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Welding equipment

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The most important scientific discoveries
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Elektronika Praktyczna magazine
Everyday Practical Electronics magazine
Evil Genius magazine
Funkamateur magazine
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Free online library on electronics Free electric tools schematic diagrams and service manuals:
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Horizontal-output transformers by HR company
Horizontal-output transformers by Konig company
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Radio components by Cirrus Logic
Radio components by Maxim
Radio components by Microchip
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Free online library on electronics Free online library on electronics, Free encyclopedia of electronics and electrical engineering

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Typical labor protection instructions. Professions

Typical labor protection instructions. Professions

Typical labor protection instructions. Professions. Articles with illustrations and detailed explanations:

A car driver when working in a career

A diver provides

A doctor and nurse when working in the medical center

A driver for bottling water

A driver of a motorcycle, snowmobile, quad

A driver when transporting dangerous goods

A driver who transports people by truck

A driver working on container transportation

A furniture parts decorator engaged in pressing in multi-floor presses

A furniture veneer engaged in gluing parts on conductive heated pneumatic wires

A machinist engaged in the construction and maintenance of forest roads

A person on duty at an escalator working in a trade organization

A seamstress engaged in sewing cover and flooring materials

A seller who sells food with on-site consumption

A small elevator freight elevator working in a trade organization

A tractor driver of a wheeled tractor

A typesetter of facing materials for furniture

A wood compactor engaged in gluing parts on installations in the field of high frequency currents

A wood products finisher engaged in applying finishing materials in pneumatic spray booths

A wood products finisher engaged in applying paint and varnish materials on installations for spraying in an electric field of high voltage

A wood products finisher engaged in applying paint and varnish materials on lacquer machines

A worker at a pumping station at an oil product supply company

A worker engaged in logging and silvicultural works, general requirements

A worker engaged in tillage

A worker for the clearing of meat and poultry, trimming of meat and offal

A worker performing comprehensive maintenance and repair of buildings

ABZ operator for preparing asphalt-concrete mix


Adjuster of machine tools and machine tools

Adjuster of the mounted gas equipment of motor vehicles

Administrative and Management Staff, Engineering, Junior Service Personnel

Alert on duty at the control panel for receiving signals

Ammonia Refrigeration Equipment Operator

An employee associated with liquid and solid radioactive waste on a radionuclide-contaminated area

An employee engaged in clearing the cutting areas

An employee engaged in logging and silvicultural

An employee engaged in packaging of food products

An employee engaged in tank cleaning at petroleum product supply companies

An employee of petroleum products supply companies

An employee of small enterprises and firms

An employee of stationary and mobile gas stations, oil depots, fuel and lubricant warehouses

An employee of the book collector base, collector

An employee serving diving descents

An employee who receives glassware from the public

An inspector of railway tracks, artificial structures and a road fixer appointed for inspection

Ancillary worker

Ancillary worker of the energy-mechanical shop

Anesthesiologist and Resuscitator

Argon welding machine

Asphalt concrete

Asphalt Concrete Boiler

Asphalt concrete sprayer

Asphalt Conveyor Driver

Assembler of construction machines and mechanisms

Assembler of prefabricated culvert pipes on highways

Assembler of ventilation systems, air conditioning, pneumatic transport and aspiration

Assistant Wizard

Automated warehouse picker

Automatic and semi-automatic lines operator engaged in grinding and polishing operations

Automator of automatic lathes

Auxiliary transport worker






Bast harvester, bast production

Bathhouse attendant


Belt conveyor driver (transporter)



Blacksmith forging

Blacksmith Hammer

Blacksmith on presses and hammers

Body Straightener

boiler driver, fireman

Boiler equipment repair technician

Boiler foreman

Boiler room operator

Boiler room staff

Bookstore worker

Braiding machine operator (braider)

