active current regulator for small currents, 2.5-4.5 volts 20-200 milliampere

Active dipstick on OC for oscilloscope

Active divider of TV signal - from the passive

Active filter with gain on opamp

Active filters for subwoofers

Active Filters on Field Effect Transistors

Active KB Antenna

Active load regulator with current stabilization, 8-28 volts 0.2-3 amps

Active load regulator, 8-20 volts 0.2-3.0 amps

Active loop antenna

Active low-pass filter

Active low-pass filter

Active MV-DMW antenna

Active probe for the oscilloscope

Active probe to the oscilloscope

Active resonance filter of the cabin in the field and bipolar transistor

Active RF switch

Active Signal Splitter for Stereo Phones

Active splitter of TV signal

Active splitter of TV signals

Active three-way crossover

Active transmit antenna

Actual current and voltage values

Actual protection of electronic circuits

Ad Spreader. Job description

Adaptation of imported phones

Adapter Combiset for correcting the indications of the electronic speedometer of the car

Adapter for audible alarm

Adapter for AVU

Adapter for CD player

Adapter for laptop power in the car

Adapter for the AT89C52-24JC microcontroller

Adapter I2C-COM port of the computer

Adapter of a two-channel light cord on a microcontroller

adapter to a multimeter to measure the base current gain of transistors

Adapting to an extreme situation

Adaptive control device for the car seat heater

Adaptive pulse receiver of slowly varying amplitude

Add fuel to the fire

Adder and adjustable low-pass filter for subwoofer channel

Adder, adjustable low-pass filter and phase shifter for subwoofer channel on field-effect transistors and op-amp with PCB drawing

Adding Fibonacci numbers

Adding fluctuations

Additional protection of the stabilizer against overheating

Additional Remote Control for Satellite Receiver

Additive triangular waveform generator


Adhering coin

Adhesion to water

Adhesive for attaching paper and rubber to metal

Adhesive for the repair of rubber products

Adhesive plaster

Adhesive soaps

Adhesive tape


Adjustable analog of the dynistor

Adjustable bipolar power supply, 12/6 volts 2 ampere

Adjustable bipolar voltage regulator

Adjustable charging current stabilizer for the car

Adjustable current regulator, 16 volts 7 ampere

Adjustable current regulator, 16 volts 7 ampere

Adjustable electronic fuse, 0.1-1.5 amps

Adjustable electronic fuse

Adjustable flashlight

Adjustable high-voltage converter

Adjustable notch filter

Adjustable notch filter

Adjustable power source for repairing car electrical equipment and charging batteries, 3-5 volts 10 amps

Adjustable power supply for current up to 1 ampere

Adjustable power supply from BP2-3, 220 / 1,5-9 volts 300 mA> Adjustable power supply with automatic voltage switching at the input of the stabilizer

Adjustable power supply with current protection

Adjustable power supply with impulse voltage regulator, 3.3-9 volts 0.5 ampere

Adjustable power supply with overload alarm, 220 / 0-15 volts 1 ampere

Adjustable power supply with protection, 220 / 1,2-24 volts 2 ampere

Adjustable power supply, 0-20 volts 2 ampere

Adjustable power supply, 1-37 volts 1.5 amps

Adjustable stabilizer 0,7-12 volts

Adjustable stabilizer option

Adjustable stabilizer, 30 / 3-25 volts 2 amps

Adjustable touch switch

Adjustable transformer based on LATR

Adjustable transformer

Adjustable unit of portable radio

Adjustable voltage / current stabilizer, 220 / 1,25-25 volts 15-1200 milliamperes

Adjustable voltage and current stabilizer

Adjustable voltage converter for LDS

Adjustable voltage converter, 10-12 / 2-15 volts

Adjustable voltage regulator with current limitation

Adjustable voltage regulator, 1.2-30 volts 1 ampere

Adjustable voltage regulator, 35/32 volt 3 amps

Adjustable voltage regulators on the chip KR142EN19, 2.5-30 volts

Adjustable voltage regulators К1156ЕР2П and К1156ЕР2Т

Adjustable wrench

Adjusting antennas with the AFC meter

Adjusting the accuracy of the quartz movement

Adjusting the antennas with the AFC meter

Adjusting the aperture

Adjusting the bandwidth

Adjusting the phase inverters

Adjusting the welding current in the source for semi-automatic welding with a thyristor regulator

Adjusting transmitter output power

Adjustment of the UD Transformerless Power Supply

Adjustment of the Untyped Transformer Power Supply

Administrative and management personnel, engineering personnel, junior maintenance personnel. A typical safety manual

Administrative Assistant. Job description

Administrative Delight

Administrative Law. Cheat Sheet

Administrator (manager) of the trading floor. Job description

Administrator of the enterprise of trade. Job description

Administrator. Job description

Admiral Hour

Admiralty anchors

Admissible increase in the voltage of the industrial frequency of equipment during operational switching and emergency work

