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Alphabetical list of articles with descriptions, from issues published in 2012 in Nuts And Volts magazine:

A High Voltage Halloween

A New BalloonSat Airframe Design

A Proper Ringing of the Bells

Add USB Devices to Your Projects

Answers to Questions

Approaching the Final Frontier

Balloonsats and Attitudes Toward Science

Build A Little Electronic Mischief

Build a MIDI to Logic Controller

Build a Sound-Activated Laser Parking System

Build a Stereo Gain Controller

Build a USB Volume and Mute Controller for Your PC

Build the Alarm Autodialer

Build the Chirper - The Best Turn Signal Monitor Ever!

Build the Garage Door Closer

Build the Mystery Solar Powered Pendulum

Build the Pi Scrolling Display

Build the Poor Manís Seismograph

Build the Solar Sequencer

Build the Voltage Mirror

Build Your Own Magnetometer

Build Your Own Wi-Fi Internet Radio

Build Your Own Wireless Sensor Network Using XBee and the 32-bit Experimenter

Building an Intelligent Data Radio

Channel Surfing With An Arduino

Choose Your Own Adventure Game

Compiled Basic for the PIC On a Shoestring

Cracking PDF File Passwords With a BeagleBone Board

Creating a Virtual Serial Port With the 32-Bit Micro Experimenter

DDS and the Electronic Music Box

Design a Customized Security System Using RobotBASIC

Electronic Schematic Diagrams for Experimenters and Technicians

Events, Advances, and News

Events, Advances, and News

Events, Advances, and News

Events, Advances, and News

Events, Advances, and News

Events, Advances, and News

Fritzing With the Arduino - Part 1

Fritzing With the Arduino - Part 2.

Fritzing With the Arduino - Part 3

Fritzing With the Arduino - Part 4.

Fritzing With the Arduino Proto Shield- Part 5

Build a Moisture Detector

Build an IC Electronic Organ

FUNdamentals For Beginners

Build a Nose Beeper

Build a Morse Code Oscillator

Build a Screaming Box

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