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Free online library on electronics Free encyclopedia of electronics and electrical engineering:
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Ballasts of fluorescent lamps
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Chargers, accumulators, galvanic cells
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Upgrade of radio stations
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Various electronic devices
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Voltage transducers, rectifiers, inverters
Welding equipment

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Art of audio
Art of video
Batteries and rechargeable batteries
Big encyclopedia for children and adults
Biographies of great scientists
Children's scientific lab
Entertaining experiments in chemistry
Entertaining experiments in physics
For builders and handymans
For lovers of travel. Tips for tourists
Fundamentals of health and safety
Fundamentals of medical first aid
History of engineering, technology, objects around us
Home workshop
Industrial technology at home - simple recipes
Labor protection
Lecture notes, cheat sheets
Life of great physicists
Miracles of nature. A fascinating journey around the globe
Spectacular tricks and their solutions
Personal transport: land, water, air
Riddles, puzzles, trick questions
Scale modeling
The most important scientific discoveries
Tools and mechanisms for agriculture
Typical labor protection instructions (Job descriptions)
Visual illusions

Free online library on electronics Free magazines:
A Radio. Prakticka Elektronika magazine
Amaterske Radio magazine
Circuit Cellar magazine
Electronique et Loisirs magazine
Electronique Pratique magazine
Elektor Electronics magazine
Elektronika dla Wszystkich magazine
Elektronika Praktyczna magazine
Everyday Practical Electronics magazine
Evil Genius magazine
Funkamateur magazine
Nuts And Volts magazine
QEX magazine
QST magazine
Radiotechnika Evkonyve magazine
Servo magazine
Stereophile magazine
Радио Телевизия Електроника magazine

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Popular car audio
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Popular video recorders and video players

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Gorizont TVs
Rainford TVs
Rekord TVs
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Rubin TVs
Vestel TVs
Vitjaz TVs

Power supply units for TV sets and video equipment

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SEB household appliances
Snaige household appliances
Stinol household appliances
Universal household appliances
Whirpool household appliances

Free online library on electronics Free electric tools schematic diagrams and service manuals:
Bocsh electric tools
Makita electric tools

Free online library on electronics Free electric tools schematic diagrams and service manuals:
Bocsh electric tools
Makita electric tools

Free online library on electronics Free reference books:
Collection of dumps
Correspondence of models and chassis
Horizontal-output transformers by HR company
Horizontal-output transformers by Konig company
Integrated circuits, microcontrollers and transistors
Mechanisms of audio and video equipment
Radio components by Atmel
Radio components by Cirrus Logic
Radio components by Maxim
Radio components by Microchip
Radio components by Mitsubishi
Radio components by Motorola
Radio components by National Semiconductor
Radio components by Panasonic
Radio components by Philips
Radio components by Rohm
Radio components by Samsung
Radio components by Sharp
Radio components by Sony
Radio components by Toshiba
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Free online library on electronics

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Free online library on electronics Free online library on electronics, Free encyclopedia of electronics and electrical engineering

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P3U in sports equipment

Pace of aspiration

Packaging of medicines. A typical safety manual

Packer of flour and cereals. A typical safety manual

Packer of goods. A typical safety manual

Packer pharmacy. A typical safety manual

Packer. Job description

Packer-cementer. Job description

Packet radio modems

Packet site

Packing of food products. A typical safety manual

Packing of oil products in barrels and small containers. A typical safety manual

Paddle and boat

Paddle for a swimmer

Padlock Protection

Pager for security

Paging device for radio stations

Pain in the abdomen of children

Pain in the ear

Paint for hair

Paint for marble and alabaster

Paint for the protection of iron from rust

Paint for typewriters

Painter for painting cars. A typical safety manual

Painter. A typical safety manual

Painter. A typical safety manual

Painter. Job description

Painting boots

Painting cylinders of lamps

Painting fabric and yarn with homemade dyes

Painting of varnishes and polishes

Painting paints

Painting silk

Painting work. A typical safety manual

Paints for fabrics

Paints for food substances

Paints Solutions

Pairing a Digital Multimeter with a Computer

Pairing a Fire Alarm Device with a Cell Phone

Pairing a sound card with a musical instrument

Pairing bottles

Pairing with a computer of a digital multimeter of the 830 series



Pan or disappeared (either the pan or disappeared)



Pandora's Box

Panel shower room

Panic fear

Panoramic review on TV

Panursto herd


Paper airplane models

Paper airplanes

Paper and paper clip

Paper bag with a double wall - the disappearance

Paper bag with a double wall

Paper Boat

Paper cuts a pencil

Paper Fish

Paper Garland

Paper is lifted by a glass of water

Paper Pigeon

Paper Rings

Paper Tree

Paper turns into money


Parable in the language

Parabolic Antennas for CTB


Parachute models

Parachute tape


Paradox of the chessboard

Paradox with a rectangle

Paradox with a square

Paradox with a triangle

Paradox with area

Paradox with Fibonacci Numbers

Paradox with lines

Paradox with rectangle and Fibonacci series

Parafan Alfa-29

Paraglider for Beginners

Parallel connection of circuit elements

Parallel connection of stabilizers 142EN5

Parallel Port Card for PC

Parallel programmer for AT89

Parallel Thyristor Blocking Device

Parallel work of transformers

Parameters of foil materials

Parametric Converter

Parametric equalizer for the modular console

Parametric equalizer

Parametric sensors

Parametric tone control

Paramotor Tatush 120

Parasol - an umbrella antenna for 160 meters


Paris is worth a mass

Parking Controller. Job description

Parking locator on the LM380N chip


Parquet floor. A typical safety manual

Parquet floor. Job description

Part body guessing

Part of the devil in you is sometimes concluded

Partial use by policyholders of insurance premiums for the prevention of insured events

Party - our helmsman

Pasach Electroknife

Pascal Blaise

Pass fire, water and copper pipes

Pass us the best of all sorrows and lordly anger, and lordly love

Pass with two halves of the deck

Pass Zen amplifier

Passed the golden days of Aranjuez

Passenger car

Passenger Transport Controller. Job description

Passing a cigarette through a coin

Passing coin

Passing four coins through a scarf

Passing military service

Passing the coin through the bottom of the glass

Passing through the board


Passive crossover for bi-amping

Passive crossover for the power Amper NEO-20 pie

Passive hub for twisted pair

Passive LF and HF tone control by one controller

Passive loudspeaker protection system

Passive Smoking

Passive solar systems. General provisions

Passive solar systems. Thermal insulation

Passive solar systems. Thermal mass (heat accumulation)