ADSL dependency on various parameters

ADSL Telephone Filter


Advanced economical power supply, 220 / 2х25 volt 3.5 ampere

Advanced GIR

Advanced heating: wood briquettes

Advanced ignition module for the car

Advanced ignition system lock

Advanced ignition unit

Advanced LED network voltage indicator

Advanced logical TTL-probe

Advanced metal detector with transistors with quartz

Advanced Metronome Music

Advanced multi-spark ignition module

Advanced power supply on the UCC28810 chip for LED lighting

Advanced pulse metal detector on chips

Advanced simple power supply

Advanced switching power supply in a matchbox, 220/9 volts 10 watts

Advanced switching power supply in a matchbox, 9 volts 1.1 amps

Advanced version of the management system software

Advantages and features of wind generators

Advantages of a biogas plant

Advantages of electronic transformers for halogen lamps

Advantages of fluorescent lamps

Advantages of halogen lamps

Adventure on the escalator

Advertising agent. Job description

Advertising and promotional activities. Lecture notes

Advertising Manager. Job description

Advertising. Cheat Sheet

Advocacy and Notary. Cheat Sheet

Advocacy and Notary. Lecture notes

Advocate of God

Aerial MV amplifier

Aerials of the UA1DJ radio station

Aerodynamic Trunk

Aeroionization Physics

Aeroionizer without transformers

Aeromodelling tachometer

Aerosani PM-2

Aerosani Prostor

Aerosani Sever-2

Aerosani Triumph

Aerosani with a swinging suspension


Aeroslean theory

Aerosleigh driver. Job description

Aerosol pollution of the atmosphere


Aerosols for use in electronics

Aerosols for use in electronics


Aesopian language

Afanasy Ivanovich and Pulcheria Ivanovna

Afghan Rings

After a certain age, each person himself is responsible for his face

After all, if the stars are lit - it means - does anyone need it?

After all, I'm a worm in comparison with him

After all, I'm not coming here

After an hour on a teaspoon

After dinner, mustard

After the rain on Thursday

After us, though the flood

Again about durable lamps

Again about finishing the tape recorders

Again and again five

Against telephone pirates

Age anatomy and physiology. Cheat Sheet

Age of shoe size

Age psychology. Cheat Sheet

Age psychology. Lecture notes

Agent for the search for cargo and luggage. Job description

Aggregate effect of unfavorable factors on the human body

Aggressively-obedient majority

Agrochemist. Job description

Agroforestore ameliorator. Job description

Agronomist tool

Agronomist. Job description


AIDS and its prevention

Air Accidents

Air Adhesives

Air and hydraulic glider

Air and hydraulic missile

Air blast

Air cooling systems for generator lamps

Air humidity

Air Kicking

Air Kite

Air locks

Air movement indicator

Air Ozonator Scheme

Air Ozonator

Air scarf

Air Temperature Meter

Air Temperature

Air wheel

Air wheel

Air Wick Air Freshener Improvement

Air-hydraulic rocketplot



Akaky Akakievich

AL307 highlights the scale

Alarm Alert

Alarm device


ALC in a powerful output stage

Alcohol and its influence on the human body

Alcohol varnish for violins

Alcoholic drinks

Alcoholism and drunkenness


Alessandro Volta

Alexander Bell

Alexander the Great is a hero, but why break the chairs?

Algorithm for troubleshooting when an RCD trips

Aliens do not go here

Aligning the wire

Alizarin ink

All about editing frames

All about NTSC, PAL and SECAM systems

All about the guitar and the plugins to it

All deaths are lucky

All flags will be visited by us

All genres are good, except boring

All I carry with me

All Moscow have a special imprint

All or Nothing

All roads lead to Rome

All roads lead to zero

All the great earth is scattered like smoke

All the secret becomes clear

All the truths and crooks

All the way around

All this jazz

All this would be funny, when it was not so sad

All trash grass

All trivia in comparison with eternity

Allergic rhinitis


All-metal delta antenna

Alloys for Resistance Coils and Measuring Instruments

Alloys used in magnetic cores

All-pervading rings

All-purpose D2T antenna

All-season rake

All-terrain tractor-universal

All-terrain vehicle type SIMOT

All-wheel drive all-terrain vehicle

Alma Mater

Almond - bitter and sweet

Along with the water and throw out the baby

Alpha and omega


Already many times repeated to the world

Altering the P-326m into the transceiver

Alternate lead battery replacement

Alternate Variable Volume Variable Module

Alternating and direct current generators

Alternating current motors regulators

Alternating current

Alternative energy from garbage

Alternative energy in the country. Choosing your own power system

Alternative energy in the country. Wind power

Alternative fuel vehicles

Although you are the seventh and the fool

Altimeter (altimeter)


Altitude sound simulator

Altitude sound simulator

Aluminum can key

Aluminum wire extension

Aluminum, chrome and nickel


Always 100

Always nine

AM 27 MHz transceiver

AM FM on the ICA1238 chip

AM Radio Broadcasting Receiver

AM, CW and SSB detector on a chip

Amateur Amplifier Adjustment Box

Amateur bands

Amateur HF radio stations: ensuring electromagnetic safety

Amateur Metal Detector

Amateur miniature soldering irons

Amateur Modular Mixing Console

Amateur radio dosimeter

Amateur radio for 160 meters

Amateur radio frequency counter

Amateur radio power supply, 1.5-24 volts 3 ampere

Amateur radiotelephone RTF-92

Amateur SCA

Amateur's transmitting DV antennas

Amator-EMF-M transceiver

Amaze the world with villainy

Amazing arrow

Amazing Chinese cabinet

Amazing coin movement

Amazing Cylinder

Amazing Fan

Amazing figures

Amazing glass

Amazing Glasses

Amazing magazine

Amazing map prediction

Amazing Power

Amazing Rings

Amazing Smoke

Amazing Transformation of Paper

Amazing Vase

Amazon River

Ambitious fame and unequivocal talent

American Coaxial Cables

AM-FM radio receiver with low-voltage power supply

AMIDON Ring Magnets

Ampere Andre-Marie

Ampervoltmeter for laboratory power supply

Amphibian Amphibious Boat

Amphibian Mini-mokik




Amphoron node

Amplifier at 144 MHz (on the GU35b lamp)

