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A Radio. Prakticka Elektronika magazine
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Elektor Electronics magazine
Elektronika dla Wszystkich magazine
Elektronika Praktyczna magazine
Everyday Practical Electronics magazine
Evil Genius magazine
Funkamateur magazine
Nuts And Volts magazine
QEX magazine
QST magazine
Radiotechnika Evkonyve magazine
Servo magazine
Stereophile magazine
Радио Телевизия Електроника magazine

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Free online library on electronics Free electric tools schematic diagrams and service manuals:
Bocsh electric tools
Makita electric tools

Free online library on electronics Free reference books:
Collection of dumps
Correspondence of models and chassis
Horizontal-output transformers by HR company
Horizontal-output transformers by Konig company
Integrated circuits, microcontrollers and transistors
Mechanisms of audio and video equipment
Radio components by Atmel
Radio components by Cirrus Logic
Radio components by Maxim
Radio components by Microchip
Radio components by Mitsubishi
Radio components by Motorola
Radio components by National Semiconductor
Radio components by Panasonic
Radio components by Philips
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Radio components by Samsung
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Free online library on electronics

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Free online library on electronics Free online library on electronics, Free encyclopedia of electronics and electrical engineering

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Big Encyclopedia. Biology

Big Encyclopedia. Biology

Big Encyclopedia. Biology. Simple answers to difficult questions:

Are all monkeys equally intelligent?

Are armadillos edible?

Are cats really able to see in the dark?

Are congers dangerous?

Are earthworms useful?

Are elephants afraid of mice?

Are jellyfish dangerous?

Are lizards poisonous?

Are marmots harmless?

Are mosquitoes useful?

Are rats pests?

Are tarantulas poisonous?

Are there ants slave owners?

Are there any ephemes of the animal world?

Are there any fish?

Are there cannibal tigers?

Can a cat see in the dark?

Can a dolphin talk?

Can a mockingbird scream in their own voice?

Can a mole see?

Can a salamander live on fire?

Can a seahorse male have calves?

Can a woodchuck predict the weather?

Can an owl see at night?

Can animals be guided by reason?

Can animals communicate?

Can animals count?

Can animals cry or laugh?

Can animals make long-term weather forecasts?

Can animals predict the weather?

Can birds smell?

Can butterflies smell?

Can dolphins talk?

Can fish hear?

Can hummingbirds hang in the air?

Can oysters live outside the water?

Can plants eat insects?

Can seals live underwater?

Can some fish live without water?

Can you really hypnotize a snake?

Did a bird look like a dodo?

Did the dragons really exist?

Do acne crawl on the ground?

Do all cats purr?

Do all fish spawn?

Do all mosquitoes spread diseases?

Do animal eyes glow in the dark?

Do animals have a sense of taste?

Do animals have colors?

Do animals understand each other?

Do ants always live in colonies?

Do ants smell?

Do any birds fall into hibernation?

Do birds have ears?

Do butterflies migrate?

Do crocodiles attack people?

Do dogs differ in color?

Do dogs dream?

Do elephants remember everything?

Do fish sleep?

Do grasshoppers have a hearing?

Do hyenas laugh?

Do insects have a heart?

Do insects have blood?

Do leeches suck bad blood?

Do mammals lay eggs?

Do moths fly on a flame?

Do people have a shark?

Do polar bears fall into hibernation?

Do porcupines shoot with their needles?

Do raccoons wash their food?

Do raccoons wash their food?

Do snails lay eggs?

Do snakes hear?

Do snakes lay eggs?

Do white elephants exist?

Does a bee die biting?

Does a cow have four stomachs?

Does a rattlesnake thunder before it attacks?

Does a starfish have eyes?

Does an ostrich have a voice?

Does an ostrich hide its head in the sand?

Does every year sheep grow wool?

Does hedgehog have snake venom immunity?

Does the bat have teeth?

Does the dolphin belong to mammals?

Does the fish have a heart?

Does the giraffe have a voice?

Does the snake have bones?

Does the turtle have a voice?

From what did the wasps build their nest?

From what distance does a salmon catch the smell of a native river?

How are flies born?

How are frogs hatching?

How are guide dogs trained?

How are oysters born?

How are pearls formed?

How are polar bears masked?

How are responsibilities in the ant family?

How are shells formed?

How can a fly walk on the ceiling?

How can a snake move without legs?

How can you distinguish poisonous mushrooms?

How deep can a sea turtle dive?

How did an angry samurai face appear on a crab shell?

How did animals get their names?

How did dinosaurs appear?

How did people discover the laws of heredity?

How did seafarers find water in the Galapagos Islands?

How did the dogs appear?

How did the German physicist Helmholtz evaluate the degree of perfection of the human eye?