Passive solar systems. Windows

Passive tone control combined

Passive tone control of the classic simplified

Passive tone control with adjustable inflection frequencies classical

Passive tone control with asymmetric control characteristic

Passive tone control with variable bending frequencies improved

Passive Tone Controls

Passive Tone Controls

Passive Tone Controls

Past Days of Enchantment

Past the living are the most despicable features

Pasteur Louis

Pasting the glass to the fist


Patch on the lawn

Path to the top

Pathological anatomy. Cheat Sheet

Pathological anatomy. Lecture notes

Pathological physiology. Cheat Sheet

Patina - how to get a touch on copper and bronze

Patriotism is the last resort of the scoundrel

Pause relay for the rear wiper of the car

Paving of asphalt-concrete mixture. A typical safety manual

Pavlik Morozov

Pavlov Ivan

Paw to suck

Payback period of solar collectors

PBX - prefix to the computer

PC Interface Expander

PC operator. Job description

PCB Layout Techniques

PC-based IF amplifier

Peace of the cemetery

Peace on earth, in people's favor

Peace Pipe

Peace to huts, war to palaces

Peace we only dream about

Peaceful coexistence

Peak output power indicator

Peak Rectifier

Pearl and marble imitation

Pearl and pearl masses

Pearl imitation of papier-mache

Pearl of creation

Peas and hats

Peat electrical installations. Acceptance of electrical installations

Peat electrical installations. Application area. Definitions

Peat electrical installations. Cable lines

Peat electrical installations. Earthing

Peat electrical installations. Electric motors, commutation devices

Peat electrical installations. Overhead power lines

Peat electrical installations. Power supply

Peat electrical installations. Protection

Peat electrical installations. Substations

Peat work. A typical safety manual


Peculiarities of providing self, mutual and first medical aid in case of mass defeats

Peculiarities of the formation of the attitude to extreme situations

Peculiarities of the labor activity of women and adolescents

Pedagogical psychology. Cheat Sheet

Pedagogical psychology. Lecture notes

Pedagogy for teachers. Cheat sheet.

Pedagogy. Cheat Sheet

Pedagogy. Lecture notes

Pedal mini-boat

Pedal scooter

Pedals instead of oars

Pedestrian guidance

Pediatric surgery. Cheat Sheet

Pediatric surgery. Lecture notes

Pediatrician. Job description


Pedicure Tools


Peg (sheep leg)

Pegasus Coupe


Peltier Effect

Pen from the condenser


Pencil and book

Pencil from the bottle

Pencil goes through a scarf

Pencil Magnet


Pencils for tags of linen

Pencils for writing on glass, porcelain and metal

Pencils in the role of rays

Pencils on glass and porcelain

Pendant boat motor powered by a lithium battery

Pendant Charles

Pendant for a toothbrush

Pendulum and the Globe

Pendulum and tricycle

Pendulum Saw

Pendulums with a behemoth and a bird

Penelope Cloth

Penelope's work

Penetrating ball

Penetrating scarf



Penitent Magdalene

People and party are one

People as gods

People have come up with many other things for the chains of serfs

People in white coats

People of Goodwill

People of what professions live less than others?

People with a clear conscience

People, be vigilant!

People's Land

People's war club

Pepper tablets made from coal dust

Pepper with disappearing coins

Perfect Castle

Perfect Loop


Performing work in a physical laboratory. A typical safety manual

Performing works in the display class. A typical safety manual

Perfumery of toilet soaps


Period and frequency of oscillations

Periodic activation of the network load

Periodic Law

Periscope for Omnidirection



Permanent Revolution

Permissible continuous current for cables with aluminum conductors with rubber or plastic insulation

Permissible continuous current for wires and cords with rubber and PVC insulation with copper cores

Permissible continuous current for wires with copper conductors with rubber insulation

Permissible continuous current for wires with rubber and polyvinylchloride insulation with aluminum cores

Permissible long-term current loads on non-insulated wires

Perpetual motion machine already created?

Perpetual motion machine on permafrost

Perpetual power supply

Person of the suite

Personal assistant to the general director. Job description

Personal call in CB radio stations

Personal Computer

Personal equipment

Personal Magnetism

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Personal protective equipment at the factory

Personnel for repair and maintenance of electrical equipment of machines. A typical safety manual

Personnel for the diagnosis and maintenance of tractors. A typical safety manual

Personnel of operating units. A typical safety manual

Personnel of radio diagnostic units of medical and preventive institutions. A typical safety manual

Personnel of radionuclide diagnostics departments. A typical safety manual

Pet of Muses and Inspiration

Petrol and benzene varnishes

Petrol station operator. A typical safety manual

Pharaohs skinny cows

Pharaoh's Snake

Pharaoh's Vase


Pharmacist and junior pharmacist. A typical safety manual

Pharmacist. Job description

Pharmacology. Cheat Sheet

Pharmacology. Lecture notes

Phase Detector for a wide range of voltages

Phase indicator - from the syringe

Phase Indicator

Phase Limiter of the Speech Signal

Phase method of calculation of separation filters of acoustic systems

Phase misalignment indicator

Phase misalignment

Phase modulator

Phase Power Control

Phase power regulator for a 12-volt AC circuit

Phase power regulator on substandard triacs

Phase Preselector

Phase Sequence Detector

Phase sequence indicator

Phase Voltage Loss Indicator

Phaser for electric guitar on operational amplifiers

Phases of rendering medical assistance to people affected by catastrophes

Phasometer on the opamp


Phenomenal memory


Philemon and Baucis


Philips 410's passive tone controllers


Phillips screwdriver

Philosophy - maid of theology

Philosophy of Science and Technology. Lecture notes

Philosophy. Cheat Sheet

Philosophy. Lecture notes


Phoenix self-healing fuse


Phone Amplifier

Phone Amplifier

Phone Call Indicator

Phone Dial Lock

Phone informer

Phone interface

Phone interface

Phone Line Controller

Phone Line Protection

Phone Message Autoreply Adapter

Phone Number


Photo and video shooting in the campaign

Photo Effect

Photo flasher

Photo Light Switch

Photo relay with thyratron on MTX-90


Photobattery AAA

Photochemical mist (smog)

Photocorrespondent. Job description

Photocoupler ФЦ202

Photoelectric converters

Photoelectronic alarm clock

Photograph from laser pointer

Photographer of precision photolithography. A typical safety manual

Photographer. A typical safety manual

Photographic on the basis of a laser pointer

Photographing with a spoon


Photo-light on the MTX-90

Photomechanical sensor

Photophone. Sound transmission with a light beam

Photoresist generator

Photoresist setup at home


Photosensitive salt - silver chloride

Photostream with a pulsating beam


Photo-transistor-indicator of smoke




Photovoltaic cells

Photovoltaic systems connected to the network

Photovoltaic systems for water supply and ventilation

Photovoltaic systems with battery

Photovoltaic systems with generators

Physical training classes. A typical safety manual

Physician of the department (office) of functional diagnostics. Job description

Physician-allergist-immunologist. Job description

Physician-Methodist. Job description

Physician-physiotherapist. Job description

Physician-statistician. Job description

Physicists and lyrics

Physiological actions of meteorological conditions per person

Physiological basis of labor

Physiological basis of labor

Physiologist. Job description

Physiology of Higher Nervous Activity

Physiology of the digestive system

PI (Puls Induction) Pulsed Metal Detectors, theory

Pialas and Confetti

Pianist's trick

Piano in the bushes

PIC controller controls the motor

PIC controller in the car clock

PIC controller interface with a computer

Pick up on the shield

Picker for reference and information material. Job description

Picker. A typical safety manual

Picket node

Pick-up of parts and products on the flow (the runner). A typical safety manual

Picture drawing yourself

Pierce your finger

Piercing swords

Piercing with a steel needle (with the withdrawal from the tape)

