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UBB receiver - in the package MARLBORO


UHF for the receiver

UHF Radio station Lighthouse

ULF 120 watt with bass reflex

ULF and active bandpass filter on quadruple opamp for direct conversion transceiver

ULF for PC based on TDA7057AQ chip, 4-channel

ULF with unipolar 12-volt power supply

Ultra low voltage voltage converter, 1.5 volts

Ultra short-wave antennas

Ultra-bright LED - the basis of energy-saving lighting

Ultra-bright LED in flashlight

Ultra-deep well drilling

Ultrafast clip

Ultralinear amplifier with 6H2P, 6P14P lamps 12 watts

Ultra-linear amplifier with microphone input

Ultra-low frequency metal detector

Ultra-miniature switching power supply in the dimensions of the thimble

Ultra-short waves

Ultrasonic amplifier with 6H2P, 6P14P lamps

Ultrasonic auto-care

Ultrasonic cat

Ultrasonic delay lines

Ultrasonic depth gauge

Ultrasonic fire alarm

Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

Ultrasonic generator for scaring off rats

Ultrasonic Inhaler Vulcan-1

Ultrasonic octane meter of gasoline

Ultrasonic repeller of mice

Ultrasonic security device

Ultrasonic transducer MUP-1

Ultrasonic washing machine

Ultrasound against mosquitoes

Ultrasound against rodents

Ultraviolet intensity meter

Ultra-wideband amplifier

Umbilical hernia

Umbrella and ball

Umbrella and scarfs

Umbrella and separator

Umbrella Greenhouse

Umformer and vibratory rectifier

UMTSH Kindtree-A140m on the chip TDA7294

UMWC power 320 W on the chip STK4231


UMZCH based on the operational amplifier KR544UD2

UMZCH for automotive radio equipment

UMZCH for computer

UMZCH for computer monitor

UMZCH for player

UMZCH for portable radio

UMZCH in Class B mode with combined OOS

UMZCH in the computer's system unit


UMZCH on the TDA7294 chip

UMZCH with a symmetric input without a common OOS

UMZCH with a voltage amplifier according to the scheme with a common base

UMZCH with adjustable output impedance

UMZCH with broadband OOS

UMZCH with complementary field effect transistors

UMZCH with deep OOS

UMZCH with inductive correction

UMZCH with output stage on field-effect transistors

UMZCH with small intermodulation distortions

UMZCH with unipolar power supply

UMZCH without general feedback

Unbalanced multivibrator

Unbreakable beads

Unbreakable handkerchief

Unclear coin equilibrium

Uncorrected letter

Uncut paper

Under pressure

Under what name was Pharaoh Tutankhamun ascended to the throne and why did he change it?

Underground box

Underground Illusionist in the Circus

Undervoltage protection

Underwater camera case

Underwater glider

Underwater lightning

Undeterred sound of electric guitar

Unemployment. State policy in the field of employment

Unexpected appearance of watches

Unexpected jumper jump

Unfavorable consequences of exposure to labor conditions per person

Unfolding a candy wrapper

Ungulate ointments


Unharmed bill

Unheated solar power plants

Unified Energy Modules for Small Hydro Power Plants

Unified power transformers - reference book

Unified state system for the prevention and elimination of emergency situations (EPRS)

Unijunction transistor series KT133

Unijunction transistors

Uninterrupted power supply of the transceiver

Uninterruptible Power Supply

Uninterruptible power supply unit

Uninterruptible power supply VM1061 with switchable output voltage

Uninterruptible Power Supply, 220 W

UNIPROG universal programmer

Units of length measurements

Units of measurement used in electrical engineering and electronics

Units of time measurements

Universal agricultural machine Cinderella

Universal battery 1.5-12 volts

Universal cable diagram for mobile phones

Universal car probe (two in one)

Universal car security device, apartment, garage

Universal car USB adapter K-, L-lines

Universal charger

Universal charger for batteries SC-21, SC-32, D-0.06, D-0.1, D-0.25, D-0.55, 7D-0.115, 316 , 332, 3336

Universal charger for nickel-cadmium batteries

Universal charger for small batteries

Universal charger LiIon, NiCd, NiMH batteries on the chip MAX1501

Universal charger-discharge device for small batteries

Universal charger-power supply

Universal clamp

Universal clock-timer

Universal controller block on the LM1040 chip

Universal Cube

Universal data-cable layout for Mitsubishi Trium

Universal detector

Universal device for testing ISP

Universal device for water activation

Universal device on microcontroller: clock, thermometer, thermostat, alarm, remote control system

Universal digital filter

Universal digital scale

Universal electric mower

Universal electrician sampler

Universal electronic ballast with a warm start for fluorescent lamps T8

Universal electronic thermometer

Universal FM FM receiver

Universal FM FM receiver 70-l50 MHz

Universal four-spindle machine

Universal free-flying model

Universal frequency modem

Universal function generator

Universal generator-probe

Universal hairpin

Universal high-precision heat stabilizer

Universal indicator

Universal lacquer

Universal LED current overload indicators for power supplies

Universal lighting control scheme with several switches

Universal load equivalent

Universal low voltage power supply

Universal machine

Universal matching device

Universal mechanical template for models

Universal metal detector

Universal microcontroller charger

Universal micro-machine

Universal mini drill

Universal multiphase motor control unit

Universal network filter and its construction

Universal notification device

Universal panoramic SDR-attachment for HF transceiver

Universal parallel adapter

Universal power supply for radios

Universal power supply unit

Universal power supply, 2-12 volts 1 amp

Universal power supply, 2-300 volts 0.9 amperes (2-22 volts 6 amps)