Amplifier for 6Zh1P, 6P14P lamps

Amplifier for FM Receiver

Amplifier for line-out

Amplifier for modem

Amplifier for stereo phones with autonomous power supply

Amplifier on 4 transistors with floating power

Amplifier on 6N13С lamps

Amplifier on the chip K147UN7, 4.5 watts

Amplifier on the TDA1010 chip, 9 watts

Amplifier on the TDA1011 chip, 6.5 watts

Amplifier on the TDA1013 chip, 4.2 watts

Amplifier on the TDA1013b chip

Amplifier on the TDA1015 chip, 4.2 watts

Amplifier on the TDA1510 chip, 2x12 watts

Amplifier on the TDA1514 microchip, 40 watts

Amplifier on the TDA1515 chip, 2x12 watts

Amplifier on the TDA1516 chip, 2х11 watts

Amplifier on the TDA1518 chip, 2х11 watts

Amplifier on the TDA1521 chip, 2x12 watts

Amplifier on the TDA1551 chip, 4х11 watts

Amplifier on the TDA1552 chip, 2x22 watts

Amplifier on the TDA1554 chip, 4х11 watts

Amplifier on the TDA1555 chip, 4х11 watts

Amplifier on the TDA1557Q chip

Amplifier on the TDA1701 chip, 4 watts

Amplifier on the TDA1904 chip, 4 watts

Amplifier on the TDA1905 chip, 5 watts

Amplifier on the TDA200 chip, 12 watts

Amplifier on the TDA2003 chip, 10 watts

Amplifier on the TDA2004 chip, 2x10 watts

Amplifier on the TDA2005 chip, 2x10 watts

Amplifier on the TDA2007 chip, 2x6 watts

Amplifier on the TDA2008 chip, 12 watts

Amplifier on the TDA2009 chip, 2x10 watts

Amplifier on the TDA2020 chip, 20 watts

Amplifier on the TDA2025 chip, 50 watts

Amplifier on the TDA2030 chip, 14 watts

Amplifier on the TDA2611 chip, 4.5 watts

Amplifier on the TDA2822 chip, 2х0.65 watts

Amplifier on the TDA7050 chip, 2x0.07 watts

Amplifier on the TDA7052 chip, 1.2 watts

Amplifier on the TDA7056 chip, 3 watts

Amplifier on the TDA7057 chip, 2x3 watts

Amplifier on the TDA7230 chip, 2x0.048 watts

Amplifier on the TDA7231 chip, 1.6 watts

Amplifier on the TDA7233 chip, 1.6 watts

Amplifier on the TDA7240 chip, 20 watts

Amplifier on the TDA7241 chip, 20 watts

Amplifier on the TDA7245 chip, 5 watts

Amplifier on the TDA7285 chip, 2х0.05 watts

Amplifier on the TDA7294 chip

Amplifier on the TDA7350 chip, 2x12 watts

Amplifier to the Spectrum

Amplifier with 4 transistors

Amplifier with discretely adjustable transmission factor

Amplifier with in-phase mode stabilizer

Amplifier with low dynamic distortion and increased thermostability

Amplifier with low dynamic distortion

Amplifier with matching transformer

Amplifier with parallel switching of lamps in the output stage

Amplifier with switchable gain

Amplifier-converter of ESL signals

Amplifier-corrector for EPU ARKTUR-006-STEREO

Amplifier-corrector for pickup

Amplifier-corrector on chip K157Ul1 for magnetic pickup

Amplitude, average, effective

AMT TRAVEL ADAPTER charger for a cell phone

Amu Darya River

An abstruse language. Заумь

An agent for receiving ticket orders. Job description

An agent for the supply of a food warehouse. A typical safety manual

An alarm clock with a thermometer on the microcontroller

An amplifier with an output stage that amplifies the signal voltage

An amplifier with negative feedback

An analytical pharmacist and a pharmacist-technologist for quality control of medicines. A typical safety manual

An analytical pharmacist. Job description

An animated coin that answers questions

An antenna of the DMV - per hour of work

An anti-theft device for a motorcycle

An anti-theft device simulating engine malfunction

An auxiliary transport worker. A typical safety manual

An economical amplifier

An economical device for protecting equipment from fluctuations in network voltage

An economical LED lamp for the staircase

An economical power source for the Geiger counter

An economical power supply for an antenna amplifier

An economical receiver for the CB radio station

An economical security sensor

An economical signaling device for the presence of mains voltage

An economical triac control device

An Effective DX Antenna

An effective five-band antenna

An electric car driver. A typical safety manual

An electrician for operational switching in distribution networks. A typical safety manual

An electrician of linear communications structures. A typical safety manual

An electromechanic of the station equipment of telephone communication at the service of ten-step ATS. A typical safety manual

An electronic engineer of the chief engineer's department. Job description

An electronic judge for the game Who is faster?

An electronic zoo, a simulator of the sounds of six animals

An emerging flower in buttonhole

An employee associated with liquid and solid radioactive waste in a contaminated area with radionuclides. A typical safety manual

An employee engaged in cleaning up tanks at oil products supply enterprises. A typical safety manual

An employee engaged in field work. A typical safety manual

An employee engaged in logging and forestry work, general requirements. A typical safety manual

An employee engaged in logging and forestry work. A typical safety manual

An employee engaged in soil cultivation. A typical safety manual

An employee engaged in the packaging of food products. A typical safety manual

An employee of a book-building base, a collector. A typical safety manual

An employee of the health unit of a health care institution. A typical safety manual

An employee serving diving descents. A typical safety manual

An employee who accepts glassware from the public. A typical safety manual

An expert chemist at a healthcare institution. Job description

An impregnator for facing materials. A typical safety manual

An indicative list of electrical devices necessary for the installation of electrical wiring in an apartment building

An inexhaustible box

An infectious disease doctor. Job description

An inspirational worker, an artisan for the glory of beauty

An Inverted V - Windom Antenna

An invitation to be executed

An iridescent coin

An Isotron 80/40 Combo Antenna

An operator of an automobile, caterpillar or pneumatic-wheeled crane. A typical safety manual

An orange or an apple?