Piercing with a steel needle

Piezo sensor in the security alarm system

Piezo siren in security alarm

Piezoceramic filters

Piezoelectric effect

Piezoelectric filters for SAW

Piezoelectric motors

Piezoelectric Sensors

Piezosirena from SP-1

Pig under the oak

Pigeon from the casket


Pikkelny way of processing sheepskin

Pile node

Piled work. A typical safety manual

Pillars of the Society

Pilot Project

Pilot radio station

Pilot, pile-driver, knife. A typical safety manual

Pin and Eraser

Pineapples in champagne


Pinnacle Studio. User's Guide

Pinnacle Systems board and TV tuners - what is better for capture?

Pinout Ericsson 192

Pinout Ericsson T28

Pinout for AT and ATX power connectors

Pinout for different models of mobile phones. Part 1

Pinout for different models of mobile phones. Part 2

Pinout for Nokia 3210

Pinout Motorola V60, V66

Pinout Nokia 2110, 3110, 8110

Pinout Nokia 8210, 8850

Pinout Nokia 8910

Pinout of all computer connectors

Pinout of common bipolar and field effect transistors

Pinout of common bipolar and field effect transistors

Pinout of Nokia Cell Phones

Pinout of Siemens C25 / S25

Pinout of Siemens C30

Pinout of USB connectors

Pinouts of various RS-232 cables


PIPE program helps to manufacture printed circuit boards

Pipe-laying operator. A typical safety manual

Pipeline light guide

Pipeline. A typical safety manual

Piquant Curry Powder

Pique vests

Pirate phone blocker

Pirate site

Pirogov Nikolay

Pistol-vacuum cleaner

Piston cleaner

Piston heater for diesel fuel

Piston steam engine with swing cylinder

Pitch generator in the control panel

Pitcher of an alchemist

Pitcher of the Lot

Pitiful babble of excuse

Place in the sun

Places not so remote

Plague on both your houses!

Plan for wiring in a residential building and outbuilding

Planck Max

Plane cutter Rudulis

Planet Neptune

Planet Uranium

Planetary model of the atom

Planned Submissions

Planning at the enterprise. Cheat Sheet

Planning of measures for labor protection and development of programs to improve labor conditions and safety in the organization

Plans in bulk

Plant (put) in a galosh

Plants give off oxygen when breathing

Plants of the sea coast

Plants pump water from roots to leaves

Plastering. A typical safety manual

Plastering. Job description

Plastic bottle

Plastic container

Plastic foam propellers

Plastic masses

Plastic molding

Plastic package

Plastic siphon instead of cast iron

Plastic skis


Plate - grinding wheel

Platinum Metals

Plato is my friend, but the truth is more expensive

Platonic Love

Play Believe - Do not You Believe?

Play on the nerves

Play the first violin

Play the spools

Playback amplifier on the K157U1 chip

Playback amplifier on the K157U1 chip

Player - for two

Player with power from the fan>


Playing a rupture of the aorta

Playing blocks

Playing with the clock

PlayStation: history of development

Plitvice Lakes


Plugs for electric plugs

Plug-signaling device

Plumbing Tips


PMM Wireless Microphone

PN-32 voltage converter

Pneumatic sailer

Pneumatic tires


Pocket CB radio station

Pocket Multimeter

Pocket oscilloscope up to 1 MHz

Pocket radio Moscow

Pocket receiver for fishing

Pocket siren

Pocket stereo amplifier

Pocket sundial

Pocket tester

Pocket torch with LEDs


Poet, do not cherish the people's love

Poetic Liberty

Poets are born, orators are made

Pogibosh Aki Obri (bewains, doom)

Pogibosh, aki aubrey

Pohodochka, as in the sea boat

Point to someone's place

Pointing the mat on the glass

Poison poisoning

Poisoning by poisonous chemicals

Poisoning carbon monoxide (carbon monoxide)

Poisoning in children

Poisoning with concentrated acids and caustic alkalis

Poisoning with medicines and alcohol

Poisoning, general principles of diagnosis and medical care

Poisoning. Causes of poisoning. Prevention of poisoning. Carbon monoxide


Poisonous plants

Poisonous trees

Poka Bottle

Polar and northern plants

Polar lights

Polaroid Camera

Poleayut yes backward

Policy with a long-range vision

Polish from casein

Polish Site


Polishing iron

Political prostitutes

Political science. Cheat Sheet

Politics from a position of strength

Politics is the art of the possible

Politics of the carrot and stick


Pollution of natural water bodies and oceans

Pollution of the atmosphere as a result of the work of mobile emission sources

Poloter. Job description

Poluyadrovye soap

Polyclinic pediatrics. Cheat Sheet

Polyclinic pediatrics. Lecture notes

Polyethylene insulation

Polyethylene terephthalate film


Polymer film thickness meter


Pomona and Flora Gifts


Pond and waterfall in the garden

Poor Yorick!

Poor, like Ir

Poor, like Job

Popular about biogas

Popular about the device of the lens

Popular connectors of foreign production

Pop-up spoons

Porcelain vase

Pornography of the Spirit

Port site

Portable battery pack

Portable bridge for measuring R and C on two transistors

Portable Burner

Portable electric appliance

Portable electric spot welding machine

Portable power generators with battery power

Portable pulse electric welding machine

Portable Radio Batteries Tester

Portable radio station at 28 MHz

Portable radio station at 28 MHz

Portable radio station at 430-440 MHz

Portable radio station Len in the alarm system

Portable radio stations at 1215-1250 MHz (on lamps)

Portable signaling device

Portable Smokehouse

Portable Sound Enhancement System with Universal Power

Portable transistor radio station at 144-146 MHz (retro)

Portable version of the meter Uke.max

Portable welding machine (arc)