Brand Manager

Bread culinary

Bread Slicing Worker

Brigadier of Crop Production

Brigadier of the railway transport repair workshop

Bucket pump mover

Building Maintenance Specialist

Bulldozer Driver

Burner for maintenance of tunnel furnaces running on natural gas

Burner of a roller furnace

Bus driver, minibus

Cable installer

Cable Worker

Canteen sterilizer

Car driver

Car driver sent on a business trip

car lubricator

Car mechanic

Car painter for painting cars

Car repair mechanic

Car sampler service

Car unloader driver

Car Washer


Cashier of the trading floor and controller-cashier

Cashier with cash register


Cement truck driver

Ceramic tile sorter

Chimney distributor driver

Chipping machine operator


Cleaner of cloth, products

Cleaner, Lubricator

Cloakroom attendant

Cold stamping presses adjuster



Combine Operator

Commercial real estate agent

Compressor Driver

Compressor Station Operator

Concrete Mixer Driver

Concrete worker



Construction Carpenter

Construction Electrician

Construction elevator driver

Construction Locksmith

Construction painter

Construction worker, building materials industry and housing and communal services

Controller and control equipment adjuster

Convoy mechanic


Copier Operator

Corrugated line operator


Crane operator (driver) of the maxillary logger

Crane operator of all types of cranes

Crane Service Technician

Cream remover lacquers and solvents

Crimper of building ceramics


Crusher for crushing and screening plant

Crusher of the crushing and screening plant



Cutter (installer)

Cutter and whip-marker

Cutter Cutter

Cutter Driver

Cutter veneer and cladding materials on scissors


Deputy Director for Administration and Administration

Deputy Director for Production Training

Derat laboratory worker


Diesel substation motor operator

Director (Head)

Dishwasher and boiler washer



Diver insuring

Diver working



Dressing Nurse

Drill on an aggregate machine


Drilling crane operator

Driver of a hydraulic lift and a telescopic tower

driver of a lifting electric winch

Driver of a road vehicle combined CMD

Driver of a snow blower

Driver of a special vehicle for transportation of LPG

Driver of an aerial platform and a hydraulic lifter

Driver of mobile painting stations

Driver of the boat

Driver of the loader, car loader

Driver of the marking machine for road marking

Driver of the mast lift

Driver of the mast, rack or mine lift

Driver of the vacuum-forming machine

Driver UAZ-2206

Driving machine driver


Dust Pump Operator

Dyer when working on dye barge

Economic Worker


Electric and car driver driver

Electric forklift driver

Electric vehicle driver

Electric vehicle driver, electric vehicle

Electric Welder

Electric welder at the enterprises of petroleum products

Electric Winch Operator

Electric Winch Operator

Electrical equipment adjuster

Electrical Installer




Electrician at the enterprises of petroleum products

Electrician for lighting and lighting networks

Electrician for maintenance and repair of elevators

Electrician for maintenance and repair of power supply devices

Electrician for maintenance of hydraulic units of the machine room

Electrician for maintenance of power lines, electrical equipment with voltage up to 1000 V and over 1000 V

Electrician for maintenance of security alarms

Electrician for repair and maintenance of electrical equipment

Electrician for repair and maintenance of gas station electrical equipment

Electrician for repair of electrical equipment

Electrician for repair of overhead power lines

Electrician for repair of overhead power lines in power supply areas

Electrician for supervision of cable network routes

Electrician for the maintenance of overhead communication lines and radio

Electrician for the operation of distribution systems

Electrician of a traction substation

Electrician of dispatching equipment and teleautomatics

Electrician of lighting and power networks

Electrician of linear communication structures

Electrician of linear structures

Electrician of power installations

Electrician of power supply

Electrician of sewer communication devices

Electrician of station equipment of the MOUTH

Electrician of station telephone equipment when servicing GTS transmission systems

Electrician of telephone and telegraph communication (measurement, linear-technical section)

Electrician of telephone and wired line services

Electrician of telephone communication during the maintenance of coordinate PBX

Electrician of the main control panel

Electrician of the operational and field crew

Electrician on duty

Electrician on duty at the 10 / 0.4 kV substation

Electrician on maintenance of electrical equipment of power plants

Electrician on maintenance of substations

Electrician on operational switching in distribution networks

Electrician on repair and installation of electrical equipment

Electrician on repair and installation of lighting networks

Electrician on repair and maintenance of cranes

Electrician on repair and maintenance of electrical equipment for lifting machines