An unfolding newspaper

An uninterrupted quartz oscillator

An unpretentious metal detector with high sensitivity, working on the principle of beats

Anakopiyskaya cave

Analog frequency meter

Analog high-voltage stabilotron

Analog part of Sportster 14400 Fax

Analog radio control system

Analog thermometers on logic chips

Analog-to-digital converter from a sound card

Analog-to-digital converters ВТ7106 and ВТ7107

Analogue of the Vitafon device

Analogues of domestic and imported microcircuits

Analogues of miniature galvanic cells (nomograms)

Analysis and diagnostics of financial and economic activities. Cheat Sheet

Analysis of an impedance meter

Analyst of business processes. Job description

Analyst specialist. Job description

Analyzer of carbon monoxide concentration

Analyzer of the logic of the decoders

Anaphylactic shock


Anatomy of love

Anchor, still anchor!

Ancient Lathes

Ancillary Worker. A typical safety manual

Ancillary Worker. Job description

And again about the electrode holder

And again fight! We just dream of peace

And again the silver water

And all that good, all good

And an academician, a hero, a navigator, and a carpenter

And because the patriot

And boring, sad, and there is no one to give

And did not give him any rest, no time

And even the stump in the April day with a birch tree again becomes a dream

And everything he saw before him, he despised or hated it

And everywhere the passions are fatal, and there is no protection from the fate

And for a long time stood the thought-studios Wagner and Koch

And grandmothers repeat chant: "How our years fly!"

And happiness was so possible

And he - he only has his anthill

And he came, the plebeian is unknown!

And he did not want to bless anything in all nature

And he is foolishly in love, and stupidly hates

And he, the rebel, asks for storms

And here they are again, familiar places

And his ilk (with them)

And however, it will reach the degrees of known

And I did a good deed among the king of evil

And I have at least a drop of honey

And I kicked it out

And I knew that you would choose this card!

And I was born in Arcadia

And I, for songs and for a dream, do not need a million

And I, that will not say...

And in a word: he wanted a watermelon, / And that of salted cucumbers

And instead of a plasma motor lamp

And just in the newspapers it remains: went to Rostov

And life is good, and to live well

And live in a hurry, and feel in a hurry

And look, little by little, the house will build, then buy a village

And me on my nice side

And mix these two crafts...

And my Matryona became neither Pava nor Crow

And on his brow his high was not affected by anything

And on Mars there will be apple blossoms

And one warrior in the field

And sewn not in Russian wide trousers

And Shepilov who joined them

And someone put a stone in his outstretched hand

And submit here Lyapkina-Tyapkin

And submit here strawberries!

And the backpack and baggage

And the ball is over

And the battle continues again

And the board and enclosure

And the boys are bloody in their eyes

And the casket was just opened

And the day lasts longer than a century

And the eternal battle! We just dream of peace

And the fight broke out, Poltava fight

And the fool is waiting for a response

And the impossible is possible

And the loud strings of Bayanov will not talk about it!

And the old woman has a rupture

And the oyster has enemies

And the pale death at all looks

And the proud grandson of the Slavs, and the Finn, and now the wild Tungus, and a friend of the Kalmyk steppes

And the rope is whole!

And the rope on the road will come in handy

And the Russian bacon is eaten!

And the smile of knowing played on the happy face of a fool

And the smoke of the fatherland is sweet and pleasant for us

And the suffered verse, piercingly dull, will hit the heart

And the terpentine is useful for something!

And the thread, three times twisted, will not soon be torn

And the trace is simple

And the Voltairians vainly speak against this

And the walls have ears

And the watchman and the illuminator

And the wind will work

And then the inventor appeared

And there are spots on the sun

And there is no friend for him, even many friends

And there will be two one flesh

And there, in the depths of Russia...

And they went to the sun of Palima

And this is all about it

And under each bush a table and a house were ready for them

And various other Swedes

And Vaska listens and eats

And what Russian does not like fast driving?

And where is the key?

And where the shepherd is a fool, there are dogs of a fool

And who knows what he is blinking

And will charge and weld

And yet it turns

And yet there was something in it!

And you are passionate, Paramosha!

And you on earth will live, as worms of the blind live...

And you, Brutus!

And you, friends, are only suitable for roasts

And you, friends, whatever you sit down...

And you, sir, I beg you, I do not really like to go there either directly or by the village!

And, that's enough for the accounts

Andre-Marie Amper

Anemia of iron deficiency (anemia)


