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Alphabetical list of articles with descriptions, from issues published in 2006 in Nuts And Volts magazine:

20 I/O Pin Data Acquisition Board

A Digital Capacitance Meter

A Good Listener Requires A Good Talker

A Martian Near Space Launch

A Primer For Beginners

A Simple Digital Tachometer

A Tale Of Two Props

A Wide Range Period Counter/Totalizer

An Auxiliary RC Control Unit

An Electronic Slide Rule

Analog Music Synthesizers

Arm Yourself With Philips Microcontrollers

Back To The Future With Nixies

Biological Organisms and Electronics

Build A High Speed Photo Flash Trigger

Build An East-West Compass

Build the Pocket Marquee Badge

Build The Sound Lab Mini-Synth Sound Synthesizer

Build This Cool Interface To Work With Your Exercise Bike

Building A Balancing Bot On A Budget - Part 1

Building A Balancing Bot On A Budget - Part 2

Celebrating The Season

Chip Music Composing Simplified

Choosing A Heatsink

Christmas Music

Climate Controller

Constant Current Sources - Part 1

Constant Current Sources - Part 2

Data Processing Using SCAM - Part 4

Data Processing Using SCAM - Part 5

David Sarnoff And The Birth Of The AM Radio

Design A Mini Sumo - Part 1

Design Your Own Crystal Oscillator

Designing A Mini Sumo - Part 2

Developing With A PIC Bootloader

Discovering DHCP Messages

Donít Blow A Fuse!

DSP for the PC

Easy Arm Hardware

Electrically Conducting Polymers

Elf Turns 30 - Part 1

Elf Turns 30 - Part 2

Goin With The Glow

Going Beyond 31 Commands

Hacking The Parallax GPS Module


Integrating the CMUcam - Part 2

Interface Your PC To A Portable Digital Multi-Meter

Interface Your PC to an LED Sign - Part 3

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