Portable welding machine

Portable, with AM

Porter. Job description

Portrait in a frame

Positive thinking

Possible emergencies of a social nature on the territory of Russia

Possible malfunctions

Possible wiring problems, procedures for their elimination and prevention

POST Card Diagnostic for ISA Bus

Post hardness of gypsum

Post to copper soldering copper solder

Postcard with a secret


Postman for the delivery of telegrams. A typical safety manual

Postman. Job description

Postojna Cave


Posts of Renon

Potapov's heat generator is a working reactor for cold nuclear fusion

Potato Forks

Potato planter

Potato to fight the scum

Potemkin villages


Potting glaze

Pour out the beauty and harmony of the world

Pour out your anger

Pouring bells

Powder for baking

Powder for washing Splendid



Powdered firewood as an alternative motor fuel

Powdered rocket engine

Powders for washing

Power adapter with a timer, 220/9 volts 250 milliamperes

Power amp of TDA7384А

Power Amplifier (Tube)

Power amplifier at 144 MHz

Power amplifier at 27 MHz

Power amplifier class D (25/50 watts) on the chip MAX9709

Power Amplifier Control Node

Power Amplifier Control Unit

Power amplifier cooling fan control device

Power amplifier for 3rd category radio stations

Power Amplifier for a 27 MHz radio station

Power amplifier for a CB radio (on a lamp)

Power amplifier for a light-dynamic installation

Power amplifier for a single-channel portable device

Power Amplifier for CB Radio

Power amplifier for QRP operation on low bands

Power amplifier for QRP transceiver

Power amplifier implemented on a bridge circuit

Power amplifier on 5 transistors

Power amplifier on 6 transistors

Power amplifier on bipolar transistors

Power amplifier on complementary transistors with full arm symmetry for both half-waves of the amplified signal and with a double differential cascade at the input

Power amplifier on complementary transistors

Power amplifier on KP904

Power amplifier on the GU-81M lamp

Power Amplifier on the TDA1552Q Chip

Power amplifier on the TDA1562 chip (55 watts)

Power Amplifier on the TDA7050 Chip

Power amplifier with a field effect transistor as a source of current for the input stage and elements of the output stage cascade

Power amplifier with balanced differential input stage

Power amplifier with field effect transistor

Power amplifier with zero output current cascade

Power amplifiers (without power transformer)

Power Amplifiers. Part one

Power Amplifiers. Part Two

Power and speed controller for single-phase collector motor

Power Blocks for a Microdrill

Power consumption indicator

Power control for hot plates

Power Control in three details

Power control unit for solar cells

Power Control with feedback

Power Control

Power Control

Power Control

Power controller 110-215 volts to 2 kilowatts for the active load

Power controller 2 kilowatts

Power controller for active-inductive loads up to 15 kW

Power controller for electric heaters

Power controller on the K145AR2 chip

Power controller on the KR1182PM1 chip

Power controller on the Z8 microcontroller

Power controller that does not interfere

Power controllers on a thyristor-transistor generator

Power Controllers on the Microcontroller

Power converter for 60 Hz watches

Power converters (inverters) for a solar battery or wind turbine

Power diodes

Power Filter for HDD

Power Filter

Power Generator

Power LEDs from 1.5 volts

Power LEDs from the network 120-230 volts

Power management of computer peripherals, 1200 watts

Power Meter

Power Modules

Power MOSFET transistors

Power OFF Timer for Electronics ММЦ-01

Power outages, causes and methods of protection

Power Phase Converter

Power phase regulator on the key field-effect transistor

Power plants based on heat pumps

Power plants on solar energy

Power plants using low-temperature energy sources

Power plants using low-temperature energy sources

Power regulator for heaters

Power regulator for the GRN-1-220, 400-2000 watts

Power regulator for the soldering iron - automatic light illumination device

Power regulator for the soldering iron

Power regulator for the soldering iron

Power Regulator Improvement

Power Regulator of wide application

Power regulators for the active load

Power regulators on the KR1182PM1 chip

Power requirements for LEDs

Power Sensor Control

Power source for children's electrified toys, 220/12 volts

Power source with automatic charger

Power source with galvanic isolation

Power sources for MP3 player and game console

Power sources: micro-power, medium power, powerful

Power Stabilizer for a Portable Radio Station

Power Standards (DIN, RMS, PMPO)

Power station in a backpack

Power station in a backpack

Power stepped AC voltage regulator

Power supplies for imported transceivers

Power supplies for LCD and LED displays

Power supplies with a capacitor voltage divider

Power Supplies with PWM Stabilizers

Power supply / charger, 20 volts 5 amps

Power supply + charger for 3-volt devices

Power supply 12 volts for security systems (module 24)

Power supply 220 / 13.8 volts 10 ampere

Power supply and electrical networks. Categories of electrical receivers and ensuring the reliability of electricity

Power supply and electrical networks. General requirements

Power supply and electrical networks. Levels and voltage regulation, reactive power compensation

Power supply and electrical networks. Scope, definitions

Power supply control for active TV antenna

Power supply for 42 V electric soldering iron

Power supply for a fluorescent lamp

Power supply for a measuring device on microcircuits

Power supply for a sick battery

Power supply for a sick battery

Power supply for analog and digital circuits

Power supply for any design

Power supply for car amplifier, 12 / 20 volts 70 watts

Power supply for car transceiver, 13 volts 20 amps

Power supply for CB radio station

Power supply for DT-182 multimeter

Power supply for electromechanical clocks

Power supply for electromechanical watches such as Slava

Power Supply for Ethernet Switch D-Link DES-1005D

Power supply for home laboratory, 0-30 volts 4 ampere

Power supply for imported radiotelephone

Power Supply for Ionizer

Power supply for LED lamp

Power supply for low-power fluorescent lamps

Power Supply for M890G Multimeter

Power Supply for Measuring Instruments

Power Supply for P109

Power supply for portable equipment from a USB port

Power supply for radio amateur, 0-30 volts

Power supply for the car transceiver (13.5 V, 20 A)

Power supply for the music player, 3.1 volts 260 milliampere

Power supply for the radio

Power supply for the transceiver from the AT / ATX computer power supply. Part 1

Power supply for the transceiver from the computer power station

Power supply for the transceiver from the computer power supply AT / ATX. Part 2

Power supply for the transceiver

Power supply for ULF, 1 kilowatts

Power Supply Improvement

Power supply in a desk lamp 220/12 volt 0.5 Ampere

Power Supply Monitor SAMSUNG CGM7607L on the chip series KA2S

Power supply of 8W LED lamp on HV9961

Power supply of the amplifier of high-frequency on microcircuits and transistors

Power supply on the chip UCC28810 for a 18... 48W LED lamp

Power supply on the LM723 chip, 0-30 volts 3-5 amps

Power supply on the LM723 chip, 0-30 volts 3-5 amps

Power supply on the LM723 chip, 12 volts 25 amps

Power supply on the LM78H12K chip, 12 volts 5 amps

Power Supply Project

Power Supply Protection Device

Power supply PWM controller and shutter drivers with stabilized voltage

Power supply scheme for low-voltage fluorescent lights

Power supply scheme of high-voltage fluorescent light from the battery

Power Supply Step, 220 / 5,9,12 volts

Power Supply to M830 Multimeter

Power supply unit for foreign televisions

Power supply unit for low-voltage soldering iron with a power of 18 W

Power supply unit for the Chizhevsky luster

Power supply unit on TDA4605, 220/12 volt 4 amp

Power supply unit on the Kren, 220 / 0-50 volts 5 amps

Power supply unit on the TDA4605 chip for halogen lamps

Power supply unit on the TVK-110 LM, 5-25 volts

Power supply unit on the TVK-110LM

Power supply unit on the unified transformer TH46-220-50

Power supply unit with a quenching capacitor, 220/3 volts 0.5 Ampere

Power supply unit with a quenching capacitor, 220/3 volts 0.5 ampere

Power supply unit with digital indication of voltage and current, 220 / 0-30 volts 5 amps

