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Alphabetical list of articles with descriptions, from issues published in 2004 in Circuit Cellar magazine:

$1 Wireless Interface

A Simple Plan

A Wireless Ethernet Solution for the People

Above the Ground Plane. Filters and Firmware

Adaptable Multimedia Thermometer. Flash Innovation 2003 Design Contest Winner

Adaptable Temperature Measurement System

An SPWM Calculator. Using the Switched Integration Technique

Artificial Life Display. Part 1: Design Basics

Backpack Water Level Monitor

BasicCards 101. Part 1: Program Your First Smartcard

BasicCards 101. Part 2: Use in a Liquid Nitrogen Monitor

Big PICs

Build a Small Robotics Platform

Build a VGA Monitor Controller

Build an Inexpensive Temperature-Testing Chamber

Building Boxes

Closed-Loop Motion Control for Mobile Robotics

CoolRunner-II-Based Digital Telemetry Transmitter

Create a USB Hybrid Hub

Designing with the Nios. Part 1: Second-Order, Closed-Loop Servo Control

Designing with the Nios. Part 2: System Enhancement

Digital Radio Control

DMX-512 Control. Build a USB-to-DMX-512 Converter

Easy Reflow. Build an SMT Reflow Oven Controller

Easy to Be Soft

E-Field Sensor-Based Monitoring System

E-Field Serial Touchpad

Embedded Java Controllers

Ethernet Bootloader

Fault-Tolerant Electronic Systems

From the Bench. The Growth of the Atmel AVR Family

Full-Field Color Video Frame Grabber

Get Moving with the MC34921 Power System Control IC

GNU Development

Graphics LCD Library for the Z8 Encore!

H8/38024F-Based Programmable Timer. Contest Winner

Ham Radio Repeater Locator

Intelligent Current Sensing. Harness the Power of the ACS750 Hall Effect Current Sensor

Intelligent Sensor Head

Interface Ethernet and Embedded Systems

Is There a Robot in Your Future? Emerging Robot Technologies

Light-to-Frequency Conversion. Part 1: TSL230R-Based Pulse Oximeter

Low-Cost Intelligent Sensors Network. Flash Innovation 2003 Design Contest Winner

MCU Evolution. New Microcontrollers Meet Increasing Demand

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