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Free online library on electronics Free encyclopedia of electronics and electrical engineering:
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The most important scientific discoveries
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A Radio. Prakticka Elektronika magazine
Amaterske Radio magazine
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Elektor Electronics magazine
Elektronika dla Wszystkich magazine
Elektronika Praktyczna magazine
Everyday Practical Electronics magazine
Evil Genius magazine
Funkamateur magazine
Nuts And Volts magazine
QEX magazine
QST magazine
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Servo magazine
Stereophile magazine
Радио Телевизия Електроника magazine

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Free online library on electronics Free electric tools schematic diagrams and service manuals:
Bocsh electric tools
Makita electric tools

Free online library on electronics Free electric tools schematic diagrams and service manuals:
Bocsh electric tools
Makita electric tools

Free online library on electronics Free reference books:
Collection of dumps
Correspondence of models and chassis
Horizontal-output transformers by HR company
Horizontal-output transformers by Konig company
Integrated circuits, microcontrollers and transistors
Mechanisms of audio and video equipment
Radio components by Atmel
Radio components by Cirrus Logic
Radio components by Maxim
Radio components by Microchip
Radio components by Mitsubishi
Radio components by Motorola
Radio components by National Semiconductor
Radio components by Panasonic
Radio components by Philips
Radio components by Rohm
Radio components by Samsung
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Free online library on electronics

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Free online library on electronics Free online library on electronics, Free encyclopedia of electronics and electrical engineering

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Big Encyclopedia. Astronomy

Big Encyclopedia. Astronomy

Big Encyclopedia. Astronomy. Simple answers to difficult questions:

Are other planets moving?

Are there any channels on Mars?

Can a comet explode?

Can a day be longer than a year?

Can Earth meet the comet?

Can I fly to the stars?

Can the planets collide?

Did the planet Phaeton exist?

Do other planets have satellites?

Do other planets rotate?

Do planets affect our climate?

Does gravity act on the moon?

Does the Sun pass through 12 zodiac constellations?

Does the sun shine all the time?

Does the Universe have an end?

Has the Earth always been at the same distance from the Sun?

How are stars born?

How are stars studied?

How big are the stars?

How big is our galaxy?

How big is the density of the Orion Nebula?

How big is the distance to the nearest fixed star?

How big is the largest galaxy?

How big is the Solar System?

How big is the Universe?

How close are we to the Sun?

How cold is the universe?

How dangerous are asteroids?

How dangerous are meteorites?

How did ancient astronomers imagine the universe?

How did Emperor Nero turn away from the troubles foreshadowed by the comet?

How did lunar craters arise?

How did the asteroid belt form between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter?

How did the chemical elements form?

How did the constellations get their names?

How do new stars differ from supernovae?

How do planets differ from stars?

How do star clusters differ from constellations?

How do stars differ in brightness?

How do you choose names for satellites of the planets of the solar system?

How does spectrum allow us to study the Universe?

How does the Earth move?

How far is space?

How far is the nearest star from us?

How fast does Charon move over the surface of Pluto?

How hot is the Sun?

How is the mass distributed in the solar system?

How large are solar losses due to radiation?

How long are the orbital periods of double stars?

How long have you observed lunar eclipses?

How long is the day?

How long is the longest year?

How many constellations are in the sky?

How many galaxies exist?

How many large planets are in the Solar System?

How many moons is Earth?

How many planets are there in the solar system?

How many satellites does Jupiter have?

How many stars are in the universe?

How many stars are visible in the sky?

How many times does a modern telescope look better than the human eye?

How many times is the sun larger than the earth?

How much does Earth weigh?

How much longer can the Sun shine?

How old are the youngest stars?

How old is our Universe?

How old is the Universe and on the basis of what data is it determined?

How to check your eyesight using stars?

How to measure and weigh the Sun?

How to use meteorites?

How was historical justice restored in the name of the planet Pluto?

How was the light year opened?

How was the planet Pluto discovered?

How would you fly through the asteroid belt?

In what order are the planets of the solar system?

In what range is the Earth in brightness comparable to the Sun and many times greater than all the other planets of the Solar System put together?

In what respects Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune do not fully comply with the classical definition of the planet?

In which month is the Earth closest to the Sun and in which is the most distant from it?

Is it far from stars?

Is it far from the Sun?

Is it necessary to move an optical telescope out of the atmosphere to significantly increase its resolution?

Is Leo afraid in the sky?

Is Pluto a planet?

Is the Moon the only natural satellite of the Earth?

Is the Universe infinite?

Is there a moon on the sea?

Is there life on Mars?

On which planet of the solar system are the largest mountains and which are the deepest depressions?

Since when does our Solar System exist?

Was Pluto a Neptune satellite?

What are brown dwarfs?

What are constellations and how many there are on earth?

What are lunar craters?

What are physical binary stars and how are they distinguished by their method of observation?

What are shooting stars?

What are sunspots?

What are the dimensions of the Universe?

What are the flares on the sun?

What are the meteors?

What are the rings of Saturn?

What are the sizes of the planets?

What are the stars?

