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Alternative energy sources
Assemblies of amateur radio equipment
Audio equipment
Audio-fidelity and speaker volume controls
Ballasts of fluorescent lamps
Bells and audio simulators
Chargers, accumulators, galvanic cells
Citizens' Band radio
Clocks, timers, relays, load commutators
Consumer electronics
Current controllers, voltage and power regulators
Data communication
Digital equipment
Electric installation work
Electric meters
Electric motors
Electric power supply
Electrical safety, fire safety
Electrician's reference book
Electrician's tools
Electricity for beginners
Equipment protection from emergency operation, uninterrupted power supply units
Field intensity detectors
Fluorescent lamps
For a musician
For an electrician
For an inexperienced radio amateur
For radio amateur constructors
For students
Frequency synthesizers
Grounding and neutral grounding
Halogen lamps
High-frequency power amplifiers
Home, garden, farmland, hobbies
Household appliances
Indicators, detecting devices, metal detectors
Infra-red equipment
Lightning protection
Measuring equipment
Microphones, wireless microphones
Mobile communication
Portable radio stations
Power amplifiers
Power controllers, thermometers, thermostabilizers
Power supply units
QRP equipment
Radiation indicators
Radio amateur computation
Radio amateur technologies
Radio control
Radio reception
Radio stations, transceivers
Reference materials
Security and alarm system using mobile communication
Security devices and alarm systems
Sound systems
Sound-to-light units
Upgrade of radio stations
Use of microcircuit chips
Various electronic devices
Voltage stabilizers
Voltage transducers, rectifiers, inverters
Welding equipment

Art of audio
Art of video
Batteries and rechargeable batteries
Big encyclopedia for children and adults
Biographies of great scientists
Children's scientific lab
Entertaining experiments in chemistry
Entertaining experiments in physics
For builders and handymans
For lovers of travel. Tips for tourists
Fundamentals of health and safety
Fundamentals of medical first aid
History of engineering, technology, objects around us
Home workshop
Industrial technology at home - simple recipes
Labor protection
Lecture notes, cheat sheets
Life of great physicists
Miracles of nature. A fascinating journey around the globe
Spectacular tricks and their solutions
Personal transport: land, water, air
Riddles, puzzles, trick questions
Scale modeling
The most important scientific discoveries
Tools and mechanisms for agriculture
Typical labor protection instructions (Job descriptions)
Visual illusions

A Radio. Prakticka Elektronika magazine
Amaterske Radio magazine
Circuit Cellar magazine
Electronique et Loisirs magazine
Electronique Pratique magazine
Elektor Electronics magazine
Elektronika dla Wszystkich magazine
Elektronika Praktyczna magazine
Everyday Practical Electronics magazine
Evil Genius magazine
Funkamateur magazine
Nuts And Volts magazine
QEX magazine
QST magazine
Radiotechnika Evkonyve magazine
Servo magazine
Stereophile magazine
Радио Телевизия Електроника magazine


Popular audio
Popular car audio
Popular DVDs
Popular faxes
Popular monitors
Popular monoblocks
Popular phones
Popular TVs
Popular video cameras
Popular video recorders and video players

Avest TVs
Beko TVs
Elenberg, Cameron, Cortland domestic radio electronics
Erisson TVs
Gorizont TVs
Rainford TVs
Rekord TVs
Roadstar TVs
Rolsen TVs
Rubin TVs
Vestel TVs
Vitjaz TVs

Power supply units for TV sets and video equipment

Benq-Siemens mobiles
Eastcom mobiles
Ericsson mobiles
Fly Bird mobiles
LG mobiles
Maxon mobiles
Mitsubishi mobiles
Motorola mobiles
Nokia mobiles
Panasonic mobiles
Pantech mobiles
Samsung mobiles
Sharp mobiles
Siemens mobiles
Sony-Ericsson mobiles
TCL mobiles
Voxtel mobiles

Beko household appliances
Braun household appliances
Candy household appliances
Elenberg household appliances
Elica household appliances
Gorenje household appliances
Hansa household appliances
Merloni household appliances
SEB household appliances
Snaige household appliances
Stinol household appliances
Universal household appliances
Whirpool household appliances