Anesthesiologist-resuscitator. A typical safety manual

Anesthesiology and resuscitation. Cheat Sheet

Anesthesiology and resuscitation. Lecture notes

Angel Falls

Angel in the flesh

Anger of the Day


Angry cork

Anika Warrior

Aniline Ink

Aniline mordants for wood

Aniline stains for bone

Animal Bites

Animal care worker at the zoo. A typical safety manual

Animal care worker in the terrarium. A typical safety manual

Animal husbandry, cattle. A typical safety manual

Animal husbandry, pig breeding. A typical safety manual

Animal Map

Animated drawings on an LED matrix

Animated Picture

Animated Shadow

Animating dolls

Annibalova (Hannibalova) swearing

Anode voltage indicator

Anodizing aluminum and its alloys

Anodizing aluminum parts

Another ancestor of cinematography

Another antenna with a capacitive load

Another control unit for the Lighthouse on the AT90S1200

Another experience with a cookbook

Another fruit is capable of the belly that the reptile was carrying

Another Last Story

Another LPT port life. Part 1

Another LPT port life. Part 2

Another LPT port life. Part 3

Another Phone Watchman

Another power supply unit of Chizhevsky's chandelier

Another rope

Another stroboscope

Another telephone amplifier

Another twisted ring

Another version of the antenna for a cell phone

Another version of the vertical directional antenna

Another way of manufacturing a printed circuit board

Answer is known in advance

Answering machine in telephone sets with caller ID

Answering machine that notifies you

Answers to questions about the construction of MMDS converters

Antenna - direction finder

Antenna 5 / 8l at 27 MHz

Antenna 5 bands Sloper

Antenna adapter for improving the efficiency of wireless networks

Antenna aerial adapter

Antenna amplifier for the radio transmitter

Antenna amplifier for VHF FM radio

Antenna amplifier Kus = 38... 41 dB

Antenna amplifier of meter waves for several TVs

Antenna amplifier of the DMV on the chip

Antenna amplifier of the DMV

Antenna amplifier of the range of 1296 MHz

Antenna amplifier of the range of 2 meters

Antenna amplifier power supply, 9-12 volts 20 milliamperes

Antenna amplifier

Antenna amplifier

Antenna amplifier

Antenna amplifier

Antenna amplifiers for broadband antennas

Antenna amplifiers SWA

Antenna amplifiers SWA

Antenna amplifiers SWA

Antenna and grounding

Antenna angle indicators

Antenna at 144... 146 MHz

Antenna at 144 MHz

Antenna at 144 MHz

Antenna at 144 MHz

Antenna at 160 m

Antenna at 7 MHz with a small height of the suspension

Antenna auto rotation device

Antenna Balancing Devices

Antenna Construction Double Square

Antenna construction is a double square

Antenna current indicator

Antenna current meter

Antenna directed (mini) to the range of 144-146 MHz

Antenna Double Square

Antenna drive control devices

Antenna Equivalent

Antenna Extra long pin

Antenna Feeder Effect

Antenna Feeder Effect

Antenna filter for addition (separation) of VHF signals

Antenna filter for VHF radio stations

Antenna for 3.5 MHz hypersonic

Antenna for 5 directions

Antenna for a portable 144MHz radio station

Antenna for a range of 160 m with a low suspension height

Antenna for a range of 160 meters

Antenna for Delta Loop at 144 MHz

Antenna for Eagle

Antenna for portable CB radio station

Antenna for radio security alarm

Antenna for ranges from 10 to 160 meters

Antenna for the 144 MHz band

Antenna for the 144-146 MHz band

Antenna for the bands 21, 24, 27, 28, 30 MHz

Antenna for the DMV band

Antenna for the field day

Antenna from the cable and the converter of the DMV

Antenna GP with a capacitive load for 160 m

Antenna GROUND PLANE at 7 MHz

Antenna is a triple square from one piece of wire

Antenna Lazy Delta (lazy delta)

Antenna lifting device

Antenna matching device

Antenna Media

Antenna Mini Square


Antenna of 432 MHz with circular polarization

Antenna of the DMV

Antenna of the DMV

Antenna of the DMW Two spirals

Antenna of the range of 136 kHz

Antenna of the range of 2 meters

Antenna on the 33rd TV channel

Antenna on the windowsill

Antenna or amplifier?

Antenna orientation device

Antenna orientation device

Antenna Power Supply Option

Antenna Receiver Antenna

Antenna Rectangle UB5UG

Antenna sloper (inclined dipole)

Antenna sloper (Inclined dipole)

Antenna Swiss square at 144 MHz

Antenna switch for 144 MHz

Antenna switch for Yaesu FT-817 transceiver

Antenna switch

Antenna swivel device

Antenna Triple Square

Antenna tuner

Antenna tuner

Antenna tuning device

Antenna UA6AGW v. 20-10 m

Antenna Unit

Antenna UT5VD for a 2-meter range with a circular pattern in two planes

Antenna W3DZZ Three-band dipole

Antenna Watchdog

Antenna with active power supply at 14, 21, 28 MHz

Antenna with active reflector

Antenna with back radiation

Antenna with omega-matching

Antenna with switchable directional pattern

Antenna-direction finder UB5UG

Antennas for the 27 MHz band

Antennas for working in the field

Antennas GP + WARC ranges

Antennas GP 1/4, 1/2, 5/8 with your own hands

Antennas of the range of 160 meters

Antennoscope - high-frequency measuring bridge


Anthropology. Cheat Sheet

Anti-crisis management. Cheat Sheet

Anti-crisis management. Lecture notes






Antison for the viewer

Anti-terrorist security and child protection. A typical safety manual

Anti-theft device - for 5 minutes

Anti-theft device

Anti-vandal protection for a lighting fixture

Any giving good

AON based on the Panasonic KX-T2365 phone

AON power source

AON-prefix to computer Electronic secretary

Apartment Alarm

Apartment call from your cell phone

Apartment call on the ISD1210P chip

Apartment call with the ability to record sounds



Apparation Apparatus. A typical safety manual

Apparatus for aces (piloting stedicam)

Apparatus for acoustic diagnosis of bee colonies

Apparatus for beekeepers Pchela-1

Apparatus for magnetothermia

Apparatus for processing grain grain elevator. A typical safety manual

Apparatus for processing grain. Job description

Apparatus for sterilizing canned food. A typical safety manual

Apparatus for thermal processing of sausages and meat products. A typical safety manual

Apparatus of the flour-milling industry. A typical safety manual

Apparatus of vessels working under pressure. A typical safety manual

Appearance is deceptive

Appearance of a picture on a scarf

Appearance of a scarf in empty hands

Appearance of a scarf

Appearance of colors on an empty plate

Appearance of handkerchiefs from the air

Appearances for shoes

Appearing of the person on the table

Appertures for the skin

Appetite comes with eating

Apple of discord

Application of a thermocompensated opto-coupler in voltage converters. Part 2

Application of A277D chips (К1003ПП1)