Electrician on repair and maintenance of lighting networks

Electrician on repair of overhead power lines of the contact network areas

Electrician on repairing electrical equipment of the water supply section

Electrician on service of automation and measuring instruments

Electrician servicing electrical cables up to and above 1000 V

Electrician, electrician of signaling, interlocking, interlocking and communication

Electrician-fitter of petrol stations

Electrolysis unit operator

Electromechanic UE

Electromechanical station telephone equipment when servicing ten-day PBX

Electromechanics of communication of power supply units

Electromechanics of ventilation systems


Electroplating equipment adjuster

Electrotechnological personnel when servicing ATS

Elevator dispatch service operator

Elevator grain processing equipment

Elevator Weigher

Employee of printing organizations

Employee of the Accounting, Budget and Controlling Department

Employee of the enterprise organizing the book trade

Engineer, assistant locomotive engineer

Equipment Installer

Equipment repairman


Excavator Driver

Expander driver (operator of extension line)


Facial impregnator

Feeder Driver

Feeder pump operator

Field Worker

Filling and receiving of cylinders



Finisher Apparatus

Fish elevator driver


Fitter for maintenance and repair of in-house gas equipment

Flaw Detector

Flaw Detector for Magnetic and Ultrasonic Testing

Flaw Detector Magnetic and Ultrasonic Testing Technician

Flax Sorter


Flight Explorer

Floater Repairer

Food Depot Supply Agent

Food Production Facility Cleaner

Food seller

Foreman (Brigadier) of the diving station


Forklift Driver


Former concrete products and structures


Freight Forwarder

Freon refrigeration service operator

Fuel oil sampler

Fuel stock keeper

Furniture production worker

Furniture upholstery dedicated to the preparation of flooring materials

Gantry crane driver


Gas and Welder

Gas Controller

Gas rescue gas rescue point

Gas soldering iron

Gas Station Electrician

Gas Station Operator

Gas Station Operator

Gas welder

Gas welder, gas cutter

Glass Cutter

Glazer of building ceramics


Goods Receiver

Greenhouse worker


grooving machine tool

Gudranator driver

Hall clerk

Head of diving descent

Head of diving operations

Head of the train

Health Camp Staff

Healthcare worker at a healthcare facility

Helicopter crew

HVO installer

Improvement Worker

Industrial and office premises cleaner

Inspector, rolling stock mechanic



Installer of external pipelines

Installer of internal sanitary systems and equipment

Installer of plastic and aluminum structures

Installer of sanitary equipment

Installer of steel and reinforced concrete bridges

Installer of steel and reinforced concrete structures

Installer of window and door blocks

Instrumentation and Instrumentation Technician

Instrumentation Mechanics and A

Insulation Insulator

Insulation waterproofing

Internal Security Guard



Janitor, who works in the organization of trade


KARA YS circular saw operator

Kindergarten teacher

Kitchen Worker

Knife Sharpener

Knitter and Knitter

Knitter for textile and haberdashery


Labor Worker

Laboratory Assistant

Laboratory Assistant for Chemical Analysis

Laboratory Assistant for Chemical Analysis at Petrochemical Enterprises

Laboratory Assistant of the Analytical Laboratory

Laboratory Assistant of the Road Laboratory

Laboratory Controller

Laboratory staff

Landscaping Workshop

Laser Therapy Specialist

Laundry worker at a healthcare facility

Layout pattern (chamelee spreading tool)

Layout Tool (Measuring Tool)



Line Pipelines

Linear Crawler

Livestock Breeder Pig Production

Livestock breeder, cattle


Loader for the release of animal feed for motor vehicles

Loader of the bag forming machine

Loader on trucks

Loader, working in the organization of trade



Locksmith Emergency Recovery Work

Locksmith for mounting gas-balance equipment on a car

Locksmith for repair and maintenance of the vehicle

Locksmith for repairing steam lines and heat-using equipment

Locksmith for the installation and dismantling of woodworking equipment

Locksmith for the manufacture of components and parts of sanitary systems

Locksmith for the operation and repair of gas equipment

Locksmith for the operation and repair of underground gas pipelines

Locksmith for the operation and repair of underground gas pipelines and structures