Bocsh electric tools
Makita electric tools

Collection of dumps
Correspondence of models and chassis
Horizontal-output transformers by HR company
Horizontal-output transformers by Konig company
Integrated circuits, microcontrollers and transistors
Mechanisms of audio and video equipment
Radio components by Atmel
Radio components by Cirrus Logic
Radio components by Maxim
Radio components by Microchip
Radio components by Mitsubishi
Radio components by Motorola
Radio components by National Semiconductor
Radio components by Panasonic
Radio components by Philips
Radio components by Rohm
Radio components by Samsung
Radio components by Sharp
Radio components by Sony
Radio components by Toshiba
Remote controls for TV sets and monoblocks


ORDER OF DIAGRAMS  Order of schematic diagrams and service manuals

World air conditioners
World audio
World car audio
World DVDs
World faxes
World fridges
World microwave ovens
World monitors
World monoblocks
World phones
World photo cameras
World projectors
World TVs
World video cameras
World video recorders
World washing machines

Russian amplifiers
Russian b-w TVs
Russian car audio
Russian color TVs
Russian electrophones
Russian monitors
Russian radio
Russian r-gramophones
Russian tape recorders
Russian testers
Russian video recorders

Assembling the Rubik's Cube
Did you know?
Entertaining experiments at home
Funny puzzles
Interactive flash games
Optical illusions
Spectacular tricks and their solutions



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Free online library on electronics

Free online library on electronics Free online library on electronics, Free encyclopedia of electronics and electrical engineering

All articles of the Free encyclopedia

All articles of the Free encyclopedia

Free encyclopedia of electronics and electrical engineering / Articles

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Cabinet with radiator

Cable detector of the metal detector

Cable Insulation

Cable Integrity Monitoring Device

Cable lines with voltage up to 220 kV. Cable selection

Cable lines with voltage up to 220 kV. Choosing ways of laying

Cable lines with voltage up to 220 kV. Connections and cable ties

Cable lines with voltage up to 220 kV. Earthing

Cable lines with voltage up to 220 kV. Feeding devices and signaling of oil pressure of oil-filled oil lines

Cable lines with voltage up to 220 kV. General requirements

Cable lines with voltage up to 220 kV. Laying of cable lines in cable blocks, pipes and ferro-concrete trays

Cable lines with voltage up to 220 kV. Laying of cable lines in cable facilities

Cable lines with voltage up to 220 kV. Laying of cable lines in production premises

Cable lines with voltage up to 220 kV. Laying of cable lines in the earth

Cable lines with voltage up to 220 kV. Laying of cable lines on special structures

Cable lines with voltage up to 220 kV. Scope, definitions

Cable lines with voltage up to 220 kV. Special requirements for the cable farm of power plants, substations and switchgears

Cable lines with voltage up to 220 kV. Underwater laying of cable lines

Cable probe on the PIC-controllers

Cable television mini-network

Cable-fitter. A typical safety manual

Cables are coaxial domestic. General information

Cables coaxial domestic РК100-7-11 - РК100-7-21

Cables coaxial domestic РК50-0.6-21 - РК50-2-26

Cables coaxial domestic РК50-11-11 - РК50-44-17

Cables coaxial domestic РК50-3-11 - РК50-4-111

Cables coaxial domestic РК50-7-11 - РК50-9-23

Cables coaxial domestic РК75-1-11 - РК75-3-22

Cables coaxial domestic РК75-4-11 - РК75-7-22

Cables coaxial domestic РК75-9-12 - РК75-44-17

Cables coaxial domestic

Cabling loop

Cache Hardware

Caches in cars.

