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Free online library on electronics Free electric tools schematic diagrams and service manuals:
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Free online library on electronics

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Free online library on electronics Free online library on electronics, Free encyclopedia of electronics and electrical engineering

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Big Encyclopedia. Geography, ecology

Big Encyclopedia. Geography, ecology

Big Encyclopedia. Geography, ecology. Simple answers to difficult questions:

Are continents moving?

At what distance were the sounds of the eruption of Krakatau erupted on August 26-27, 1883?

Can I make my own weather forecasts?

Can we artificially cause rain?

Do hurricanes move in certain directions?

Do planets affect weather and climate?

Do the seasons shift?

Does it get warmer everywhere because of global warming?

Does sunlight help the skin?

Does the climate change as a result of human activity?

Does the number of cyclones and anticyclones change?

Does the planet have less tropical rain forests?

Have continents ever been one?

Have there been global warming before?

How and when does a tsunami occur?

How are icebergs born and how high?

How are lakes formed?

How are mirages formed?

How big are the irregularities on the earth's surface compared to the size of the planet?

How big is the Grand Canyon?

How deep is the world's deepest cave?

How did coal form?

How did the asphalt appear?

How did the caves appear?

How did the Grand Canyon form?

How did the Hawaiian Islands form?

How did the Mexican volcano Parikutin get its name?

How did the mountains appear?

How did the names of different types of clouds appear?

How did the Niagara Falls originate?

How did the oceans form?

How did the oil form?

How did the Pacific get its name?

How did the prophecies of Thomas Robert Malthus, a pioneer in demography, come true?

How did the rivers appear?

How did the soil form?

How do clouds manage to stay in the sky?

How do condensation bands appear?

How do fossils form?

How do glaciers move?

How do I know the height of a mountain?

How do meteorologists predict the weather?

How do scientists define the depth of the ocean?

How do tornadoes begin?

How do trade winds arise?

How do volcanoes form?

How do we know what is in the center of the earth?

How do we measure the strength of earthquakes?

How does a cyclone differ from anticyclone?

How does a rainbow arise?

How does a seismograph measure earthquakes?

How does a tornado occur?

How does air temperature vary with height?

How does oil pollute drinking water?

How does the temperature change from plunging deep into the Earth?

How does water consumption change?

How has the air temperature changed over the past 100 years?

How high is the seventh sky?

How is copper mined?

How is gold found?

How is rainfall measured?

How is the depth of the ocean measured?

How is wind speed measured?

How long is the longest cave in the world?

How many climate types are there?

How many languages do Nigerians speak?

How many seismic shocks does the Earth experience per year?

How many years and why was the opening of the strait between New Guinea and Australia kept secret?

How much air is on earth?

How much carbon dioxide is on the planet?

How much does the atmosphere weigh?

How much water is on earth?

How much wood are we currently consuming?

How quickly did the population of the Earth grow?

How reliable are the weather forecasts?

How would the ocean level rise if the glaciers of Antarctica and Greenland melted?

If the molecules move, why don't we see things changing?

In which direction does the bath water flow?

In which river does salt water flow?

Is it always hot in the desert?

Is it colder at the North Pole or South Pole?

Is the area of ice caps at the poles reduced?

Is the equator the hottest place on earth?

Is the surface area increasing?

Is the temperature at the North and South Poles equal?

Is there enough drinking water on the planet?

Is there life in Antarctica?

Is there life in the Dead Sea?

Is thunder dangerous?

Should we believe the centenary calendar?

Were diamonds always considered precious?

What are caves?

What are crystals?

What are dog days?

What are gems?

What are jet streams?

What are meteorological satellites for?

What are popular signs associated with the weather?

What are spheres?

What are the biggest waterfalls in the world?

What are the highest mountains on earth?

What are the lights of Saint Elmo?

What are the most dangerous fruits of civilization?

What are the signs of the occurrence of bad weather?

What are the signs of the onset of good weather?

What causes an earthquake?

What causes ocean currents?

What determines the value of diamonds?