Locksmith for the repair and maintenance of electrical equipment of tractors

Locksmith for the repair and maintenance of fuel equipment of cars

Locksmith for the repair and maintenance of gas equipment of cars

Locksmith for the repair and maintenance of lifting machines

Locksmith for the repair and maintenance of machinery and equipment

Locksmith for the repair and maintenance of ventilation and air conditioning systems

Locksmith for the repair and preventive maintenance of livestock farms

Locksmith for the repair of boiler equipment and fuel oil facilities

Locksmith for the repair of fuel equipment of cars and tractors

Locksmith for the repair of industrial ventilation and air conditioning

Locksmith for the repair of refrigeration technology

Locksmith for the repair of road-building machines

Locksmith for the repair of road-building machines and tractors

Locksmith for the repair of woodworking equipment

Locksmith Machining

Locksmith of instrumentation and automation tools

Locksmith performing emergency repair work in the gas industry

Locksmith to repair equipment of the oxygen plant


Logger and lumberjack

Logger driver

Long distance telephone operator

Lumber Stacker

Machine Controller

Machine operator MMSK-2

Machine operator of woodworking machines

Machine repair and maintenance personnel

Machine tool for metal processing

Machine tool on woodworking machinery

Machine tool woodworking machines, engaged in drilling and embedding knots

Machine wash operator

Machine-boring machine

Machine-sawing machine for woodworking machines

Machinist zakatochnyh

Maid (kateliansha)

Maintenance of hot water boilers KVGM-20 on gaseous fuel


Manual typesetter

Manually operated gantry crane crane

Manufacturer of food semi-finished products from meat, fish, vegetables

Marble Worker

Marker / Sticker


Mass Preparation

Master of the manicure room

Measuring instrument, material controller, patterns, products

Meat Cutter

Meat scorcher and meat grinders

Meat slicer


Mechanic assembly work

Mechanic assembly, engaged in fastening the frame with a spring set

Mechanic for the manufacture and installation of air pipes

Mechanic on assembling and welding metal structures

Mechanic on repair and maintenance of ventilation

Mechanic on the manufacture and assembly of metal structures

Mechanic-repairman mechanic

Melter of non-ferrous metals and alloys


Metal Cutter


Milling machine

Milling machine operator

Milling-chipping operator

Mining track picker

Mobile Power Plant Operator

Motor Grader Driver

Motorist with mortar mixers, concrete mixers

Mounter of the way

Mounter on the protection of underground gas pipelines from corrosion

Musical Director

Nakatitsa braided-rubber production


Navalshchik-dumpster sleeper ridges


Non-Electrical Personnel



Nurse (washer) when working in the bathroom and bath

Nurse about the preliminary medical examinations of drivers

Nurse for massage

Nurse of the intensive care and reanimation ward

Nurse-cleaner of the pharmacy

Oboyschik bus interiors


Occupational Health and Safety Instructions for the operator on automatic and semi-automatic lines engaged in veneering panels of boards

Office space cleaner

Oil product drainsman

Operation of a single-girder electric overhead crane

Operation of vacuum pumps

Operational unit personnel

Operator (driver) of the crane-manipulator

Operator (operator) of an asphalt concrete mixer

Operator at the checkpoint

Operator engaged in servicing flat vacuum mirrors' electrovacuum aluminizing installations

Operator of a mobile compressor (station)

Operator of a mobile compressor station

Operator of a mobile compressor with an electric motor

Operator of a mobile concrete mixer (truck mixer)

Operator of a mobile mixer

Operator of a rotary excavator

Operator of automatic and semi-automatic lines engaged in the operation of varnishing parts