Cadmus victory

Caesar is not above grammars

Caesar's Caesar's, and God's God

Caesar's Madness

Caesar's wife should be above suspicion

Cage in a box

Cage on a stick

Cage with a bird



Calculating a vertical quarter-wave antenna

Calculating AC circuits

Calculating bit synchronization of the CAN network

Calculating complex and branched chains

Calculating electrical circuits

Calculating electrical loads

Calculating LC filters

Calculating low-power transformers

Calculating non-linear circuits

Calculating Power Supplies

Calculating RC filters

Calculating screws

Calculating the acoustic phase inverter

Calculating the choke of the make-up source for semi-automatic welding

Calculating the current stabilizer

Calculating the dimensions of the transformer for semi-automatic welding

Calculating the efficiency of antennas for computer simulation

Calculating the fire alarm loop

Calculating the frequency response of narrowband microwave filters

Calculating the inductors

Calculating the J-shaped Antenna

Calculating the parameters of the wire

Calculating the phase inverter of the speaker system

Calculating the photovoltaic system

Calculating the power supply transformer

Calculating the probability of an emergency

Calculating the rectifier

Calculating the stabilizer for a vibratory pump

Calculating the strip microwave filters

Calculating the subwoofer with WinISD

Calculating the transformer

Calculating the welding transformer

Calculating the wind wheel

Calculating transistor amplifiers

Calculating tube amplifiers

Calculation and design of acoustic systems

Calculation formulas for working with wire

Calculation of a welding transformer for semi-automatic welding with a thyristor regulator

Calculation of amplifiers with feedback

Calculation of chokes on resistors MLT

Calculation of circuits on transampedance operational amplifiers

Calculation of PLL synthesizer with DCDD

Calculation of satellite antenna orientation parameters

Calculator (in trading and food establishments). Job description

Calculator. Job description


California site

Calip for the hour

Call center operator. Job description

Call for a communal apartment

Call of the Ancestors

Call on the carpet

Call Pickup Indicator

Call Signal Amplifier

Call signal light

Call the Cloud

Call the map

Call Timer

Call Timer

Call with remote control

Caller ID device

Calling a parallel phone

Calling device for hubs

Calling live

Calling on UMC8

Calls from amateur radio stations

Calls from Russian radio stations



Camcorders 8 mm format. Distinctive features of formats, device LPM, repair

Camcorders. Secrets of repair

Camel node

Camera with a hole

Campfire arrangement in the parking lot

Can a cat see in the dark?

Can a comet explode?

Can a dolphin talk?

Can a marmot predict the weather?

Can a mockingbird scream with his voice?

Can a person turn gray for a minute?

Can a seahorse male have young?

Can a set of chromosomes of a criminal serve as an excuse for the crime committed by him?

Can a tree report what it needs?

Can an echo pass through the water?

Can an owl see at night?

Can animals be guided by reason?

Can animals communicate?

Can animals count?

Can animals cry or laugh?

Can animals make long-term weather forecasts?

Can animals predict the weather?

Can birds smell?

Can butterflies smell?

Can dolphins talk?

Can fish be heard?

Can hummingbirds hang in the air?

Can I drive faster than a car?

Can I fly to the stars?

Can I make my own weather forecasts?

Can oysters live outside the water?

Can people make diamonds?

Can plants eat insects?

Can roses kill?

Can seals live under water?

Can some fish live without water?

Can the car overcome the sound barrier?

Can the day be longer than a year?

Can the Earth meet a comet?

Can the mole see?

Can the planet collide?

Can the rays break down?

Can the salamanders live on fire?

Can the virus be visible?

Can two people have the same fingerprints?

Can water carry sound?

Can we control the feeling of hunger and thirst?

Can you name at least one Irish saint?