What did Louis XVI ask his executioner about?

What do circles around the moon or around the sun mean?

What do we breathe?

What does a hair dryer mean?

What does snow bring?

What does the most water take?

What does the weather depend on?

What form was the Earth in the view of Columbus?

What form was the Earth in the view of the people of the Middle Ages?

What is a cloud?

What is a coral reef?

What is a cyclone?

What is a flood surge?

What is a hurricane?

What is a mineral?

What is a mistral?

What is a monsoon?

What is a quarry?

What is a rainbow?

What is a seismic belt?

What is a sextant?

What is a storm?

What is a summer day and a tropical day?

What is a tidal wave?

What is a tsunami?

What is a typhoon?

What is a warm front?

What is a waterfall?

What is a waterspout?

What is a whirlpool?

What is acid rain?

What is aluminum?

What is amber?

What is an artesian well?

What is an avalanche?

What is an industrial diamond?

What is asbestos?

What is boron?

What is carbon dioxide?

What is chalk?

What is chrome?

What is condensation?

What is copper?

What is dew?

What is dust?

What is ecology?

What is El Nino?

What is environmental protection?

What is erosion?

What is fog?

What is fuel?

What is gold for fools?

What is granite?

What is great about the Sargasso Sea?

What is gypsum?

What is happening in the hurricane epicenter?

What is hard water?

What is humidity?

What is irrigation?

What is jadeite?

What is latitude and longitude?

What is magma?

What is magnesium?

What is marble?

What is mercury?

What is mica?

What is nickel?

What is oceanography?

What is oil?

What is ozone?

What is peat?

What is platinum?

What is quartz?

What is quicksand?

What is radioactive fallout?

What is rubber?

What is sand?

What is silicon?

What is silver?

What is slate?

What is snow?

What is so special about the Turkish Admiral Piri Reis dated 1513?

What is stalactite?

What is talc?

What is temperature inversion?

What is the atmosphere of the Earth?

What is the cold front?

What is the continental shelf?

What is the Dead Sea?

What is the deepest river?

What is the deepest?

What is the difference between a hurricane and a whirlwind?

What is the difference between an underground spring and an artesian well?

What is the greenhouse effect and how does it affect the Earthís climate?

What is the greenhouse effect?

What is the Gulf Stream?

What is the height of the highest peak of the Earth?

What is the ice age?

What is the importance of the Gulf Stream?

What is the largest desert on Earth?

What is the longest railway line in the world?

What is the magnitude and strength of an earthquake?

What is the most common substance in the world?

What is the Nile Mystery?

What is the ozone hole?

What is the ozone layer?

What is the soil?

What is the strength of a diamond?

What is the surface of Mohorovich and how was it discovered?

What is the traditional name of the oceanic spaces in the 40th latitudes of the Southern Hemisphere?

What is the tropics?

What is the wind rose?

What is this current - Kuro-sio?

What is tundra?

What is uranium?

What makes diamonds precious stones?

What makes the sunset so beautiful?

What mountain would be considered the highest on Earth if the readings were not from the sea level but from the foot of the mountain?

What part of the Earth is water?

What river did Yermak try to cross after the attack of Khan Kuchum?

What stones are called precious?

What was the first name of the Cape of Good Hope?

What were some of the weaknesses and weaknesses of famous people of the past?

What would happen if there was no dust?

What's the name of the biggest mountain in the world?

What's the saltiest sea?

When are there most thunderstorms?

When did the ice age end?

When did the last ice age end?

When is Indian summer coming and how long does it last?

Where and when did the most devastating earthquake in human history occur?

Where are most earthquakes occur?

Where are the biggest raindrops?

Where are the highest and lowest temperatures on Earth?

Where are the highest, and where are the lowest places on the territory of the former USSR?

Where did the diamonds come from?

Where do diamonds come from?

Where do emeralds come from?

Where do icebergs come from?

Where do the seas have colored names?

Where do the Tigris and Euphrates rivers flow?

Where does hail come from?

Where does the Antarctic begin?

