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Alphabetical list of articles with descriptions, from issues published in 2011 in Circuit Cellar magazine:

Access Control System Design. Build an MCU-Based PIN Reader

Auditory Navigator

Battery Analysis. Build an MCU-Based Analyzer Unit

Bicycle ABS Brake System

Big Changes in the Embedded World. Part 2: Implement an RTOS and a Real SPI

BITs and BITEs. Tests to Ensure System Safety

Boot Up. Bootloading Essentials

CE Marking. A Process to Ensure Product Conformity

CNC Router Design. A Look at Computer-Controlled Machinery

Construct a Multifunctional Network Controller

Control Shaft Encoders

Design Development. Part 2: Product Implementation

Design Development. Part 3: Software Design

Design Development. Part 4: Processors, Power, and Interfacing

Design Development. Planning and Tools

DSP-Based Color Organ. Use the Convolution Technique to Create High-Performance Filters

Electro-Hydraulic Servo Valves

Embedded Design Theory & Practice. An Interview with Shlomo Engelberg

Embedded DSP for Lighting

Embedded System Communication. A Control Platform for Ethernet-Enabled Systems

EMI and Data Integrity

Environmental Stress Screening

Error Checking

Exploratory Design & Programming. An Interview with Chris Cantrell

Find a New Direction. A Low-Power Digital Compass

Fly-By-Wire Wheelchair. Part 1: Beyond Normal Joystick Control

Fly-By-Wire Wheelchair. Part 2: Bluetooth Wheelchair Control

Functional Upset

Get Your Head Out of the Cloud. An API for Communication with a Wi-Fi Thermostat

Getting Started with Embedded Linux. Part 1: When to Choose Linux for Your Embedded Design

Getting Started with Embedded Linux. Part 2: Choosing a Platform for Your System

Getting Started with Microprogramming. Part 1: The Architecture, Programmer Model, and SMP

Getting Started with Microprogramming. Part 2: A Look at the Meta-Assembler

High-Accuracy Voltage Reference Using PWM. Part 1: Pulse-Width Modulation Theory

High-Accuracy Voltage Reference Using PWM. Part 2: Hardware Design

IC Design Engineering and Beyond. An Interview with Monte Dalrymple

Ionization Detectors

Li-ion Battery System Solution. Implement a BCU and Safety-Certified RTOS

Linear Positioners

Line-Coding Techniques

Lined Up with Nowhere to Go. Using a Linear Sensor Array

MCU-Based GSM Connection. A Fixed Cell Phone with Emergency Auto-Dial

Microcontroller-Based Innovation. An Interview with Alberto Ricci Bitti

Mobile Application Development. Part 2: A Sound-Detection Algorithm

Noise Figures 101

NXP mbed Design Challenge Winners

Panning Control. A Digital Indexing Panoramic Tripod Head

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