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Alphabetical list of articles with descriptions, from issues published in 2006 in Circuit Cellar magazine:

Accessing the USB Framework. A Quick Transition from UART to USB

Advanced System for Vehicle Back Up. Rangefinder and Video Display System Aids Drivers

Advanced USB Protocol Sniffer

ARM Applications with MicroBolt

ARM Scope. Build an Analog Oscilloscope Companion

ARM Twister

ARM Yourself. Assemble an ARM7 Tool Kit

ARM-Based Modern Answering Machine

ARMed and Dangerous

Automating Sudoku

Bass Pedal Upgrade. Build a PIC-Based Optical Pedal System

Battery-Free Nonvolatile RAM

Bluetooth-Based Display for GPS Data

Can You Speak CAN? Part 2: A Look at CANopen

Can You Speak CAN? The Newest CAN Modules

Compact Spectrum Analyzer

Concurrent Small-C for PIC18 MCUs

Control Panel Design. Implement a Modular Physical User Interface System

Cyclic Redundancy Check. Understanding CRC Without Math

Data Acquisition for Mobile Applications

Device Surfer

Digital Audio Player

Digital Compassing. Build a Tilt-Compensated Digital Magnetic Compass

Digital Instrument Panel. A Simple Panel for Diesel Engines

Discover True 16-Bit Functionality. Explorer 16 Offers Welcome Flexibility

DIY Diodes

Drive a Color STN Display

DTMF Decoder

Dual-Axis Level Sensor

Earth Field Magnetometer

Electronic Gear Control. Add Electronic Gears to a Metal Lathe

Electronic Scarecrow

Embedded Ethernet Design. Write a Set of Ethernet IC Drivers

Embedded Object-Oriented Programming

Ethernet on a Chip


Filter Figures

Finite Machines and Microthreads

FIR Factor

Flash FPGA. The Sequel

Generate Video from Software

Get Started in Mechatronics

Go Wireless with the XBee

Home-Brewed HERMS

Hot Enough for You?

Image Processing for Robots

Internet-Connected Display System

Internet-Connected Sonic Anemometer

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