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Alphabetical list of articles with descriptions, from issues published in 2002 in Circuit Cellar magazine:

2-D or Not 2-D?

A Guide to Varactors

A Low-Power Embedded Thermal Sensor System

A Low-Power Photoflash

A Noncontact Infrared Bumper

A PIC-Based Portable ID Reader for iButtons

A Tracking Lab Power Supply

A Web Link Monitoring System

A Wide-Range Audio Generator

Above the Ground Plane. Audio Transformation

Above the Ground Plane. HTML Front Panels

Above the Ground Plane. Invisible Components

Above the Ground Plane. PC Audio Bits

Above the Ground Plane. Switches and Glitches

Above the Ground Plane. UHF Voice Radio

An 80C31-Controlled Power Supply

An Integrated PWM Light Controller. Part 2: The Battery Charger

An Introduction to VHDL. Designing Hardware with Software

An RF-Controlled Irrigation System

Applied PCs. A Wireless Temperature Sensor Stew

Applied PCs. Building a Modular Programming Platform, Part 1: The Program Module

Applied PCs. Building a Modular Programming Platform, Part 2: Building the PCB

Applied PCs. Design with STKxxx Parts, Build an Ethernet Controller

Applied PCs. Geckodriving Your Motor Control Applications

Applied PCs. Internet Enabling Made Easy

Applied PCs. Replacing Relays with Ladder Logic, Part 1: Getting Ready for the Climb

Applied PCs. Replacing Relays with Ladder Logic, Part 2: The T100MD-1616+

Applied PCs. Still Swimming With the STK500, Onto the JTAG ICE

Applied PCs. The Embedded Project, Part 1: Specifications and Components

Applied PCs. The Embedded Project, Part 2: Into the Hardware and Software

Are You Grounded?

ARMs to ARMs. Part 1: Welcome to the World of ARM

ARMs to ARMs. Part 2: Delving Deeper into the World of ARM

Automatic Blood Pressure Meter

Balancing D/A Conversion on One Pin

BatMon to the Rescue. A Battery Monitor for RC Applications

Behind the Scenes. Part 1: Controlling an Animatronics System

Behind the Scenes. Part 2: Software Control

Build Your Own 8051 Web Server

Building a Fuel-Injection ECU

Choosing Your LCD

Convert Your PC Sound Card. Make a DC-Coupled Arbitrary Waveform Generator

Cyber Robotics. Experimenting with Robot Simulation

Dealing With Motor Control Dead-Time Distortion

Design Your Own Microprocessor

Developing with Open-Source TCP/IP

Digital Ignition System. Building Without a Distributor

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