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Alphabetical list of articles with descriptions, from issues published in 2011 in Elektor Electronics magazine:

A quick temperature measurement (1). E-Labs Inside section

DC/DC Converter using LT1376

Audio DSP Course (6). Part 6: Digital signal generator

Audio Guide. First steps with Platino

A String of 160 RGB LEDs. A colourful display

Current Source for Grounded Load

Alibaba. E-Labs Inside section

Android as a Development Platform. Using low-cost tablet PCs in embedded applications

2.4 GHz Transmitter and Receiver for Model Aeroplanes. ZigBee technology for model construction

AlphaLED Shaker. Magic message machine (Readers Project)

A few DC Solid-state Relays

2/4/6-hour Timer

ATM18 Catches the RS-485 Bus. Next stop for driving relays…

100 Mbit/s over Copper Wire. How VDSL2 works

Audio DSP Course (4). Part 4: testing the hardware

Audio DSP Course (5). Part 5: DSP program structure

ATM18 and Three 1-Wire Thermometers

Audio DSP Course (3). Audio DSP Course (3)

A ghost in the machine. E-Labs Inside section

Breakout Board for PIC10F2xx (SOT23-6)

Audio Level Adapter

Arc Welding Effect for Model Railway Layouts

"ATM18 Compass. ""You’ll never walk alone"""

70 A Solid-state Starter Relay

Audio DSP Course (1). Part 1: Audio signal processing with a DSP

Arduino Shields

All-Soft-555. ATtiny plays 555 MMV and AMV

Chaos Generator

Battery Charge Monitor

Automatic AC Power Switch for the Holiday Home

Analogue LED Chaser Light

1-Channel DMX512 Light Dimmer. Developed using E-Blocks and Flowcode 4 for PICmicro

Audio DSP Course (2). Part 2: DSP programming

ADC for the PIC16F84A. Design Tip

Cheapest Ever Motion Sensor

Constant Current Source Adjustable Down to 0 mA

ATM18 Youth Repellent

Belgian Earth Fault Detector

Adjustable Low-Dropout Voltage Regulator

Arduino Nano Robot Controller

3 GHz Frequency and Signal Level Meter. Built around a CPLD and a dsPIC microcontroller

Compact Warning Flasher. Better safe than sorry

Contactless Thermometer. Are you running an infrared temperature?

AVR and 8051 drive 2-colour LEDs. Design Tip

Debouncer for 12 V Contacts

A quick temperature measurement (2). E-Labs Inside section

Altimeter for Micro-Rockets. Higher and higher!

Asteroids & E-Blocks dsPIC – the final frontier for microcontrollers

137 Years of Solid-state Electronics. Retronics series

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