Canary Islands

Candies Toffee

Candle and flame

Candle from soap

Candle from the magic wand

Candle in the hoop

Candle is extinguished by a look

Candle passing through the hand

Candles light up from the touch of a magic wand


Canned food

Cannon meat

Canoe, like the Indians

Canopus Edius Pro. User's Guide

Capacitance meter and EPS of capacitors - prefix to multimeter

Capacitance meter and EPS of oxide capacitors - prefix to multimeter

Capacitance meter of electrolytic capacitors with leak test

Capacitance meter of electrolytic capacitors

Capacitance meter on the opamp

Capacitive key for security device

Capacitive relay for irrigation of mycelium

Capacitive relay for lighting control

Capacitive relay

Capacitive relay

Capacitive relay

Capacitive sensor

Capacitive sensor

Capacitive sensors

Capacitor capacitance meter

Capacitor capacitor with self-calibration

Capacitor converter with voltage multiplication

Capillarity and match

Capillary pump

Capital and current repair of wells. A typical safety manual

Capricious coin

Capricious water

Capsule Halogen Lamps

Capture digital video

Capturing node

Capturing video in VirtualDub

Car alarm Signal-003

Car alarm SUN-I model M-100

Car alarm with infrared control

Car Alarm

Car Alarm

Car amplifier 2x40 watts

Car amplifier 70 W

Car amplifier on the TA8215H chip

Car amplifier on the TA8251AH chip (TA8255AH)

Car amplifier on the TDA1557Q chip

Car amplifier on the TDA1558Q chip

Car amplifier on the TDA2025 chip

Car amplifier on the TDA2030A chip

Car amplifier UMZCH on the chip TDA1554Q

Car amplifier UMZCH on the TDA1560Q chip

Car batteries

Car battery discharge indicator

Car Battery Indicator

Car battery voltage indicator on the K1003PP1 chip

Car battery voltage indicator

Car body repair

Car Cassette Players

Car charger for a portable radio

Car charger for cell phone

Car charger for mobile phone

Car charger

Car Kozlik

Car lamp inspector

Car laptop power supply on the KR1006VI1 timer

Car Launcher

Car Mikros

Car monoblock amplifier on the TDA7294 chip

Car Mouse

Car noise isolation: detection and suppression of noise sources

Car on-board monitoring system with voice information output

Car outlet for 220 volts 400 watts

Car power amplifier 4x30 watts on the TDA7386 chip

Car power amplifier on the TA8215 chip

Car power amplifier with power supply unit on the TDA7294 chip

Car power source for laptop, 12/18 volts

Car power source for laptop

Car power supply for laptop, 12 / 16-35 volts 8 amps

Car power supply for laptop, 12/19 volt 3 ampere

Car power supply for multimeter, 13/9 volts 8.9 milliampere

Car power supply of digital clock

Car probe-indicator with a resolution of 1 volt

Car radio alarm

Car radio alarm

Car radio alarm

Car radio alarm

Car radio alarm

Car radio station of the 144-146 MHz band

Car radio station of the 144-146 MHz band

Car radio station of the 144-146 MHz band

Car radio transmitters

Car security device

Car security systems on PIC12F629

Car security systems on the PIC12F629 microcontroller

Car security systems

Car stroboscope for exhibiting POC

Car stroboscope from a laser pointer

Car stroboscope

Car Subwoofer in the trunk

Car Subwoofer. Part 1

Car Subwoofer. Part 2

Car Tester-Indicator

Car tire for a summer shower

Car universal trailer

Car VHF FM tuner

Car VHF FM tuner

Car voltage regulator

Car voltmeter with an accuracy of 0.1 volts

Car Wash. Job description

Car washer. A typical safety manual

Car window tinting. A typical safety manual

Car Wiper Stimulator Regulator

Carabiner brake

Carabiner Hammer

Caramel on a stick


Carburettors jets capacity measuring bench

Card Chain

Card Curiosities

Card frame on a magic wand

Card pyramid

Card replacement box

Card Volt (seven ways)

Cardiologist. Job description

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation

Cards appear on the top and bottom of the deck

Cards with holes

Cards with numbers

Care for patients with chills, fever

Care for the condition of the feet

Care of horses and transport works. A typical safety manual

Careful trunk


Caretaker of the cemetery (columbarium). Job description

Caring for batteries

Carlsbad Caves

Carousel on a lamp

Carpenter. A typical safety manual

Carpenter. Job description

Carpenter. Job description


Carrier-backpack for carrying a baby

Carrot pulverizer

Carry chestnuts from the fire

Carrying and transporting the victim

Carrying dust out of the hut

Carrying out classes in the classrooms of primary classes, mathematical and humanitarian cycles. A typical safety manual