What causes solar eclipses?

What characterizes the magnitude?

What color is Mars?

What color is the Universe?

What conditions will the astronaut find on Venus?

What did Asteroid Aton get its name from?

What did Galileo Galilei see in the telescope?

What dimensions does the model of the solar system built in Maine have?

What does the Moon smell like?

What is a black hole?

What is a constellation?

What is a gravitational collapse of a star?

What is a nebula?

What is a neutron star?

What is a quasar?

What is a radio telescope?

What is a satellite?

What is an asteroid?

What is an observatory?

What is comet?

What is dark matter and how much is it in the Universe?

What is radio astronomy?

What is solar activity?

What is the age of the Earth?

What is the Andromeda nebula?

What is the atmospheric pressure on Venus?

What is the Big Bang and how long did it last?

What is the brightest planet in the sky?

What is the brightest star?

What is the celestial vault?

What is the coldest star?

What is the density of the most rarefied matter?

What is the Earth made of?

What is the gravitational radius and how large are its values for various objects?

What is the Milky Way?

What is the most accurate watch?

What is the Red Planet?

What is the redshift of galaxies?

What is the size and age of the largest meteorite crater on the Earth's surface?

What is the size of the largest known meteorite craters in the Solar System and where is it located?

What is the solar corona?

What is the Solar System?

What is the source of stellar energy?

What is the Sun?

What is the uniqueness of the astronomical knowledge of the African Dogon tribe?

What is the value of neutrino in terms of astrophysics?

What is the zodiac?

What is UFO?

What kind of future does our sun, the sun, expect?

What makes the Earth rotate around the Sun?

What part of the solar radiation gets to Earth?

What planets in the solar system have rings and what are these rings made of?

What revolves around what: the Earth around the moon or vice versa?

What sizes can solar protuberances reach?

What stars are called new?

What stars are called red giants and how big is their average density?

What stars are called supernovae?

What stars are called white dwarfs and how big is their average density?

What the philosopher Auguste Comte considered the most vivid example of such knowledge that will remain hidden from man forever and why was he wrong?

What units do distances measure in astronomy?

What units measure space distances?

What was the Bethlehem star?

What we do not see in the sky?

What would happen on Earth if our planet did not have a Moon?

When the sun goes out?

When was the first solar eclipse predicted?

Where are the spots on the sun?

Where did Johann Kepler see the purpose of astrology?

Where did the Martian channels disappear?

Where did the rings around some planets come from?

Where do comets come from and where do they disappear?

Where do shooting stars come from?

Where do the stars come from?

Where is comet tail?

Where is the center of mass of the Earth-Moon system?

Where is the oldest observatory?

Where is the sky of Veronica in the sky?

Which 20th century astronomical discovery was classified?

Which comet is most famous?

Which galaxy is closest to us?

Which of the creations of human hands can be seen from the moon?

Which of the planets of the Solar System are the largest?

Which planet in the solar system has the biggest contrast between night and day temperatures?

Which planet is closest to the Sun?

Which planet of the Solar System is the hottest?

Which planet of the Solar System was first discovered with a telescope?

Which planets have rings?

Which planets rotate in the opposite direction?

Which property of Iapetus, Saturnís satellite, was one of the foundations of the famous novel Space Odyssey 2001?

Which satellite overtakes its planet in its rotation around its own axis?

Which star of the night sky is the brightest?

Which stars are closest to Earth?

Which telescope has a higher resolution - radio or optical?

Who built the first model of the Universe?

Who denied Ptolemyís teaching?

Who discovered Marsís satellites and when?

Who first discovered the planet Neptune and who got the glory of its discovery?

Who first saw the reverse side of the moon?

Who invented the most important astronomical tools?

Who is Copernicus?

Who was the first cosmonaut to go into outer space?

Who was the first person to fly into space?

Who was the first person to walk on the surface of the moon?

Who were the first astronomers?

Why are Cepheids called beacons of the Universe?

Why are crimson sunsets?

Why are eclipses rare?

Why are there 24 hours a day?

Why are there no seasons on Mercury?

Why did people need astronomy?

Why do all the planets look different?

Why do astronomers believe that there can be life on Mars?

Why do comets disappear?

Why do not we feel the rotation of the Earth?

Why do seasons change on Earth?

Why do some astronomers assume that the Sun is a double star?

Why do stars emit light?

Why do we not notice the rotation of the earth?

Why do we see only one side of the moon?

Why does comet have a tail?

Why does the eye of Medusa, which is held by star Perseus, winks?

Why does the moon come in different shapes?

Why does the moon follow us when we drive?

Why does the moon glow?

Why does the Solar System have this form?

Why does the starry sky look changing during the year?

Why does the starry sky rotate and the Polar Star is fixed?

Why does the sun shine and heat?

Why does the sun shine?

Why is asteroid Icarus named for the son of Daedalus?

Why is gravity in space not the same as on Earth?

Why is the night sky dark?

Why is there no life on other planets?

Why is there no life on the moon?

Why was the Moon only half known?

Why were people afraid of eclipses before?

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