Application of ADC KR572PV5

Application of ADC KR572PV5

Application of construction and assembly pistols. A typical safety manual

Application of heat pumps in Potapov, VES and HPP heat generators

Application of integrated circuits KF548XA1 and KF548XA2

Application of local regulations containing labor law rules

Application of metal coatings for hydro-sandblasting of parts. A typical safety manual

Application of metal coatings when working on anodizing baths. A typical safety manual

Application of metal coatings when working with cyanide salts. A typical safety manual

Application of metal coatings, cleaning of parts with solvents. A typical safety manual

Application of small-size interference suppressors from amorphous metal alloys

Application of spiral resonators in amateur VHF equipment

Application of the microcircuit stabilizers of series 142, K142, KR142

Application of tunnel diodes

Applied to meanness

Applying an object to the map

Applying Footage

Applying leeches

Applying manipulations with card tricks

Appointment to work. Safety Instructions

Appraiser (an expert on property valuation). Job description

Appraiser. Job description

Approach the boxes with a blow


Approximate calculation of annual power generation by the wind power unit

Approximate order of technical diagnostics of electrical installations of consumers

Aquaped float


Aquarium Automation

Aquarium Controller

Aquarium in the darkness

Arabian Tales

Arabian tent

Arbitrator of the elegant

Arbor of the croaker

Arbor under the tent

Arc furnace in two flower pots

Arc Park

Arcadia. The Arcadian Idyll

Arched construction for a greenhouse or greenhouse

Archery Loop

Archimedes Law


Archimedov lever

Architect. Job description

Architectural excess

Architecture - frozen music

Arduino. Analog I / O, work with audio

Arduino. Connecting the simplest sensors

Arduino. Digital I / O operations

Arduino. Introduction

Are Acne Dangerous?

Are all monkeys equally intelligent?

Are animals the sense of taste?

Are armadilloes edible?

Are butterflies migrating?

Are cats able to see in the dark?

Are earthworms useful?

Are hurricanes moving in certain directions?

Are hyenas laughing?

Are Jellyfish Dangerous?

Are lizards poisonous?

Are marmots unacceptable?

Are moths flying to the flames?

Are other planets moving?

Are other planets rotating?

Are people able to feel the look directed at them?

Are raccoons washing their food?

Are raccoons washing their food?

Are rats pests?

Are seaweed healthy?

Are tarantulas toxic?

Are the continents moving?

Are the elephants of mice afraid?

Are the further adventures of Robinson Crusoe described?

Are the modern Olympics similar to the Olympic Games in ancient times?

Are the terms of the season approaching?

Are there any cannibal tigers?

Are there any games that do not require sports accessories?

Are there any groups of giants?

Are there any slave-owners?

Are there eyes in the starfish?

Are there flowers that smell sweet in the night?

Are there many details in the Lego designer?

Are there people especially sensitive to weather change?

Are there prophetic dreams?

Are there seven wonders of the world now?

Are there the same fingerprints?

Are there time zones around the world?

Are there white elephants?

Are you for the Bolsheviks al for Communists?

Are you still alive, my old lady?

Area Cleaner. A typical safety manual




Ariadne's thread


Aristocracy of the Spirit


Armed and very dangerous

Armed Forces of the Russian Federation


Armor is strong, and our tanks are fast

Armored Fist

Armourer. A typical safety manual

Armourer. Job description

Aromatic baths

Aromatic powder for baking

Aromatic smoking paper

Arrange points over i

Arrangement of sand-crushed stone foundation of road works. A typical safety manual

Arrow indicators

Arsenal of a halt

Arshin swallow

Art Director for Printing. Job description

Art Director. Job description

Art for art's sake

Art of lighting in the interior of an apartment

Arterial blood pressure and its measurement

Artificial algae

Artificial butter

Artificial coloring

Artificial earth satellites

Artificial earthing switches

Artificial fat

Artificial fats

Artificial fiber is obtained from a copper-ammonia solution

Artificial Fiber

Artificial Foam Mass

Artificial fruit essences

Artificial gutta-percha

Artificial honey from sugar

Artificial honey

Artificial horn

Artificial Human Bodies

Artificial Ivory

Artificial larynx

Artificial Marble Painting

Artificial marmalade

Artificial pearls

Artificial radioactivity

Artificial resins and artificial shellac

Artificial respiration

Artificial respiration

Artificial rubber

Artificial ventilation technology mouth-to-mouth or mouth-to-nose

Artificial ventilation with manual respirators

Artificial whale

Artillery gun

Artist of computer graphics. Job description

Artist of the enterprise of trade. Job description

Artist. Job description

Artist-decorator. A typical safety manual

Artist-designer of game dolls of the theatrical and entertainment enterprise. Job description

Artist-director of the club institution. Job description

Artistic editor. Job description


Artist-photographer. Job description

As a child, the nurse injured

As a scout to a scout I'll tell you

As an unlawful comet in the circle of calculated lights

As in Christ's bosom

As one person

As with the goose water

As you recall, you will shudder

Ash preserves the map

Ash Theorem

Ashes of Klaas knocks on my heart


Asking pepper to someone

Asphalt (stone) jungle

Asphalt concrete works. A typical safety manual

Asphalt machine operator. A typical safety manual

Asphalt Mass

Asphalt varnish

Asphalt varnishes

Asphalt-concrete-fermenter. A typical safety manual

Assault the sky

Assembler of construction machinery and mechanisms. A typical safety manual

Assembler of internal sanitary-engineering systems and equipment. A typical safety manual

Assembler of internal sanitary-engineering systems and equipment. Job description