Carrying out classes on sports and mobile games (football, volleyball, basketball, tennis, etc.). A typical safety manual

Carrying out copying offset processes. A typical safety manual

Carrying out demonstration experiments on biology. A typical safety manual

Carrying out excursions in biology. A typical safety manual

Carrying out excursions. A typical safety manual

Carrying out laboratory and practical works on biology. A typical safety manual

Carrying out of silvicultural works in flat conditions. A typical safety manual

Carrying out of silvicultural works on the slopes. A typical safety manual

Carrying out of sports competitions. A typical safety manual

Carrying out the bulk operations in the tank farms of fuels and lubricants, railway and road overpasses. A typical safety manual

Carrying out walks, hiking, excursions, expeditions. A typical safety manual

Carrying out walks, hiking, excursions, expeditions

Carrying out work at pumping stations. A typical safety manual

Carrying out work with increased danger

Cars of class ЭЛ-2

Cart for a boat

Carter. Job description

Cartesian diver

Carthage must be destroyed

Cartographic Projections

Cartridges do not regret, do not give empty volleys

Carve the Sea


Cascaded broadband power amplifier

Cascode broadband power amplifier



Case - tobacco

Case in the Hat

Case smells of kerosene

Case tobacco

Casein glue from milk

Casein glue

Casein glue

Casein lacquer Dreyer

Casein paints on soluble glass

Casein varnishes on soluble glass

Casein-leach compounds

Cases and days

Cases? It's very simple: it's the money of others

Cashier of the trading floor. Job description

Cashier with a cash register. A typical safety manual

Cashier. Job description

Casket with gifts



Cast Steel

Casteliance. Job description

Castor and Pollux

Castor varnish

Catamaran Frog Princess

Catamaran model

Catamaran of the day off

Catamaran on mattresses

Catamaran on mattresses

Catapult from a saucepan and a spoon

Catarrhal diseases

Catch the card

Catch the moment!

Catch up and overtake

Catch your finger

Catching a dove with a net from the air

Catching fish in troubled waters

Catching fleas scientifically

Catching microns

Categories and groups of explosive mixtures for PIVRE and PIVE

Catering in an autonomous survival situation

Caterpillar for Motonart

Cathodic corrosion protection


Cat's paw

Cattle fighter. Job description

Caught a bullet

Causative agent of tuberculosis

Cause time, fun hour

Causes of arcing on a collector in a DC electric motor

Causes of Drug Use by Teenagers

Causes of man-made accidents and disasters

CB antenna on the window

CB communication in the mountains

CB Power Amplifier

CB Radio Power Supply

CB Radio

CCIR Stereo transmitter

CDE to the melodic signaling device

CD-ROM as an Audio-CD player

CD-ROM drive as an audio CD player

CD-ROM player based on CD-ROM

CDs: Technologies and Standards


Celite lacquer

Cell Phone - Voltmeter and Oscilloscope

Cell phone radiation detector


Cellular communication standards

Cellular communication

Cellular Features

Celluloid Bottle Lacquer

Celluloid mass of gelatin

Celluloid varnish from old films

Celluloid varnishes (tsaponlaki)


Cement - putty for the aquarium

Cement for amber

Cement for attaching knives and forks to handles

Cement for bonding various minerals

Cement for connecting broken coals for arc lamps

Cement for gluing celluloid products

Cement for gluing glass plates

Cement for gluing glass

Cement for gluing glass

Cement for gluing the broken bundles

Cement for porcelain and faience

Cement for pottery

Cement for stones and slabs

Cement solution will become elastic

Cement with caustic lime

Ceramic Filters


Certification of work safety organization

Certifying workplaces for working conditions

Chain that you do not know

Chain with a break


Chalk to protect the file

Chalk, marble, shell

Chameleon Ball

Chameleon card (two ways)

