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Alphabetical list of articles with descriptions, from issues published in 2003 in Circuit Cellar magazine:

2-D Optical Position Sensor

A Look at Computer Viruses

A Minimal Flash PIC Programmer

A Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Humidity Meter

Above the Ground Plane. Balanced Mixing

Above the Ground Plane. Battery Power, Feeding the Z3801A

Above the Ground Plane. IR Sensing

Above the Ground Plane. Modulation and Demodulation

Above the Ground Plane. Multiplying, Dividing, and Filtering

Above the Ground Plane. Nonlinear Mixing

Applied PCs. A P89C668 Development Board for 8051 Fans

Applied PCs. Build a Coyote Protocol Converter

Applied PCs. Construct an ATA Hard Drive Controller

Applied PCs. Easing into eZ80Acclaim!

Applied PCs. E-Field Evaluation Module

Applied PCs. Get Hooked on Video With the STV5730A

Applied PCs. Mission Possible: Achieve Cheap USB Connectivity

Applied PCs. New ICE Age, MPLAB ICE 2000 Replaces PICMASTER

Applied PCs. RF Made Simple

Applied PCs. Simple Data Display, Driving LCDs with Microchip and Atmel Micros

Applied PCs. Speed Racer, Stand-Alone, Track-Timing Pinewood Derby Computer

Applied PCs. Test-Driving the Z8

ARMs to ARMs. Part 3: Working in the World of ARM

Audio Spectrum Analyzer with a Twist

Automatic Temp Controller. Data Logger for Slow Cooker

Automotive G-Force Meter. Challenging the Factory Specs

Autonomous Robot. Mini-Sumo Meets IsoPod

AVR Video Generator. Teaching Programming and Graphics

Blueport. Bluetooth Interface for Embedded Systems

Build a Graphical User Interface with TcI/Tk

Build a Three-in-One Measurement System. MSP430 Desgin Contest Entry

Build an MP3 Player

Build Your Own Four-Function Calculator. Mad Dash for Flash Cash Contest Entry

Building an Electric Airplane

Communications Protocol. MIL-STD-1553B Data Bus

Computer Graphics 101

Construct a Classroom-Friendly Evaluation Board. MSP430 Desgin Contest Entry

Construct a Hand-Held Radiation Monitor

Design a Wide-Range RS-232 Concentrator Box

DTMF-Controlled Remote Switching System

Easy Image Processing. Camera Interfacing for Robotics

Electrical Engineering Robot. Follow the Line

Embedded Networking with MicroMessaging

Flash Innovation 2003 Design Contest Winners,

Flexible USB-CAN Bridge. Mad Dash for Flash Cash First Prize Winner

Four Functions and Beyond. Tips for Designing an RPN Calculator

From the Bench. D-Classifying Your Audio

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