Where does the Dead Sea have this name?

Where does the weather come to us?

Where does the wind come from?

Where does water boil faster?

Where does water disappear when it dries?

Where is the biggest tides on Earth?

Where is the cleanest air?

Where is the largest coral reef of the Earth?

Where is the most precipitation?

Where is the steepest shore?

Where is the tallest mountain?

Where is the wind the most?

Where was the highest and lowest atmospheric pressure observed?

Where would you go for a good sip of ozone?

Which cities are among the top ten largest (by population) in the world?

Which cities are colder or hotter than others?

Which cities of the world are in the top ten of the driest?

Which cities of the world are in the top ten of the hottest?

Which cities of the world are in the top ten of the rainiest?

Which climate is called monsoon and what are monsoons?

Which continent is the driest on Earth?

Which countries of the world are in the top ten countries with the highest population density?

Which countries of the world are in the top ten countries with the lowest population density?

Which countries of the world are in the top ten of the largest in terms of population?

Which countries of the world are in the top ten of the smallest in terms of population?

Which depressions of the World Ocean are in the top ten of the deepest?

Which deserts of the world are among the top ten largest?

Which earthquake was the strongest?

Which eruption was the greatest in history?

Which is the deepest ocean?

Which is the drier hemisphere of the Earth?

Which is the largest island?

Which is the largest railway station in the world?

Which is the wettest capital and which is the driest?

Which lakes in the world are in the top ten in terms of water surface area?

Which languages are in the top ten most common in the world?

Which mountain peaks are in the top ten of the highest in the world?

Which mountains are sacred?

Which natural disasters claim the most human lives?

Which of the continental waters is the deepest on Earth?

Which of the oceans is the largest in area and which is the smallest?

Which river did people earn the most?

Which rivers of the world are in the top ten in length?

Which waterfalls of the world are in the top ten in height?

Which waterfalls of the world are in the top ten in terms of average water consumption?

Which wind is considered a hurricane?

Which winds bring what kind of weather?

Who are El Nino and La Nina?

Who are the Seven Sleepers?

Who created the first globe when?

Who delivers CO2 to the atmosphere?

Who discovered Antarctica?

Who was the first to reach the North Pole?

Who was the first to reach the South Pole?

Who, when and how first determined the size of the globe?

Why are the stones so different?

Why are the tides not the same everywhere?

Why are there floods?

Why are there seasons?

Why are volcanoes located in certain places?

Why did American sailors cross the Atlantic Ocean faster than the English in the middle of the 18th century?

Why did European mariners fear to approach the equator before 1473?

Why did the Lords of the Admiralty produce officers of the servant James Cook?

Why did the Portuguese Prince Henry the Navigator get his nickname?

Why did the projects to transfer the northern rivers to the Volga disappear?

Why didn't Captain Cook get to open Antarctica?

Why do clouds have different shapes?

Why do glaciers exist today?

Why do hailstones have different sizes?

Why do lightning bolts during bad weather and thunder?

Why do waves appear?

Why do winds have different names?

Why does it rain only on certain days and not others?

Why does lightning accompany thunder?

Why does the diamond sparkle?

Why does the highest peak of the world have an English name?

Why does the needle not melt from the inside?

Why does the sky turn red in the morning and evening dawn?

Why does water flow from a spring?

Why is air temperature always measured in the shade?

Why is Antarctica the highest continent of the Earth?

Why is Earth called the blue planet?

Why is gold considered a precious metal?

Why is gold expensive?

Why is it cooler at the top of the mountain?

Why is it hot at the equator?

Why is it warmer in summer than in winter?

Why is the center of the Earth hot?

Why is the earth hot inside?

Why is the ocean water salty?

Why is the prime meridian also called Greenwich?

Why is the sand different?

Why is the water in the geyser hot?

Why is the weight of a person at the equator about 1% less than at the pole?

Why is there fog in the lakes?

Why is there no water in the desert?

Why isnít all rain clouds?

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Culture, the arts, fashion

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Engineering, technology, transport

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