Chameleon Flower

Chameleon wand


Champs Elysees

Change in resistance of metals under pressure

Change in resistance of metals when impurities are introduced

Change milestones

Change of drainpipes. A typical safety manual

Change of linen

Change the cuckoo to the hawk

Change the parameters of a three-phase asynchronous motor

Changing gums

Changing the characteristics of generators without rewinding the windings

Changing the chip in a tape recorder

Changing the net

Changing the SD4842P67K65 to FSDH321 in the S-12-12 power supply

Chaotic movements of water

Chaplygin Sergey

Characteristic of explosion-proof connections of explosion-proof equipment. Example of installation of elastic rings on explosion-proof electrical equipment

Characteristic of explosion-proof connections of explosion-proof equipment. Parameters of explosion-proof connections of electrical enclosures of subgroup IIB

Characteristic of explosion-proof connections of explosion-proof equipment. Parameters of explosion-proof electrical connections for subgroups IIA and IIB

Characteristic of explosion-proof connections of explosion-proof equipment. Parameters of explosion-proof electrical equipment connections of 1, 2, 3 categories for PIVRE (PIVE)

Characteristic of explosion-proof connections of explosion-proof equipment. Parameters of explosion-proof joints of electrical enclosures of IIC subgroup

Characteristic of explosion-proof connections of explosion-proof equipment. Parameters of explosion-proof joints of electrical equipment of subgroup PA

Characteristic of explosion-proof connections of explosion-proof equipment. Parameters of flameproof screwed connections

Characteristics and parameters of fluorescent lamps

Characteristics of asynchronous motors with combined windings

Characteristics of circuit breakers

Characteristics of conventional weapons and ways to protect against them

Characteristics of the system Person - Social environment in the general context of life safety

Characteristics of visual controls

Charge batteries with an asymmetric current

Charge batteries with an asymmetric current

Charge current indicator for car batteries

Charge galvanic cells

Charge meter

Charge with prevention

Charged galvanic cells

Chargeless voltage converter, 10-15 / 15-27 volts 3.5 amps

Charger 5... 10000 mAh

Charger based on the PR1500i power controller

Charger circuit breaker

Charger for 12-volt 4.5 Ah batteries

Charger for 2.5 ampere current

Charger for 3-6-volt batteries

Charger for a battery electric drill

Charger for a cell phone with status indication and automatic adjustment of the output current

Charger for a current of 300 milliamperes

Charger for a multimeter

Charger for a rural workshop

Charger for a small Li-ion battery

Charger for all types of batteries

Charger for automotive and motorcycle batteries

Charger for batteries up to 24 items

Charger for batteries, 2.5 amps

Charger for car batteries

Charger for car batteries

Charger for car batteries

Charger for car batteries

Charger for car battery

Charger for car battery

Charger for cellular phones with status indication and automatic adjustment of the output current