Assembler of plastic and aluminum structures. A typical safety manual

Assembler of prefabricated culverts on highways. A typical safety manual

Assembler of sanitary equipment. A typical safety manual

Assembler of steel and reinforced concrete bridges. A typical safety manual

Assembler of steel and reinforced concrete structures. A typical safety manual

Assembler of translucent structures. Job description

Assembler of ventilation, air conditioning, pneumatic transport and aspiration systems. A typical safety manual

Assembler. A typical safety manual

Assembly and disassembly of elements

Assembly and dismantling of microcircuits in small housings with plenary outputs

Assembly node

Assembly of external pipelines. A typical safety manual

Assembly of ventilation, air conditioning, pneumatic transport and aspiration systems. Job description

Assembly works by tools and devices. A typical safety manual

Assemblyman for the installation of steel and reinforced concrete structures. Job description

Assigning Personal Protective Equipment

Assistant administrator of the Internet cafe. Job description

Assistant Director for General Affairs. Job description

Assistant director, choreographer, conductor, choirmaster of the club institution. Job description

Assistant lawyer. Job description

Assistant of the department. Job description

Assistant Security Leader. Job description

Assistant to a dentist. Job description

Assistant to the captain of the ship's fire safety. Job description

Assistant to the director of TV. Job description

Assistant to the General Director for corporate and legal work. Job description

Assistant to the master. A typical safety manual

Assistant to the offset printer. Job description

Assisting with food poisoning

Associate Consultant. Job description

Associate Professor of the Department. Job description

Assorted welding machine for any power

Astrakhan Reserve

Astrograph, a device for photographing stars

Astronomical device Observer

Astronomical devices of Nikolai Copernicus

Asynchronous electric motors

Asynchronous electric motors

Asynchronous motors

At an unnamed height

At six o'clock in the evening after the war

At the bottom

At the dawn of a foggy youth

At the samovar I and my Masha

At the tip

At the top of the plate

At what age can you set records on weightlifting?

At what age did Heinrich Schliemann take up archeology?

At what age did Hercules perform his first feat?

At what age do people start to lie?

At what distance were the sounds of the eruption of Krakatoa volcano on August 26-27, 1883?

At what temperature does the water boil at the highest peak of the world - Jomolungma?

At what temperature does the water freeze?

At what temperature does the water have the maximum density?

