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Alphabetical list of articles with descriptions, from issues published in 2012 in Elektor Electronics magazine:

Arduino AC Grid Analyser. Frequency analysis on a mini colour display

Computer-driven Heliostat. Follow the sun or the stars

Android Switch Interface. Using an Android smartphone as a remote control or user interface for your microcontroller projects

Creating a Low-Leakage Rectifier using a self-powered op amp

AVR Software Defined Radio (2). Part 2: Sampling signals

AVR Software Defined Radio (3). Part 3: AM and FM, plus an active ferrite antenna

AVR Software Defined Radio (1). Part 1: Generating precision signals using an ATtiny micro

AS3935 Lightning Sensor. COMPONENT TIPS section

DesignSpark ChipKITTM Challenge. And the winner is ...

16 Ways to Switch your AC Power On

Bulb-2-LED Bicycle Light Conversion

.Net-MF for Electronics Engineers. Getting started in just 10 mins (+ download time)

Debugging the debugger. E-Labs Inside section

Beep-beep-beep, who’s there? E-Labs Inside section

A Library for the ElektorBus. The fast track to your own bus firmware

Bicycle Rear Light. One super LED and 10 components last 5 minutes

DC Protection for Speakers

ATtiny Goes Wireless

Arduino LC’Deed. Control a display using a (virtual) serial port

AndroPod (2). Part 2: A simple way to implement a tailored user interface

All the latest: LCR Meter. E-LABs INSIDE

A Benchmark for Microcontroller Development Kits. Putting numbers to ease of use or time wasted

AVR reset-out-of-the-blue issue. E-Labs Inside section

Current Transformers

Bat—batter—best!. E-Labs Inside section

2-Wire Interface for Illuminated Pushbuttons. Cut down on cabling to improve reliability

A Zero Current Switch. For inductive Loads

AVR Software Defined Radio (4). Part 4: Digital radio reception: DCF77, weather service and more

AVR Software Defined Radio (5). Part 5: Decoding DCF77, MSF and TDF162 using IIR and matched filters

Battery Maintainer

DesignSpark chipKIT Design Challenge. Now in its final month, DesignSpark chipKIT™ Design Challenge for energy-efficient applications...

Chateau Rising Damp. An ATM18 hygrometer

AndroPod’s 3-way jumper. E-Labs Inside section

BasicCard goes Contactless. A discreet alternative

Budget Rigol Spectrum Analyser. E-Labs Inside section

Audio Amplifier in Dinner Mint Format. Design Tip

Audio DSP Course (8). Part 8: Digital dynamics processor

Audio DSP Course (7). Part 7: Digital peak level meter

Bit-banging the FTDI-USB Module. Taking advantage of little-known features of FTDI’s USB ICs

Arduino on Course (1a). Part 1a: Welcome & Arduino 8-bit sound generation

Arduino on Course (3b). Sensors talk to Android phones

Arduino on Course (2). Part 2: read (awfully) remote sensors using GSM / GPRS

Arduino on Course (3a). Part 3a: Connect the physical world to your Android phone

AVR Software Defined Radio (6). Part 6: Decoding options for BBC 198 kHz data signals

Arduino on Course (1b). Part 1b: an Arduino sound player

AndroPod (1). Part 1: A serial interface for Android smartphones and tablets

AVR MultiTool. Measure, control, experiment

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