Power supply unit with fixed values of output voltage, 4.5-16 / 12-72 volt 65 milliamperes

Power supply unit with microcontroller control, 0-25 volts

Power supply unit with Network-battery switching

Power supply unit with protection against overloads and short circuits from simple details of past years

Power Supply Unit

Power supply with a smooth inversion of the output voltage, 12-15 / 5 volts

Power supply with a smooth polarity change, + 12 / -12 volts

Power supply with adjustable voltage, 220 / 0-20 volts, 0.4 ampere

Power supply with amplifier, 0-5 amps

Power supply with an electronic voltmeter, 220 / 0.3-30 volts 1 ampere

Power supply with automatic charger on the comparator, 220/4 volts 0.1 amper

Power supply with automatic charger on the comparator

Power supply with galvanic isolation from the network on optocouplers

Power supply with light indication of voltage

Power supply with overcurrent protection

Power supply with pre-regulator, 1.5-25 volts

Power supply with short-circuit protection, 12 volts

Power supply with smooth voltage inversion

Power Supply with Timer

Power supply, 0-12 volts 0.3 ampere

Power Supply, 0-12 volts 0.3 Ampere

Power supply, 12 volts 20 amps

Power supply, 12 volts 6 amps

Power supply, 127-220 / 9 volts 25-30 milliampere

Power supply, 1-29 volts 2 ampere

Power Supply, 13.8 volts 20 amps

Power supply, 13.8 volts 20-25 amps

Power supply, 220/3 volts 0.2 ampere

Power Supply, 60 volts 0.1 Amp

Power supply-timer, 220/9 volts 1 ampere

Power switch on the MOS transistor

Power Switch with Remote Management

Power systems and electric drives of modern camcorders - fault diagnosis, repair

Power Timer

Power Transformer for Power Amplifier

Power transformers at a frequency of 50 Hz

Power Transmission

Power unit with low-temperature Stirling engine and vortex tube

Power unit with low-temperature Stirling engine and vortex tube

PowerAmper 250 Amplifier

Powered by a flashlight

Powerful 2х50 watts pulse ULF of class D

Powerful AC breaker

Powerful amplifiers with A + mode

Powerful bipolar stabilized power supply, 2х44 volts 4 amps per channel

Powerful bipolar voltage stabilizer for UMZH

Powerful Class D Amplifier

Powerful controlled rectifier on thyristors, 220 / 0.5-15 volts 6 amps

Powerful controller

Powerful converter 12/350 volts on the IC

Powerful converter for a flashlight

Powerful converter for powering household electrical appliances, 100 watts

Powerful converter, 12 / 30 volts

Powerful DC Voltage Regulator

Powerful field effect transistor КП784А

Powerful field effect transistors series KP742

Powerful high voltage generator (Kirlian apparatus), 220/40000 volts

Powerful laboratory power source for repairing electrical equipment and charging batteries, 1.5-30 volts 25 amps

Powerful laboratory power supply with increased efficiency

Powerful laboratory power supply with op-amp

Powerful laboratory power unit on transistors, 220 / 3-30 volts 2 ampere

Powerful LED lamp

Powerful load current breaker

Powerful low-voltage microwave transistors for mobile communication

Powerful network voltage regulator, 0-218 volts 100 watts

Powerful power supply designed for current in load up to 10 amperes

Powerful power supply for low-power amplifier, 27 volt 3 ampere

Powerful power supply for low-power amplifier, 27 volts 3 ampere

Powerful power supply of transmitters from the power supply of a personal computer, 220 / 13.8 volts 300 watts

Powerful Power Supply Option

Powerful power supply, 13.5 volts

Powerful power supply, 220 / 13.6 volts 20 amps

Powerful power supply, 220/32 volts 1000 watts

Powerful pulse regulator with high efficiency, 8-16 / 5 volts 10 amperes

Powerful Pulse Stabilized Power Supply

Powerful rectifier-limiting diodes series KD2972

Powerful regulator on the power of triac

Powerful small-sized voltage converter

Powerful stabilized DC voltage converter for supplying network equipment

Powerful stabilized voltage converter, 90 watts

Powerful stabilizer for the truck, 24 volts 30 amps

Powerful stabilizer with current protection, 50 volts 5 amps

Powerful switch on field effect transistors, 20 amps

Powerful switching power supply, 220 / 2х50 volts 800 watts

Powerful thyristor converter, 12 / 200-500 volts 500 watts

Powerful thyristor voltage converter

Powerful transistor in avalanche mode

Powerful transmitter without additional power amplifier

Powerful tube amplifier with a deep 80 Watt EPA on 6P3C lamps

Powerful tube amplifier with multi-loop OOS

Powerful tube amplifier

Powerful UHF 38 MHz

Powerful voltage converter 12/350 V with a pulse generator

Powerful voltage converter 12/5 volts in a simple scheme

Powerful voltage converter 24/12 volts with high efficiency

Powerful voltage converter for car amplifier

Powerful voltage converter on thyristors, 12 / 200-500 volts 500 watts

Powerful voltage converter, 12/220 volts 700 watts

Powerful voltage regulator for the wind turbine

Powerful voltage regulator, 5-30 volts 5 amps

Powerful voltage regulators with current protection

Powering a fluorescent lamp with direct current

Powering low-voltage electric motors from the 220 V network

Powering low-voltage radio equipment from the network

Powering MP-3 player RoverMedia Aria-C7 from USB

Powering multimeters of the M-83x series from a single battery

Powering the 12-volt fan from the power mains

Powering the bulbs through the diode

Powering the electromagnetic relay with reduced voltage

Powering the fluorescent lamp from the battery

Powering the laptop from the power supply of the old TV

Powering the multimeter M-832 from two batteries

Powering the radio equipment from batteries

Powering the radio equipment from batteries

Powering the radio equipment from the vehicle's on-board network

Powerless transformerless voltage converter, 5-15 / 10-30 volts 2 amps

PPI 4240 Amplifier

PR Manager. Job description

Practical acquaintance with the digital microcircuit

Practical application of operational amplifiers. Part one

Practical application of operational amplifiers. Part Three

Practical application of operational amplifiers. Part Two

Practical application of the 555 series timer

Practical circuits of narrow-band power amplifiers for field-effect transistors

Practical designs of DJ9BV antennas for the 144 MHz band

Practical tips for installing photovoltaic modules

Practical use of geothermal waters

Practical ways of working with a metal detector

Praise and slander were accepted indifferently and do not challenge a fool

Praises are tempting - how can I not wish them!