How did you find a locator in bats?

How do animals get sick with rabies?

How do bats see?

How do bees communicate?

How do bees control the temperature in a hive?

How do bees give each other information?

How do bees make honey?

How do birds find their way during the flights?

How do birds find their way home?

How do birds learn about flight time?

How do birds manage to fly?

How do elephants live in their herd?

How do fish fly?

How do fish sniff?

How do flying dragons fly?

How do frogs croak?

How do goats feed?

How do guppies breed?

How do insects breathe?

How do lemmings die?

How do lobsters grow?

How do owls hunt?

How do oysters eat?

How do oysters make pearls?

How do parrots say?

How do pigeons find their way home?

How do plants and animals manage to live in the desert?

How do snails go?

How do snakes sniff?

How do spiders spin their webs?

How do sponges feed?

How do we know what dinosaurs looked like?

How do wolves hunt?

How does a caterpillar turn into a butterfly?

How does a caterpillar weave a cocoon?

How does a chameleon catch prey?

How does a chameleon change its colors?

How does a cricket sing?

How does a fish breathe?

How does a jellyfish reproduce?

How does a kangaroo jump?

How does a male rinoderm frog help the female to perform parental duties?

How does a rattlesnake roar?

How does a snail build its shell?

How does a snake inject its poison?

How does a snake manage to swallow a pig?

How does a turtle breathe under water?

How does a worm creep?

How does an earthworm eat?

How does an egg develop?

How does an emperor male penguin help a female to breed chicks?

How does silkworm silk spin?

How does the octopus move?

How far does it spread and how long does pheromone smell last?

How fast and how far can whales swim?

How fast are babies?

How fast can birds fly?

How have animals been found to not distinguish colors?

How high can insects fly?

How is the total mass of living matter distributed on Earth between land and ocean?

How large can tortoises be?

How long can a camel go without water?

How long can a chicken live without a head?

How long can the butterfly proboscis reach?

How long do animals live?

How long do earthworms reach?

How long does the panda eat?

How long have pets appeared?

How many animals can live on a single tree?

How many bees are in a hive?

How many centipedes have legs?

How many chromosomes do different organisms have?

How many dog years corresponds to one human year?

How many eyes have a scorpion?

How many eyes have eyeless big-eyed spider?

How many eyes have four-eyed fish?

How many fingers does a two-pointed sloth have?

How many galaxies can be seen with the naked eye?

How many insect species exist in nature?

How many insect species exist on earth?

How many needles does a hedgehog have?

How many octopus have hearts?

How many species of animals and plants live on Earth?

How many species of bats exist in nature?

How many species of fish live on the planet?

How many species of flies exist?

How many species of grasshoppers did they eat in the Middle East in biblical times?

How many squid hearts?

How many tarantula eyes?

How many tigers are on Earth?

How much can you eat at one time?

How much does the tridacna clam shell weigh?

How much weighs the world's largest pearl?

How much would a person eat with an appetite shrew?

How often do snakes shed their skin?

How tall is a giraffe?

Is a chimpanzee a monkey?

Is a platypus a mammal or bird?

Is it possible to reduce the behavior of a dog to a simple complex of conditioned and unconditioned reflexes?

Is it true that a centipede has one hundred feet?

Is it true that the nightingale sings only at night?

Is locust dangerous?

Is milk the same?

Is the ostrich really hiding its head in the sand in case of danger?

Is the whale the only marine mammal?

Is there a difference between bison and bison?

Is there a vampire animal?

Is there more bacteria in the ocean or in city sewers?

To which family do the worms belong?

What animal are the Canary Islands named after?

What animal did the horse come from?

What are amphibians?

What are anteaters?

What are bacteria?

What are fats?

What are fleas?

What are gazelles?

What are hamsters?

What are lizards?

What are mammals?

What are marsupials?

What are microbes?

What are mushrooms?

What are mussels?

What are nitrobacteria?

What are otters?

What are parasites?

What are pigeons?

What are poisonous snakes?

What are sardines?

What are seeds?

What are tape worms?

What are termites?

What are the main benefits of bees?

What are the tiniest newborns?

What are turtles?

What are vertebrates?

What are weevils?

What benefits did Farmer Seth Wright gain by noticing a mutation in her flock of sheep?

What can a blue whale swallow?

What can be obtained from whales?

What can drive a dog crazy?

What causes locust invasions?

What color is the panther?

What conditions determine the sex of the crocodile?

What do ants eat?

What do beavers eat?

What do black smokers smoke?

What do camels keep in their humps?

What do chameleons do?

What do clams eat?

What do dolphins drink?

What do fish eat?

What do flies eat?

What do octopuses eat?

What do sharks eat?

What do snakes eat?

What do turtles eat?