Operator of heat chambers and thermoaggregates

Operator of the bar machine

Operator of the brick drying and baking control panel

Operator of the line for processing edges of glass sheets

Operator of the machine for the production of cooked sausages

Operator of the machine for the production of semi-finished products

Operator of the mobile plastering station

Operator of washing machines

Operator on automatic and semi-automatic lines engaged in veneering the edges of shields

Operator on automatic and semi-automatic lines in wood processing, engaged in calibration and grinding operations

Operator on automatic and semi-automatic lines in wood processing, engaged in the processing of bars

Operator on automatic and semi-automatic lines, engaged in drilling and additive operations

Operator serving a heat point

Operator, user of PC and video display terminal VDT

Optical Assembly Worker

Order Receiver


Packer of flour and cereals

Packing Machine Operator

Packing Packet

Padding and flooring material preparation worker for gluing polyurethane foam

Padding and flooring materials preparation worker for polyurethane foam





Paver Operator

PBX Electromechanical

Peat worker

Personnel during endoscopic diagnosis

Personnel in the diagnosis and maintenance of tractors

Pharmacist and junior pharmacist

Pharmacist in the preparation of medicines

Pharmacist-analyst and pharmacist-technologist at the quality control of medicines

Pharmacist-technologist when taking prescriptions and dispensing medicines according to medical prescriptions

Pharmacy Packer


Photographer of precision photolithography

Physical Education Teacher

Physical Training Instructor



Picker of materials, cutting and products

Pick-up of parts and products per stream (launcher)

Pioneer Camp Watchman

Pipelayer driver

Pipeline storage

Plant Management Specialist




Power Supply Mechanics

Preparer for cushioning and flooring materials engaged in cutting furniture fabrics

Preparing varnishes, paints, levkasa

Press Plastics

Pressing wood products in a hot press

Primary school teacher

Procedure nurse

Process Handler

Product Finder

Product Finder engaged in processing shields on drum polishing machines

Production Facility Cleaner

Pump Driver

Pump operator for petroleum products supply companies

Pump Station Operator

Pumpman Driver

Puncher when working on presses

Quality Controller

Radio equipment repair and maintenance technician

Radiotherapy department staff

Railcar weigher



Receiver of materials, semi-finished products and finished products

Receiver of precious metal and precious stones

Recipient station operator


Refrigerator Driver

Refrigerator mechanics

Refueler at a gas filling station

Refueling truck


Refueller at a gas station

Relocation attendant

Repair fitter and repair shop


Repairman of a gas filling station (AGZS)

Retail Worker

Road Roller Operator

Road worker

Road worker on forest roads

Roller machine operator in the production of wallpaper


Roofer on roll roofing and piecework materials

Roofer on steel roofing

Roofer soft roof

Saddlery saddler

Sand Spreader Driver


Sandspray Operator

Sausage Maker

Sausage Production Line Operator


School Canteen Cleaner

Scraper driver


Seamstress (seamstress, seamstress-handmaid) when working on machines or manually



Security Guard

Security guard using weapons, ammunition, special equipment

Security guard worker

Seller of a small retail network

Seller of gas stations

Seller of non-food products

Seller of the cooking department

Senior Turbine Equipment Operator

Service of hot water boilers ZIO-60, E / 1-0-9g on gaseous fuel

Servicing boilers using gaseous fuel

Setupr and operator of CNC machines

Sewing equipment operator



Ship electrician

Shoe repair shoemaker


Shoemaker for individual footwear making



Skidder driver


Snowplow driver

Specialist, engineering and technical worker, administrative and management personnel

Speech therapist

Spring Grinder

Springer on spring-waving machines FS-2, FS-4, FS-5


Stacker crane operator

Staff of gynecological surgeries

Staff of radio diagnostic units of medical institutions

Staff of the pathological departments and morgues


Station Worker

Stationary gas station operator


Store Forwarder

Store loader



Storekeeper of the construction and repair shop


Tare sorter

Technical Secretary

Technician for the repair of technological installations

Technological equipment fitter

Technological equipment installer

Technological equipment operator when working on a tower spray dryer (atomizer)