Preamplifier on the K140UD1B chip

Preamplifier on the K284SS2 chip

Preamplifier on the KM551UD2 chip

Preamplifier on the KR140UD1B chip

Pre-amplifier on two ECC83 lamps

Pre-amplifier with active volume and timbre controls

Pre-amplifier with electronic regulation

Preamplifier with split frequency response correction

Preamplifier with timbre

Preamplifier-shaper for FC250 frequency meter

Precipitation (rain, fog, hail, snow)


Precise polarity converter

Precision heat regulator 11-24 / 6 (2.5) volts

Precision Highly Stable PANASONIC Resistors

Precision micro-power reference voltage source УР1101ЕН01

Precision travel meter

Precision voltage or current indicator

Predefined amplifier for powerful triode output stages of tube UMZCH

Predicting a stack of cards

Predicting the weather at sea

Predicting the weather

Predicting weather by clouds, wind and stars

Prediction in the envelope

Prediction of the number

Prediction of the sum

Prediction of weather by plants, insects and animal behavior

Prediction of weather on land

Prediction on the calendar

Predictions with numbers

Predictive Maps

Prefix - capacitance meter

Prefix - howler

Prefix Color Sound

Prefix for a frequency meter for measuring C

Prefix for a soldering iron

Prefix for automatic switching off the charger

Prefix for battery testing

Prefix for electric guitar

Prefix for managing a microdrill

Prefix for managing a microdrill

Prefix for measuring frequency characteristics

Prefix for measuring small resistances

Prefix for measuring the temperature by a digital multimeter

Prefix for pseudo-quadraphonic sounding

Prefix for receiving the DMV

Prefix for receiving TV programs in cable subbands

Prefix for recording telephone conversations

Prefix for recording telephone conversations

Prefix for Surround

Prefix for testing transistors

Prefix octane-proofreader for the car

Prefix octane-proofreader

Prefix of line deduction

Prefix on the tunnel diode

Prefix stabilizing to VU-1

Prefix to a multimeter for measuring battery parameters

Prefix to a multimeter for measuring the capacitance of capacitors

Prefix to a multimeter for measuring the capacitance of capacitors

Prefix to a multimeter for measuring the capacitance of capacitors

Prefix to a telephone for paired lines

Prefix to multimeter for temperature measurement

Prefix to multimeter for temperature measurement

Prefix to NWT for testing LC-circuits

Prefix to soldering iron

Prefix to the digital voltmeter for resistance measurement

Prefix to the frequency meter for determining the resonant frequency of a parallel oscillatory circuit

Prefix to the frequency meter for resonance measurements

Prefix to the frequency meter for testing transistors

Prefix to the frequency meter

Prefix to the oscilloscope

Prefix to VCR

Prefix tremolo for electric guitar

Prefix with a magnetic modulator

Prefix with ANI for a radiotelephone and a PBX

Prefixes for measuring the coefficient of nonlinear distortion - Kg

Prefixes of the world's territories

Prefix-frequency meter to multimeter

Prefix-GKCH for the bands 300... 900 and 800... 1950 MHz

Prefix-meter LC to the digital voltmeter

Prefix-selector for your phone

Prejudice! He is a fragment of the ancient truth

Preliminary amplifier for color music

Preliminary preparation of sheepskin

Preliminary UZCH on the chips of the K174 series

Preliminary UZCH on the K174 chip


Premonition of the Civil War

Preparation of casein glue

Preparation of toilet soap from a previously welded sound soap

Preparation of varnish without cooking

Preparation of varnishes, paints, gesso. A typical safety manual

Preparatory work before installation of wiring. Marking work

Preparatory work before the installation of wiring. Breakthrough work

Preparatory work before the installation of wirings. Fasteners

Prepare how to marry a wedding

Prepared by the masses. A typical safety manual

Preparedness of padding and spreading materials involved in gluing polyurethane foam. A typical safety manual

Preparedness of padding and spreading materials, engaged in cutting polyurethane foam. A typical safety manual

Prepareter of padding and flooring materials, engaged in cutting furniture fabrics. A typical safety manual

Preparing a hard soap from drying and semi-drying vegetable oils

Preparing caramel from burnt sugar

Preparing dammar, copal and mastic lacquer

Preparing ferric chloride

Preparing logging areas for logging. A typical safety manual

Preparing machine oil

Preparing Pearl Essence

Preparing products and packaging

Preparing skidding trails in mountainous conditions. A typical safety manual

Preparing soap in a cold way

Preparing stearin from soap

Preparing the board for irradiation

Preparing the map for work

Preparing the test. A typical safety manual

Preparing the xylitol mass

Preparing toilet soap hot

Preparing toilet soap in a cold way

Preparing wax polishes for polishing wood products

Pre-sales mechanic. Job description

Prescribe a lover

Preserving a tree

Preserving fish

Preserving meat

Preserving rubber products

Pre-sowing seed potatoes with electric current

Press Release

Press Secretary (Mass Media Specialist). Job description

Presser of enamel. Job description

Presser of plastics. A typical safety manual

Presser of products of building ceramics. A typical safety manual

Presser of wood products on hot press. A typical safety manual

Presser of wood products, engaged in gluing parts on installations in the field of high frequency currents. A typical safety manual

Pressure cooker

Pressurize for Moskvich

Pre-treatment of fabrics before dyeing

Pre-treatment of metals

Preventing crime and ways to protect against it

Preventing dependence on psychoactive substances

Preventing electroporations

Preventing fire safety

Preventing iron from rusting

Preventing Terrorism. Rules of conduct when contacting terrorists

Prevention measures

Prevention of drug addiction

Prevention of fires and prevention of burns in road transport. A typical safety manual

Prevention of main and distribution power shields. A typical safety manual

Preventive view

Previously Written Numbers

Pricing. Cheat Sheet

Prilpa language to my larynx

Primary clocks

Primary clocks

Primary quartz watch

Primary school teacher. A typical safety manual


Princess Nesmeyan

Princess on a pea

Principle of operation and characteristics of photoelectric converters

Principle of operation of the RCD

Principle of operation of the residual current device

Principles and methods of resuscitation

Principles of building powerful LEDs

Principles of energy saving

Principles of ensuring the safety of human interaction with the environment

Principles of obtaining a white LED glow

Principles of organization and tasks of the service of disaster medicine

Principles of rational nature use

Printed circuit boards are easy!

