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Alphabetical list of articles with descriptions, from issues published in 1995 in Circuit Cellar magazine:

7th Annual Circuit Cellar Design Contest Winners

A C++ Programming Tutorial

A Different Set of House Keys. Making the Most of a Small Keyboard

A Home Control System Based on Fuzzy Logic

A Learning Remote-Controlled Speaker Selector

A PIC-based Motor Speed Controller

A Robot Firefighter

A Solid-State Barometer for the HCS II

An ISA Bus Simulator

An LCD and Keypad Module for the SPI

An RS-232 Thermometer

Applied PCs. Embedded PC Buses and CPU Boards

Applied PCs. Embedded PCs: Who, What, Where, Why, When, and How?

Artificial Neural Network Recognizes Sounds

Battery-operated Power Supplies. Selecting the Right Battery and Supply for Your Application

Being ASSERTive with Your Processor. The Advantage of Software Interrupts

Building a Low-Cost CPLD Development System

CAL: Part of the Solution

CEBus for the Masses

Characterizing Processor Performance

Computer, Get That Phone. A PC-based Voice-Telephone Interface

Designing an Industrial-grade XYZ Router Table

Designing with PC/104

Detecting CO in the Home

Developing a Virtual Hardware Device

Developing an Engine Control System. Part 2: Ignition Subsystems

Developing an Engine Control System. Part 3: Completing the System

Developing and Engine Control System. Part 1: System Architecture and Fuel Delivery

Developing Home Automation Devices with LonWorks

Digital Filter Alchemy. Turning Circuits into Code

Digital Video Resizing and Compression

Embedded Debugging Tricks

Embedded Techniques. Circuit Protection

Embedded Techniques. Embedded Development

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