Universal powerful power supply, 220 / 3-20 volts 500 watts

Universal probe

Universal probe for checking the validity of transistors

Universal probe indicator

Universal probe with ion-ion feeding

Universal probe-indicators

Universal programmable timer

Universal radio alarm system

Universal rectifier for charging batteries

Universal rectifier with electronic regulation for charging batteries

Universal security device

Universal simulator

Universal speaker protection unit

Universal stand for micromotors

Universal thyristor regulator

Universal timer for the charger

Universal timer on the PIC controller

Universal VHF-UHF receiver SEC-850M

Universal voltage converter, 5 volts

Universal voltage regulator and charger for car

Universal workbench

Unleashed the knots themselves

Unleashing running simple node

Unloading of bitumen, tar, tar. Standard instruction on labor protection

Unloading of forestry rolling stock with LT-10 (RRU-10M) and jaw-type timber loaders. Standard instruction on labor protection

Unloading railway cars. Standard instruction on labor protection

Unlocking Siemens mobile phones

Unmistakable repetition

Unscrew the bulb and do not get hurt

Unscrewing deep screws and screws

Untying ropes

Unusual AM detector

Unusual Antenna Isotron

Unusual application of the chip KR142EN19A

Unusual ash

Unusual audio application with DOLBY SURROUND PRO LOGIC

Unusual board

Unusual candle lighting

Unusual Cigarette Case

Unusual coin

Unusual cylinder

Unusual envelope

Unusual FET mode

Unusual glass

Unusual goldfish

Unusual knot

Unusual letters

Unusual Match Ignition

Unusual memory

Unusual methods

Unusual photo

Unusual professions of microcircuits for watches

Unusual rope

Unusual use of CMOS switches

Up on the stick

Up the ramp

Upcoming box

Updating the compilation

Updating the e-book Texet TB-840HD

Upgrade columns

Upgrade of 25AC-121 loudspeakers

Upgrade RA3AAE transceiver

Upgrade the ignition unit

Upgrade the six-string guitar

Upgraded GPA for YES-98M transceiver

Upgraded tract of the Zelin transceiver transceiver

Upgraded welding mask

Upgrading AS 35AS-012

Upgrading of ALAN radio stations

Upgrading the transverter S. Zhutiaeva (144 MHz)

Upgrading the UW3DI transceiver

Upholstery of the front door

UPS-automated inverter-charger, 12/220 volts 1 kilowatt

Upstairs dish

Urban wastewater


Urology. Crib

Urology. Lecture notes

USB and FireWire bus

USB AVR and AT89S microcontroller programmer compatible with AVR910

USB cable DCU-60 for Sony Ericsson phones

USB charger for LiIon batteries

USB connector in car

USB connector in the lab power supply

USB hub extension

USB interface converters on FT8U232AM, FT8U245AM chips

USB meter LC

USB Module Ke-USB24A

USB oscilloscope on microcontroller

USB port - power supply 6-15 volts

USB port - switch

USB thermometer on microcontroller

USB time indicator for taking medication

USB voltage logger with oscilloscope functions, spectrum analyzer and AFC meter

USB-COM-LPT converter on the microcontroller

Use gas burners in open telephone wells. Standard instruction on labor protection

Use of products using biogas technologies

Use of services of specialized organizations in the field of labor protection

Use of technical means of instruction. Standard instruction on labor protection

Use of water from natural reservoirs as a coolant

Useful advices

Useful tips for using miniDV cassettes

Useful tips for video editing

Useful Wonders

User (operator) of the computer (PC). Standard instruction on labor protection

User of personal computers PC. Standard instruction on labor protection

Using a 6AC-2 speaker system with a non-standard amplifying device

Using a construction hair dryer for repairs

Using a digital camera as a video camera

Using a heat pump in a Poniatowski power station

Using a heat pump to receive fusion energy

Using a single-phase network to power a three-phase motor

Using a transformer from the TV

Using airlifts in wind turbines

Using an integral timer for automatic voltage monitoring when charging batteries

Using an optocoupler in a telephone ringer

Using an optocoupler in the feedback loop of the voltage regulator or charger

Using AVerTV Capture HD in VirtualDub

Using biogas in everyday life

Using conventional capacitors in surface mounting

Using digital radio relay stations for the last mile

Using high-voltage network transformers

Using network wires as an alarm loop

Using old parts in voltage multipliers

Using old printed circuit boards

Using plans for video shooting

Using solar cells

Using solar energy

Using the Miller effect during the target RC circuits

Using the TL494 Family in Power Converters

Using ultrasound

Using visual and auditory markers

Using wind power

Ussuriyskiy kray

Uterine bleeding

UTIA protection system

UZCH based on the A2030 chip

UZCH on the chip A2030 (2x180 watts)