Printed circuit boards

Printed every leaf seems to be holy


Printing - using electrical tape

Printing and lithographic oil varnishes

Printing inks

Printing inks

Printing Machine

Printing press of the offset machine. Job description


Print-parallel installation

Priority switching on and off of loads

Prison of Nations

Prisoners of conscience

Privy Councilor of the Leader

Probe for checking the installation

Probe for thyristors and triacs

Probe generator - amplifier

Probe Generator for checking radio equipment

Probe Generator

Probe indicator for logical signals

Probe of oxide capacitors

Probe of oxide capacitors

Probe Oscilloscope

Probe with advanced features

Probe-comparator for the frequency counter

Probe-divider for a digital multimeter

Problems of desynchronization and capture in MPEG-2

Problems of modern light-emitting diodes

Problems of preserving lead-acid batteries

Procedural nurse. A typical safety manual

Procedure for developing and maintaining plans for the elimination of accidents

Procedure for investigating accidents at work

Procedure for investigating the circumstances and causes of occupational disease

Procedure for issuing an act on the case of occupational disease

Procedure for the development and approval of by-laws on occupational safety and health

Processing and finishing of sheepskins after drying

Processing old rubber

Processing open wounds

Processor of technological capacities. A typical safety manual

Procrastination of death is similar

Procrustean bed

Procurement Agent. Job description

Prodigal Son

Producer of programs. Job description

Producer. Job description

Producing touch probes

Product dosimeter

Product Finisher. A typical safety manual

Production Engineer. Job description

Production hygiene, hygiene and personal hygiene

Production manager (chef). Job description

Production manager. Job description

Production master. Job description

Production noise and its impact on a person

Production of high-power toroidal magnetic cores at home

Production of parts from epoxy

Production of printed circuit boards (including using a laser printer)

Production of printed circuit boards

Production of printed circuit boards

Production of printing forms of high printing. A typical safety manual

Production of screen printing plates. A typical safety manual

Production of seals, stamps and small printed circuit boards

Production of striplines

Production of subwoofers, secrets of masters

Production of the cooler

Production of the PCB template

Production vibration and its impact on a person

Profconsultant. Job description

Professional wedding photo. Questions and Answers

Professor of sour cabbage

Program Director of the radio station. Job description

Program for the microprocessor Z80, which provides measurement of the bounce time of relay contacts

Programmable code lock

Programmable control automat

Programmable daisy switch

Programmable frequency synthesizer

Programmable frequency synthesizer

Programmable heat stabilizer

Programmable light installation

Programmable thermal stabilizer on the microcontroller

Programmable thermostats

Programmable voltage level generator

Programmer 1C. Job description

Programmer for microcontrollers AT89C51 / 52/55

Programmer for reprogramming printer chips

Programmer P-DS1821 on the microcontroller Z8

Programming AVR microcontrollers in Ubuntu. Part 1

Programming AVR microcontrollers in Ubuntu. Part 2

Programming FLASH memory chips

Programming modern PIC16, PIC12 on PonyProg

Programming sequential memory chips

Programming the PIC of the processor 16F84

Project compliance with safety requirements

Project Cost Manager. Job description

Project Forget-me-not

Project Management Specialist. Job description

Project Manager. Job description

Project Manager. Job description

Proletarians have nothing to lose except their chains


Promised Land

Promoter. Job description

Promoting best practices in labor protection

Promoting water through the vessels of cut plants

Promotion of labor protection

Promotional manager. Job description

Propagation of radio waves

Propane burner

Properties of the wind

Property is stealing

Proportional control equipment

Proportional control equipment

Proportional control of the engine cooling fan

Proportional telecontrol system

Proportional thermostabilizer for the incubator

Proportional voltage regulator

Pro-rector for academic work. Job description

Pros and cons of buying used metal detectors

Prospects for the use of wind power plants

Protect the pipe from birds

Protect your data!

Protecting... the diet

Protecting electricity

Protecting household appliances from exceeding and lowering the voltage in the electrical network

Protecting silver things from tarnishing

Protecting the control system from overload

Protecting the emergency lighting battery

Protecting the environment from energy impacts

Protecting the ski kit during transportation

Protecting the transformer from overvoltage of the network

Protecting the UPS battery from overcharging

Protecting your modem and phone

Protecting Your Phone

Protection against enclosure

Protection against energy impacts

Protection against hypothermia

Protection against leakage current

Protection against motor starting currents jamming

Protection against noise

Protection against overload currents

Protection device against telephone pirates

Protection device for a three-phase electric motor from an incomplete phase mode when the power fuse breaks off

Protection device for inverter converter

Protection device for low-power incandescent lamps

Protection for devices powered by a 220 volt network

Protection for the charger

Protection from a fool

Protection from electrocution

Protection from electromagnetic radiation

Protection from toxic emissions

Protection of a three-phase electric motor

Protection of acoustic systems from overloads

Protection of automotive incandescent lamps

Protection of bees from varroatosis

Protection of CEA from high-voltage pulses in the network

Protection of communication workers

Protection of electric lighting devices

Protection of electrical networks with voltage up to 1 kV. Choosing protection

Protection of electrical networks with voltage up to 1 kV. Places for installing protection devices

Protection of electrical networks with voltage up to 1 kV. Requirements for protection devices

Protection of electrical networks with voltage up to 1 kV. Scope, definitions

Protection of electronic equipment against surges

Protection of electronic equipment from increasing network voltage

Protection of equipment from increased mains voltage with integrated timer

Protection of equipment from surges in the power supply network to 160 and over 250 volts

Protection of high-power LEDs from excessive current

Protection of imported telephones

Protection of internal electrical networks with voltage up to 1000 V

Protection of labor of employees of internal affairs agencies

Protection of labor of forestry workers

Protection of labor of workers in the agro-industrial complex

Protection of labor of workers of housing and communal services

Protection of microwave transistors

Protection of minors

Protection of power supplies from a thunderstorm

Protection of radio equipment against overexertion

Protection of radio equipment from increasing network voltage

Protection of radio equipment from voltage increase in the network

Protection of reservoirs. Impact of contamination

Protection of stabilizers

Protection of the antenna amplifier input

Protection of the computer BS

Protection of the input circuits of radios

Protection of the motor from an incomplete phase mode

Protection of the population in emergency situations

Protection of the power supply unit from short circuit

Protection of the power supply unit from short-circuit

Protection of the power supply unit from short-circuit

Protection of the pump motor

Protection of three-phase motors from asymmetric modes of operation

Protection of transformer devices against overvoltages

Protection of workers in the confectionery industry

Protection unit against voltage fluctuations in the power grid

Protective DC power switch

Protective device from short-term power failure

Protective device, 12 volts 1 amp

Protective earthing for electrical installations

Protective ground, (zeroing)