ATEL ATM Programmer AT89 Series

Athens nights

Athlete-instructor. Job description

Atmosphere and its movement

Atmosphere, its pollution and consequences

Atmosphere. Impact of contamination

Atmospheric emissions of a city-millionaire

Atmospheric pressure

Atmospheric refraction

Atomic Bomb

Attempted mirages

Attendant. Job description

Attestation of managers on labor protection

Attic Salt

Attraction of plugs

Attraction, kind of ailment

ATV Amphibian

ATV on pneumatics

ATX block for AT

ATX-compatible computer power supply for the car

Atypical application of the stabilizers of the series KR142EN8, KR142EN5

Auctioneer. Job description

Audible alarm for the completion of a household appliance

Audible alarm for the watchdog, etc., 5-12 volts 0.7 watts

Audible alarm from Chinese watch

Audible alarm of power supply overload

Audible alarm of the power unit overload

Audible alarm to the power supply

Audible alarm with a non-recurring sound

Audible alarms on dinistors

Audible indicator of power failure

Audible malfunction indicator of the fan

Audible power failure indicator

Audible stop alarms

Audible ultrasound indicator

Audio / Video Distributor

Audio Amplifier for Monitor

Audio Audio Complex

Audio Audio

Audio cassette player amplifier

Audio frequency amplifiers ЭКР1436УН1 and КР1064UN2

Audio Frequency Generator

Audio Frequency Generator

Audio HF probe

Audio indicator-sharpener in the receiver for hunting for fox

Audio on the IR channel

Audio player for MP3 and Opus formats

Audio power amplifier (UMTS) 2x40W on the TDA2051 chip

Audio power amplifier on the LM1875 chip

Audio relay

Audio signal level meter on ИЛТ6-30М

Audio Switch

Audio. Secrets of repair

Audiomixer for the camcorder

Audison warning light for the car

Audit. Cheat Sheet

Audit. Lecture notes

Auditor. Job description

Auditor. Job description

Augean stables

Augrabis Waterfall


Austrian Explorer

Author of the stuffing. Job description

Authoring a DVD


Auto 400. Car amplifier on the STK4048XI chip

Auto Backup Battery Backup

Auto gas station. A typical safety manual

Auto glass window regulator

Auto mechanic. A typical safety manual

Auto mechanic. Job description

Auto sound: install yourself

Autoaudio. Secrets of repair

Auto-care with a small number of details


Autodrome for model running tests

Autoelectronics. Job description

AUTOFIRE in the computer manipulator

Auto-guard with a three-tone siren

Autogyro on the cord


Auto-indicator with one lamp

Automarket. Job description

Automated multi-level voltage indicator

Automated search of correspondents

Automatic - LED switch

Automatic - light switch

Automatic AC limiter

Automatic anti-dazzle flashlight

Automatic anti-dazzle for the car

Automatic anti-glare flashlight

Automatic battery charger (ARZU) of Ni-Cd battery

Automatic battery charger 7D-0.1

Automatic battery charger

Automatic battery charger

Automatic battery discharge device

Automatic bias in the mixer

Automatic car battery charger

Automatic car headlamp and side lights

Automatic charger attachment

Automatic charger for automotive lead-acid batteries

Automatic charger for car batteries

Automatic charger for car batteries

Automatic charger for Ni-Cd batteries

Automatic charger for Ni-Cd batteries

Automatic charger for nickel-cadmium batteries

Automatic charger with power supply not only from the 220 volt network

Automatic charger

Automatic charger

Automatic charger

Automatic charger

Automatic charging and starting device for car battery

Automatic charging of galvanic cells and batteries with an asymmetric current

Automatic cleaning of button contacts in the microcontroller device

Automatic control of staircase lighting with motion sensor

Automatic control of the vibro pump

Automatic control of the water pump

Automatic device for charging and recovery of batteries

Automatic device for charging lead-acid batteries

Automatic device for maintaining the set temperature in the greenhouse

Automatic device for protection of electrical devices against voltage drops

Automatic device for the charger

Automatic device reset device in AON

Automatic device to protect the radio equipment from overloading when turning on

Automatic dimmer control

Automatic disconnection of the amplifier from the network

Automatic drain valve of the electric pump

Automatic engine warmer

Automatic fan activation

Automatic feeding of aquarium fish

Automatic feeding to the three-phase consumer of the correct phase sequence

Automatic humidity controller

Automatic inclusion of parking lights in the car

Automatic input selector of the amplifier

Automatic interplanetary Voyager stations

Automatic lathe machine. A typical safety manual

Automatic LF-video input of the TV

Automatic light effects on PROM

Automatic light effects on the K556RT4 chip

Automatic light effects with four modes of operation

Automatic light picture

Automatic light switch for infrared rays

Automatic light switch

Automatic light switch

Automatic light switch

Automatic Lighting Control

Automatic Lighting Control

Automatic Lighting Control

Automatic lighting device with house number

Automatic lighting in the hallway

Automatic line driver. Job description

Automatic load-sensing device

Automatic offset in the mixer

Automatic phase switch

Automatic power switch

Automatic power-saving electric power

Automatic protection of network radio equipment

Automatic pump shutdown

Automatic pump shutdown

Automatic recording of a telephone conversation

Automatic refrigerator temperature regulator

Automatic restart of the computer when it hangs up

Automatic shooting from the DENDY-gun

Automatic Signal Switch

Automatic staircase lighting control

Automatic staircase lighting

Automatic staircase lighting

Automatic start-up device

Automatic switch for incandescent lamps

Automatic switch of TV inputs

Automatic switch on and off the load

Automatic switch on and off the load

Automatic switching and balancing device

Automatic switching of front and rear video cameras

Automatic switch-off delay lighting

Automatic Telegraph Key

Automatic temperature maintenance system

Automatic thawing of the refrigerator

Automatic thermostat for infield

Automatic three-phase motor recloser

Automatic timer for TV

Automatic TV shutdown

Automatic Voice Command

Automatic voltage regulator

Automatic wash-hand basin

Automatic washing machine control

Automatic water dispenser for washing hands

Automatic water pump

Automatic water pump

Automatic watering and spraying of plants

Automatic watering with object security

Automatic window winder

Automatically disconnecting the battery

Automatically turn off network adapters

Automatically turn off the amplifier and other sound reproducing devices

Automatically turn off the radio

Automatically turn on the PC speakers

Automatically turn on the TV

Automatically turning on the light

Automating a handheld scanner

Automation and telemechanics. Application area. General requirements

Automation and telemechanics. Automatic frequency and active power control (ACHM)

Automation and telemechanics. Automatic frequency increase restriction

Automation and telemechanics. Automatic inclusion of backup power and equipment (ATS)

Automation and telemechanics. Automatic limitation of voltage increase

Automation and telemechanics. Automatic overload prevention

Automation and telemechanics. Automatic prevention of stability violations

Automation and telemechanics. Automatic reclosing (automatic reclosure)

Automation and telemechanics. Automatic reduction of frequency reduction

Automation and telemechanics. Automatic reduction of voltage reduction

Automation and telemechanics. Automatic regulation of excitation, voltage and reactive power

Automation and telemechanics. Automatic termination of asynchronous mode

Automation and telemechanics. Enabling generators

Automation and telemechanics. Telemechanics

Automation of aeroionizer

Automation of heat pump systems

Automation of lighting in the toilet

Automation of work and protection against overloading of electric motors of pumps with a power of 180... 250 W

Automaton of driving lights of vehicles


Automobile anti-theft system

Automobile pager with microphone

Automobile ULF on the TDA1562Q chip

Automobile UMZCH with power supply

Automotive Flameless Burner Heater

Automotive speech informer

Automotive tachometer for K1003PP1

Automotive tachometer on the K1003PP1 IC chip

Automotive tachometer

Automotive tachometer

Automotive tachometer

Automotive UMZCH on the TDA7294 chip

Auto-mounter of the cold-pressing machine, engaged in the manufacture of staples for pneumatic guns. A typical safety manual

Auto-mounter on knot-knitting and coiling machines and machine tools, engaged in manufacturing of angular springs. A typical safety manual

Auto-mounter on knotting and coiling machines and machine tools, fitter of mechanic assembly works, engaged in coiling of spirals and sewing of double-cone springs into sets . A typical safety manual

Autonomous car siren

Autonomous solar power plants with solar radiation concentrators


Auto-regulator of the OZ angle on K1816VE31


Autostart of the diesel generator when power is cut off on the PIC16F84A microcontroller

Autotransformer automatic switch

Autumn of the Patriarch

Auxiliary worker of the energy-mechanical shop. A typical safety manual

AV-1 Helicopter

Avalanche danger

Avalanche of Kings

Avalanche Resuscitation (Recovery) of Batteries

Average person

AVerMedia DVD EZ Maker USB Plus

Aviamodel all-around

Aviamodel Firefly

Avian Language

Avogadro Amedeo

Avometer - the first measuring instrument

Avtokazh with a changeable sound pattern of the alarm signal

Avtokraszh on infrared rays

Avtomat A light day for the homestead

Avtomat Daylight Day

Avtostore on one chip

awkward star


Axiom of potential danger

Ay, Moska! know it is strong...