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Alphabetical list of articles with descriptions, from issues published in 1990 in Circuit Cellar magazine:

An Interface for Portable Battery-Backed RAM. Using the Mitsubishi BEE Card for Nonvolatile Data Storage

Build a Low-Power Data Logger. Computerized Data Collector Runs For Years on a Battery

Build a Power Frequency Monitor. Counting Cycles Until it Hertz

Build a Simple SCSI-to-Anything Interface. Take Advantage of the Spec to Simplify Your Designs

Building An IBM PC Keyboard Translator. An 8031-based System for Code Translation

Building Etude. Part 1 - A 25-MHz Analog-to-Digital Converter for the PC Bus

Building Etude. Part 2 - A 25-MHz Analog-to-Digital Converter for the PC Bus

Building MITEE Mouse III. Part 1 - The Hardware for a Maze-Running Rodent

Building MITEE Mouse III. Part 2 - The Software for a Maze-Running Rodent

Computer-Generated Holographs

Control Theory for Embedded Controllers. An Introduction to the Basics of Computerized Control

Creating Fractal Images. Using the Power of Fractals for Realistic Planetary Images

Designing with Flash Memory. Is There a New Alternative to EEPROM and SRAM?

Digital Signal Processing. Part 1 - An Introduction

Digital Signal Processing. Part 2 - DSP Applications with the TMS320C25

Domestic Automation. CEBus Comes One Step Closer to Reality

Extended Serial Communications on the 8096. Increase the Utility of these Ubiquitous Chips with Simple C Software

Firmware Furnace. An Exercise for the Student - Building Software from the Ground Up

Firmware Furnace. ANSI Controls and Fixed Points

Firmware Furnace. BASIC Radioactive Randoms - True Random Numbers from Mother Nature

Firmware Furnace. The Furnace Firmware Project - Keypad and Piezo Beeper

Firmware Furnace. The Furnace Firmware Project - Process Control on the Home Front

Firmware Furnace. The Furnace Firmware Project, Part 3 - Tight Code Meets the C Monster

From the Bench. Creating a Nonvolatile RAM Module

From the Bench. ENTION . ATTENTION . ATTENTION . ATT - Building an LED Moving Message Display

From the Bench. Honey, I Shrunk the. - New Uses Abound for the Smallest AT-Clone Yet

From the Bench. Magnetic Levitation: An Example in Closed-Loop Control - How to Defy Gravity Without the Use of Black Magic

From the Bench. PC Programming Comes to Embedded Control - V25 . An 8088 with all the good stuff

From the Bench. Power Control Basics - Choosing the Best Digital Power Control Option for your Application

Functions of Complex Variables. Generating Biomorphs on Personal Computers

Huge Arrays on the HD64180. Taking Advantage of Memory Management

Image Compression for High-Speed Network Transmission

Implementing a ComeFrom Statement. Discover Where Your Code Has Been

Modulating Laser Diodes. The Search for the Perfect Driveway Sensor

Multichannel Digital Voltmeter Interface. MAX134 Chip Adds High-Performance ADC to Embedded Control

ONDI - The ON-line Device Interface. Building a Powerful Remote Control for your PC

ONDI - The ON-Line Device Interface. Part 2 - Software for Remote PC Control

Practical Algorithms. Around and Around We Go .

Practical Algorithms. Getting to Know You - A New Feature Begins

Principles of PC-based Data Acquisition and Control Systems

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. Modeling Synthetic Actors and Real-World Interactions

Running VGA on an IBM Professional Graphics Display


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