What does a butterfly eat?

What features of the anatomy of a camel make it ideally adapted to the conditions of deserts and dry steppes?

What functions did ancient and medieval scholars give to the brain?

What happened to the animals during the Ice Age?

What happens to bees in the winter?

What happens to frogs in the winter?

What is a battleship?

What is a bester fish and why is it called that?

What is a bloodhound?

What is a catfish mustache for?

What is a ciliate-shoe?

What is a clam?

What is a clamshell?

What is a comb?

What is a cuttlefish?

What is a dolphin?

What is a flounder?

What is a fossil?

What is a fruit fly?

What is a guinea pig?

What is a horseshoe crabs?

What is a lemming?

What is a lemur?

What is a lichen?

What is a mammal?

What is a mammoth?

What is a manatee?

What is a mantis?

What is a mold?

What is a molt?

What is a peacock?

What is a pleasure center and where is it located in the body?

What is a protozoa?

What is a scorpion?

What is a sea elephant?

What is a sink?

What is a snide?

What is a sponge?

What is a viper?

What is a virus?

What is a weevil?

What is acne?

What is an amoeba?

What is an electric eel?

What is an organism?

What is cellulose?

What is chlorophyll?

What is coral?

What is FMD?

What is it?

What is lice?

What is milk made of?

What is osmosis?

What is protoplasm?

What is squid?

What is the 17-year-old locust?

What is the biggest snake in the world?

What is the color of squid blood?

What is the color of the skin of a polar bear?

What is the difference between a donkey and a donkey?

What is the difference between frogs and toads?

What is the difference between rabbits and hares?

What is the fastest mammal on earth?

What is the highest mammal?

What is the largest animal in the world?

What is the largest fish in the world?

What is the largest flying bird?

What is the largest lizard?

What is the largest mammal on the planet?

What is the most common bird in the world?

What is the most common mammal?

What is the most poisonous animal?

What is the most prolific mammal?

What is the origin of a goldfish?

What is the petrel?

What is the rhino horn made of?

What is the size of the biggest bear?

What is the smallest mammal?

What is the smallest predator on earth?

What is the temperature of animals?

What is the theory of Darwin?

What is the unique fish of lecimeria?

What is the upper limit of the temperature at which microorganisms can live?

What is the web made of?

What is the world record of weight among cattle?

What keeps the duck afloat?

What kind of music fascinates snakes the most?

What makes animals distinguish red color?

What makes the Amazon ants different from other ants?

What owl yells yi, yuh?

What size do snails reach?

What sound does the world's largest frog make?

What was the circulatory system until the 17th century?

What was the first mammal?

What wasps eat?

What were the first vehicles?

What would you use to cope with a crocodile?

What's the smallest bird in Britain?

When did cats become pets?

When did the last Crimean war veteran die?

When did the mammoths die out?

When did you first start eating crabs?

When did you first use the silkworm?

When did you start milking the cows?

When was the cow domesticated?

When were cats tamed?

When were the dogs domesticated?

Where are acnes born?

Where are the most wild camels?

Where are the snails in their shell?

Where did camels come from?

Where did dinosaurs live?

Where did the different dog breeds come from?

Where did the dogs come from?

Where did the grapefruits come from?

Where did the names of dog breeds come from?

Where did the potatoes come from?

Where did the rats come from?

Where do bacteria live?

Where do blue whales live?

Where do gorillas sleep?

Where do grasshoppers lay their eggs?

Where do mosquitoes go in the winter?

Where do most tigers live?

Where do parrots come from?

Where do penguins live?

Where do proteins live?

Where do reobatrachus develop and where do they go into the world of frog?

Where do rhinos live?

Where do sharks live?

Where do snakes winter?

Where do termites live?

Where do vampires live?

Where does poison get from snakes?

Where does the largest crocodile live?

Where does the turkey come from?

Where is the heart of a snake?

Which African mammal kills more people than any other?

Which animal first appeared on land?

Which animal has ever been the most dangerous animal on our planet?

Which animal has the most powerful jaws?

Which animal is a record for speed on two legs?

Which animal is most like a human?

Which animal is the longest?

Which animal is the most difficult?

Which animal is the tallest?

Which animal lives the longest?

Which animal was the first astronaut?

Which animals are the fastest?

Which animals are the laziest?

Which animals have more than two eyes?

Which animals have the highest total mass?

Which are the fastest land mammals?

Which are the largest snakes?

Which bird carries the smallest compared to its own egg size?

Which bird flies above all?

Which bird has the largest wingspan?

Which bird has the most feathers?

Which bird holds the record for diving depth?

Which bird lays the biggest eggs?

Which bird migrates to the greatest distances?

Which bird speaks better?

Which birds are national?