Charger for electric razors

Charger for finger batteries

Charger for four nickel-cadmium batteries

Charger for galvanic cells

Charger for hermetically sealed lead-acid batteries

Charger for Li-ion batteries

Charger for lithium batteries

Charger for mobile phone with digital timer

Charger for Ni-Cd and Ni-MH batteries on the TEA1101 chip

Charger for Ni-Cd batteries

Charger for nickel-cadmium batteries and batteries

Charger for nickel-cadmium batteries

Charger for recharging batteries

Charger for recovering battery capacity

Charger for sealed lead (gel) batteries

Charger for sealed lead-acid batteries

Charger for small items

Charger for starter batteries of batteries

Charger for starter batteries of car batteries

Charger for starter batteries

Charger from a computer power supply

Charger from solar panels

Charger on a half-wave rectifier

Charger on a trinistor

Charger on a trinistor

Charger on the mobile phone adapter

Charger on the PIC12F675 microcontroller

Charger on thyristor inverter

Charger to a digital camera

Charger with 90% efficiency for nickel-cadmium batteries

Charger with a timer for nickel-cadmium batteries

Charger with a timer

Charger with automatic shutdown for battery light

Charger with boost converter

Charger with current stabilization

Charger with discrete charging current installation

Charger with discrete charging current setting

Charger with electronic protection

Charger with manual and automatic mode

Charger with protection against reverse polarity of the battery

Charger with SHI current regulation

Charger with temperature compensation

Charger with timer


Charger-automatic device

Charger-automatic for Ni-Cd batteries

Charger-automatic with control of inclusion and charge

Charger-discharge device

Charger-powered device with extended operational capabilities

Chargers for 6F22 batteries

Chargers for nickel-cadmium batteries and batteries

Chargers on voltage regulators

Charging and restoring the battery

Charging car batteries with an asymmetric current

Charging desulphurizing automaton for car batteries

Charging dry cells

Charging finger batteries 450 milliamperes

Charging power supply

Charging the battery 7Д-0,125 from the network memory

Charging the battery 7Д-0,125Д from the network memory

Charging the battery from Peltier elements

Charging the battery lights from the vehicle's on-board network

Charging unit for a powerful capacitor bank

Charging with a stable current

Charles de Coulon

Charring of sugar

Chasing a Long Ruble

Chat room

Chatterbox - a find for a spy


Cheap perfume

Check for a break

Check if the official mobile phone

Checker-cashier. Job description

Checkers also do not fall

Checker-ticket attendant, cloakroom attendant. A typical safety manual

Check-in to life

Checking and adjusting lightning protection. A typical safety manual

Checking the finger elements

Checking the liquid crystal display

Checking the thyristor КУ112А

Checking unfamiliar plants for edibility

Cheese knife


Chef of the school. Job description


Chemical bleaching of wax

Chemical clock

Chemical clock

Chemical cold

Chemical Infection

Chemical methods of etching metals

Chemical pollution of the atmosphere

Chemical Snake

Chemical sources of current

Chemical sources of current

Chemical warmer for the campaign

Chemical Warmer

Chemical Watchman

Chemical weapons. Rules of behavior and actions of the population in the source of chemical destruction

Chemically dangerous objects

Chemistry and laundry

Chemist-technologist. Job description

Cherry Orchard

Chess and inertia

Chest bandage

Chest of surprises

Chest pain


Chewing Gum

Chic, shine, beauty!


Chicken also wants to live

Chicken Generator

Chicken in the light bulb

Chicken in the soup

Chicken pox

Chicks of the nest of Petro

Chief accountant of the enterprise. Job description

Chief accountant. Job description

Chief designer of the production department of the television broadcasting department. Job description

Chief Designer. Job description

Chief Economist. Job description

Chief engineer for construction. Job description

Chief Engineer. Job description

Chief Information Security Specialist. Job description

Chief mechanic of the auto show. Job description

Chief mechanic. Job description

Chief physician (director, head, chief) of the health care institution. Job description

Chief Power Engineer. Job description

Chief programmer (head of the group) of the department of informatization. Job description

Chief Project Engineer. Job description

Chief Scientific Officer. Job description

Chief specialist of the plastic cards department. Job description

Chief technologist. Job description

Chief Telecommunications Specialist. Job description

Childe Harold

Children are flowers of life

Children, kitchen, church

Children's diseases. Lecture notes

Children's electromobile with pulse-width engine control

Children's focus with maps

Children's infectious diseases. Lecture notes


Chinese cement of Cio-Liao

Chinese Clock - Timer

Chinese lacquer

Chinese LCD probe

Chinese magic pipes

Chinese Mascara

Chip of the Empire

Chip TDA8362 in 3USPTS and other TVs

Chip TDA8362 in 3USPTS and other TVs

Chip TDA8362 in 3USPTS and other TVs

Chip TDA8362 in 3USPTS and other TVs

Chip TDA8362 in 3USPTS and other TVs

ChipCorder recording and playback device on the ISD1210S chip

Chips for data transmission over a radio channel

Chips for identification systems

Chips for radio modems

Chips for wireless data transmission

Chips K155IE6 and K155IE7

Chips K174XA2 and K174UR3

Chips of the K1197EN series

Chips of the K174 series

Chips of the K176 series


Chipsets for building Spread Spectrum devices


Chizhevsky chandelier - with your own hands

Chizhevsky Chandelier Power Supply Options

Chizhevsky chandelier: questions and answers

Chizhevsky Chandelier

Chizhik-pyzhik, where have you been?


