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Alphabetical list of articles with descriptions, from issues published in 2013 in Circuit Cellar magazine:

3-D Paint. A Complete Hardware and Software Package

Advanced USB Design Debugging

Amplifier Classes From A to H

Analog Serial Communication. Duplex Data and Power Over One Pair of Wires

Analyzing a Case of the Jitters. Tips for Preventing Digital Design Issues

Application-Aware Power Capping

Arduino Survival Guide. Analog I/O

Arduino Survival Guide. Digital I/O

Battery Basics. Part 1: Battery Types

Battery Basics. Part 2: Battery Back-Up Power

Battery Basics. Part 3: Battery Management ICs

Bipolar Transistor Biasing

Build a Digital Dip Meter

Build a MIDI Communication Device. Part 1: Introduction to MIDI

Build a MIDI Communication Device. Part 2: MIDI Output

Build a Signal Frequency Counter

Build an Embedded DNA Sequencer

Calculating Software Reliability. Determine Firmware Fault Probability

Calibration. Part 1: Linear ADCs and DACs

Calibration. Part 2: Polynomial Curve Fitting

Chip Biometrics

Communications Specialist. An Interview with Alenka Zajic

Concurrency in Embedded Systems. Part 5: Designing Robust Systems with Linux

Concurrency in Embedded Systems. Part 6: POSIX FIFOs and Message Queues

Concurrency in Embedded Systems. Part 7: Software Signals Explained

Concurrency in Embedded Systems. Part 8: Using Files in Concurrent Linux Designs

Connecting FPGA Hardware to Virtual Test Benches

Construct a Hand-Held Radiation Monitor

Control Center Software Design. Using a Model-View-Controller Paradigm

Digital Camera Controller. Part 3: Build a Generic Front-Panel Board

DIY Function Generator

DIY Single-Board Computers. Part 1: Design and Expansion Options

DIY Single-Board Computers. Part 2: Logic Design

DIY Surface-Mount Circuit Boards. Tips and Tricks for Building SMD Prototypes

Electrical Engineer, Entrepreneur, Author. An Interview with Jeremy Blum

Electronics Entrepreneur. An Interview with Jack Ganssle

Embedded Authentication

Embedded Computing Expert. An Interview with Marilyn Wolf

Embedded File Systems. Part 1: Linux File Systems

Embedded File Systems. Part 2: File System Integrity

Emerging Memory Technologies

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