Protective microassemblies FOR-0, FOR-1

Protective Screens

Protective structures of civil defense


Protyvagonist device on the chip KR1006VI1

Providing emergency response work

Providing evacuation in case of fire

Providing extra food

Providing first aid for bleeding

Providing first aid for drowning

Providing first aid for fractures

Providing first aid for injuries of the musculoskeletal system

Providing first aid for poisoning

Providing first aid for the first time with a solar heat stroke

Providing first aid for thermal burns

Providing first aid in case of closed injuries

Providing first aid to people who suffered from electric current

Providing Insurance

Providing protection against electric shock with indirect touch

Providing the first pre-hospital care for fractures

Providing water in the desert

Providing water in the tropics

Provision of first aid for bleeding

Provision of first aid for patients with burns, frostbite

Provision of first aid for poisoning

Provision of first aid for wounds

Proximity Key

Proximity Presence Sensor

Proximity protection for loudspeakers

Proximity protection for loudspeakers

Proximity protection for loudspeakers

Proximity proximity sensors

Proximity switch based on the PIR module

PR-specialist. Job description

Pruning crowns of trees growing along the communication lines. A typical safety manual

Prussian teacher won the battle of Sadovaya

PS / 2 to Serial (COM) Mouse Adapter

PS one: conceptual diagram

PS one: operation and repair

PSD with separate adjustment in channels

Pseudo-print editing

Pseudostereorezhim on the TV

Pseudo-Wave Subscription to UZCH

PSPICE models for modeling programs

PSU from the Epson printer for supplying UMHC

PSU from the filmoscope

PSU power unit, 2х51 / 2х32 volts

Psychoactive substances and mechanisms of drug dependence formation

Psycho-emotional reactions to an extreme situation

Psychological help after situations with high danger for life

Psychological moments

Psychologist. Job description

Psychology of personality. Cheat Sheet

Psychology of work. Cheat Sheet

Psychology of work. Lecture notes

Psychology. Cheat Sheet

Psychology. Lecture notes

Psychophysiological characteristics of the personality of a safe type of behavior

PTS converter

Public Opinion

Public Pie

Public Relations. Cheat Sheet

Public Safety Oversight

Pud of salt to eat with someone

Puff and jug

Pull the ears

Pull the strap

Pull the thread

Pulling farming

Pulling the Gimp

Pulling the rope out of the viewer's jacket

Pulling the rope

Pulling the thread through the ice

Pulling the vest inside out

Pulling up the hammer


Pulmonary physician. Job description

Pulsating physiognomy

Pulse Amplifier of Near-Radar System

Pulse and Inhalation-exhalation devices

Pulse boost converter for EL

Pulse boost converter

Pulse BP - from the charger

Pulse charger with a simple indication of the charging current

Pulse Charger

Pulse Charger

Pulse converter of mains voltage

Pulse converter, 12/220 volts 100 watts

Pulse generator for calibrating the tachometer

Pulse generator with independent phase control

Pulse generator with independent regulation of frequency and duty cycle

Pulse Generator

Pulse generator

Pulse generators - elements of sound indication

Pulse generators (multivibrators, autogenerators)

Pulse generators on a flashing LED

Pulse laboratory power supply on the LM2575T-Adj chip, 15-18 / 1.2-15 volts 1 ampere a>

Pulse laboratory power supply, 0-30 volts 0.01-5 amps

Pulse line breaker location finder

Pulse lowering regulator on the LT1074 chip

Pulse lowering stabilizer, 35-46 / 5.1-30 volts 4 amps

Pulse lowering stabilizers

Pulse low-voltage voltage converter

Pulse metal detector, theory

Pulse Metal Detector

Pulse Metal Detector

Pulse of the Earth

Pulse Power Adapter

Pulse power supplies for the Philips DVDQ50 DVD player

Pulse power supply based on the PSU power supply

Pulse power supply for 40 watts

Pulse power supply for memory devices

Pulse power supply for UMZH

Pulse power supply unit to soldering iron with thermostat

Pulse regulated power supply for lamp equipment

Pulse regulator for the telephone set

Pulse regulator of the capacitor power supply

Pulse regulator of the capacitor power supply

Pulse regulators on the PWM controller KR1114EU4

Pulse sequence generator

Pulse stabilized voltage converter, 3.5 watts

Pulse Stabilizer Circuit

Pulse stabilizer of anode voltage

Pulse stabilizer with protection, 12.6 volts 1.5 ampere

Pulse stabilizer, 12 volts 4.5 amps

Pulse Stabilizer

Pulse voltage converter from the vehicle's on-board network

Pulse voltage converter on the ADP2504 chip

Pulse voltage converters

Pulse voltage regulator for low-voltage soldering irons, 5-14 volts 2 amps

Pulse voltage regulator for low-voltage soldering irons

Pulse voltage regulator for phone with ANI

Pulse voltage regulator on KT825

Pulse voltage regulator on the MC34165P chip

Pulse voltage regulator, 8-60 / 5 volts 2 amps

Pulse voltage regulator

Pulse voltmeter

Pulse Wear of MBM Capacitors

Pulse width discriminator

Pulsed alarm light

Pulsed constant voltage regulator, 220/5 volt 2 ampere

Pulsed high-frequency converter of voltage on the ADP2504 chip

Pulse-width controllers of the series KR1156ЕУ2 and КР1156ЕУЗ

Pump automatic pump

Pump control device

Pump control node

Pump Control Scheme

Pump Room Control

Pumped storage power plant on the energy of sea waves

Pumped up the mattress, laced up - the boat

Pumping the ball without a needle

Pumping the bicycle camera

Pumping unused LPG residues from underground reservoirs. A typical safety manual

Punching swords into plowshares

Punctured hat

Puncturing the glass

Punish scorpions

Punished curiosity

Puppet Government

Purchasing Manager. Job description

Pure English Murder

Purple mordant for brass things

Purpose and procedure for the development of safety instructions

Purpose, device, application area of the residual current device

Purpose, main tasks and structure of the ESPS

Pusher. A typical safety manual

Push-pull 3-watt power amplifier

Push-pull amplifier on a 6С4С lamp

Push-pull amplifier on triod pentodes

Push-pull Class A amplifier

Push-pull terminal amplifier of the transmitter

Push-pull transmitter for remote control

Puskach - micromotor

Put (put, put) something at the forefront

Put a cross

Put on the rope without touching the ring

Put the pig

Put under the cloth

Put your teeth on the shelf

Put your teeth on the shelf

Putorana Plateau

Putting on a ring with bound hands

Putty for insulators

Putty for joining iron to stone

Putty for joining metal to glass

Putty for metal letters on the glass

Putty for red and walnut

Putty for rubber products

Putty for water pipes

Putty for window frames

Putty knife

Putty of Professor Mendeleyev

Putty Putty

Putty refractory

PWM fan speed regulator

PWM regulators of low-power electric motors



Pyramid from records


Pyroelectric alarm in the security system

Pyroelectric effect

Pyroelectric IR radiation sensors

Pyropatron - an element of active vehicle protection

Pyrrhic victory


Pythagorean Theorem

Python node