Which birds dig holes?

Which birds fly the fastest?

Which birds spend most of their life in flight?

Which birds wall themselves in a hollow?

Which dog is the largest and strongest?

Which dog is the smallest in the world?

Which floor is best to drop a cat?

Which insect lives the longest?

Which is stronger - web or steel?

Which is the deadliest snake?

Which is the fastest fish?

Which is the largest fish ever lived on our planet?

Which is the largest flying bird?

Which is the largest living organism?

Which is the largest predator?

Which is the largest whale?

Which living creatures are the oldest on Earth?

Which mammals fly best?

Which modern fish is the biggest?

Which ocean creature is the noisiest?

Which of the largest carnivores ever existed?

Which of the largest herbivores ever existed?

Which of the quadrupeds is the fastest?

Which owl hunts in the light of the sun?

Which poultry is the most numerous?

Which spiders are poisonous?

Which vertebrate has the largest eyes?

Which wild bird is the most numerous?

Who are pinnipeds?

Who are the brontosaurs?

Who are the reptiles?

Who are the sharks?

Who are the warlike ants?

Who does hynk-hynk?

Who eats more than others?

Who first discovered that the Earth is round?

Who has a too short memory?

Who has blue blood?

Who has more bones in the neck - a mouse or a giraffe?

Who hides his head in the sand?

Who is a palm thief?

Who is a Toucan?

Who is completely without water?

Who is likely to survive a nuclear war?

Who is the animal and who is the beast?

Who is the bar?

Who is the ichthyologist?

Who is the narwhal?

Who is the newt?

Who is the Osprey?

Who is the platypus?

Who is the queen bee?

Who is the record for the depth of diving among marine mammals?

Who is the sea horse?

Who is the sloth?

Who loses horns?

Who preys on humans?

Who tamed whom: man is a dog or a dog of a man?

Who was the first to tame the horse?

Whose brain is the largest compared to the size of the body?

Whose horns are screwed?

Why a spider web?

Why are bacteria good for humans?

Why are gene disorders only occur in males?

Why are kangaroos only found in Australia?

Why are pink flamingos?

Why are ships forbidden to change ballast water in the port water area?

Why are some insects harmful to humans?

Why are stingrays tailors?

Why are whales considered mammals?

Why are young kangaroos in a bag for so long?

Why can camels go without water for a long time?

Why can flies walk upside down on the ceiling?

Why can't an ostrich fly?

Why can't animals talk?

Why can't animals talk?

Why did dinosaurs become extinct?

Why did the dodo disappear?

Why do animals hibernate?

Why do animals love salt?

Why do bats hang upside down?

Why do bees buzz?

Why do bees dance?

Why do bees sting?

Why do birds fly to other countries?

Why do birds have feathers?

Why do birds sing?

Why do bulls attack red clothes?

Why do cacti go without water?

Why do cat's eyes glow in the dark?

Why do cows chew gum?

Why do crosses nest in the winter?

Why do deer shed their horns?

Why do dogs dig their bones?

Why do fleas live on cats and dogs?

Why do flies rub their feet on the foot?

Why do flowers have smell and color?

Why do geese fly in formation?

Why do horses ride in the saddle?

Why do male birds have brighter colors than females?

Why do mosquito bites cause itching?

Why do possums carry offspring?

Why do snake scales?

Why do snakes have no legs?

Why do swifts build nests under a canopy?

Why do the fireflies light up at night?

Why does a camel have a hump?

Why does a cat have a mustache?

Why does a cow give milk?

Why does a kangaroo have a bag?

Why does a mole eat wool?

Why does a scorpion sting?

Why does a skunk smell?

Why does a whale have a fountain?

Why does a woodpecker hammer a tree?

Why does an elephant need a trunk?

Why does an ermine have such white fur?

Why does dry sugar never mold?

Why does jellyfish sting?

Why does salmon swim upstream during spawning?

Why does the giraffe have a long neck?

Why does the peacock spread its feathers?

Why does the possum hang on its tail?

Why does the star-nose grow up on its nose?

Why donít elephants suffer from decompression?

Why don't dogs recognize themselves in the mirror?

Why don't spiders get into their web?

Why is a crow considered a harmful bird?

Why is a leatherback turtle not a sea turtle?

Why is a lion called the king of beasts?

Why is a mosquito considered the worst enemy of man?

Why is a rattlesnake poisonous?

Why is an owl called wise?

Why is hippo so called?

Why is it difficult for a shark to sleep?

Why is it not recommended to run from a dog?

Why is the thumb on the back paw of a bat called toilet dressing?

With what frequency does a woodpecker hit the tree with its beak?

With which fish did the old fisherman fight in the parable of Ernest Hemingway The Old Man and the Sea?

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