Technological Pump Operator

Telecom Operator

Telecommunications Mechanics

Telegram postman

Telegraph Electromechanic


Telephone and Telegraph Electromechanical Engineer (Measurement, Line Technology)


Territory Cleaner

Textile equipment operator

The apparatchik heat treatment of sausages and meat products

The attendant at the counter

The boiler operator, a fireman serving boilers with a pressure above 0.07 MPa

The driver (crane operator) of a jib self-propelled crane

The driver (crane operator) of electric bridge cranes

The driver for cutting and casting seams

The driver of a concrete pump mobile unit

The driver of a self-propelled roller with smooth rollers

The driver of a single-bucket excavator

The driver of a snowplow

The driver of a timber train equipped with a hydraulic manipulator

The driver of a tractor loader

The driver of an automobile, crawler or pneumowheel crane

The driver of the ambulance car

The driver of the autodrunner

The driver of the boring and boring crane machine

The driver of the car is

The driver of the car with installed removable equipment of the sand salting distributor

The driver of the container garbage truck

The driver of the crane-drilling self-propelled machine

The driver of the fuel tanker

The driver of the garbage truck

The driver of the harvesting vehicle

The driver of the pile driving machine

The driver of the tanker truck is the recipient of petroleum products in the territory of the oil depot

The driver of the truck train

The driver of the vehicle of the internal transport

The driver of the washing unit for wheel sets of carts

The duty officer at the construction site

The installer of cold-forging equipment and dies on presses

The marking machine driver

The operator of a gas filling station

The operator of the block control system (BSU) units (turbine boiler)

The operator of the electronic set and layout on the PC (PC)

The operator of the loading and unloading installation

The operator of the treatment facilities

The pressure recorder

The sawing machine engaged in the longitudinal cutting of lumber

The seller of beer (kvass) from isothermal tanks

The seller of the department store (section)

The seller when working with refrigeration units

The staff of departments, physiotherapy rooms

The staff of the departments of radionuclide diagnosis


Thermal Network Maintenance Technician

Thermal separator of clothes (ironer)

Thermal service technician

Thermist (work on induction electrothermal installations)


Ticket Controller, cloakroom attendant

Tiler Tile



Tinting paint

tire miter

Tool manager (trimmer)


Tower crane operator

Traction substation electrician

Tractor driver

Tractor driver (tractor driver)

Tractor driver and choker on the logging

Trailer Grader Driver


Transporter of crushing and screening plant


Trolley driver

Truck crane driver

Truck Driver

Truck driver, controlled from the floor

Truck Loader Driver

Truck Trailer Driver



Twister Cords


Universal Scraper Driver

Upholstered furniture

Upholsterer coffins

User (operator) of a computer (PC)

User of PC personal electronic computers



Vehicle Repair Master

VL electrician and radio installation


Wagon inspector, rolling stock repairman



warehouse keeper

Warehouse Manager

warehouse storekeeper for scrap and metals

Warehouse warehouse repair shop

Washer driver (dishwasher)

Waste storage conveyor

Waste water treatment equipment

Wastewater treatment equipment operator

Wastewater treatment plant operator


Water Supply Driver

Water supply electrician



Winding machine operator

Wood grinder engaged in grinding parts on disc and drum machines

Wood grinder engaged in machining shields on cylinder and wide belt machines

Wood grinder engaged in working shields on belt grinders

Wood Products Assembler

Wood Products Finder engaged in applying paint and varnish materials by dipping

Wood stacker

Woodworking Comptroller

Woodworking machine tool operator engaged in machining parts on circular sawing machines

Woodworking machine tool operator engaged in processing workpieces on construction machines

Woodworking machine tool operator engaged in processing workpieces on drilling machines

Woodworking machine tool operator, engaged in cutting blanks by marking and trimming curved parts

Worker (loader) in the manual mode of movement of goods

Worker at forest warehouse works

Worker of a grain store, silo

Worker on packing of oil products in barrels and small containers at the enterprises of petroleum products supply

Working from the platform cradle (elevator)

Wrapper elements of electric machines

X-ray department staff

ZIF-55 Compressor Driver

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