Choice of conductors for heating, economic current density and corona conditions. Checking conductors for corona and radio interference

Choice of conductors for heating, economic current density and corona conditions. Permissible long-term currents for non-insulated wires and buses

Choice of conductors for heating, economic current density and corona conditions. Permissible long-term currents for wires, cords and cables with rubber or plastic insulation

Choice of conductors for heating, economic current density and corona conditions. Scope of application

Choice of conductors for heating, economic current density and corona conditions. The choice of conductor cross-sections for the economic density of current

Choice of power, current and cross-section of wires and cables

Chokeless power for fluorescent lamps

Chokrovka and skidding of wood by tractors. A typical safety manual

Choosing a ballast capacitor

Choosing a fireplace

Choosing a place for the camp

Choosing a television surveillance system

Choosing a wind generator

Choosing accessories for your camcorder

Choosing an electrical screwdriver

Choosing Automotive and Home Acoustic Systems

Choosing capacitors for voltage transducers

Choosing conductors for heating, economic current density and corona conditions. Permissible long-term currents for cables with paper impregnated insulation

Choosing conductors for heating, economic current density and corona conditions. Selection of conductor cross-sections for heating

Choosing the right caliber

Choosing wirings, ways of laying wires and cables. Electrical components

Choosing wirings, ways of laying wires and cables. Wiring components

Choosing your first metal detector

Chopper driven by an electric motor

Christmas garlands with flashing LEDs

Christmas garlands

Christmas tree lights

Christmas-tree decoration Christmas-tree electronic 5-beam with microprocessor control

Chromaticity of blackbody radiation

Chromatography - the separation of substances

Chromatography at home


Chrome adhesive mass

Chromium Adhesive

Chromium parts

Chromium plating

Chromosome theory of heredity

Chronicle of the declared death


Chrysanthemum in buttonhole

Chrysanthemums have long since faded in the garden

Ciclia from a razor blade

Cigarette Cigarette

Cigarette in the nose

Cigarette on the edge of a glass

Cigarettes from nowhere


Cine and video: how to achieve accurate color delivery

Cinematography is the only consolation in a woman's life



Circle area

Circle of betrayal, and cowardice, and deception

Circle your (return, return)

Circle your finger

Circuit board for Nokia 32xx / 51xx / 61xx cable (M2Bus / max232)

Circuit board for Nokia 32xx / 51xx / 61xx cable (M2Bus / max3232)

Circuit Breaker for Household Radio Equipment

Circuit diagram, pinout (wiring) of the Siemens C25, S25 cable

Circuit, pinout (cable) for Ericsson phones (max 3232)

Circuit, pinout (wiring) of Alcatel Easy db / Club db / Club db cable

Circuit, pinout (wiring) of Alcatel One Touch cable

Circuit, pinout (wiring) of Alcatel One Touch Easy DB cable

Circuit, pinout (wiring) of Ericsson T28s cable (max3232)

Circuit, pinout (wiring) of Nokia 3210, 8210 cable

Circuit, pinout (wiring) of Siemens C-25 cable (max232)

Circuit, pinout (wiring) of the cable for all Siemens models

Circuit, pinout (wiring) of the Siemens S10 cable, S11, pinout

Circuit, pinout of Alcatel One Touch Easy Dual Band cable

Circuit-breaker of illumination on the microcontroller with a function of a night lamp and smooth adjustment of illumination

Circuitry of output amplifiers

Circuitry of power supplies for personal computers

Circuitry of Switching Power Supplies

Circuitry of the detector radio receiver for 100 years

Circuitry of tube amplifiers-proof-readers

Circulator in two transistors

Circus number

Circus performer of the illusionary genre. Job description

Cirlich Manrichlich

Citizen of the universe

City and the world

City as a zone of increased danger

City Bike

City Lights

City plans and special maps

City, areas of increased danger. Security measures

Civil Civil Defense Organizations

Civil Courage

Civil defense - an important component of national security and defense of the country

Civil Defense Engineer. Job description

Civil defense on an industrial site

Civil Defense Structure

Civil Defense

Civil law. A common part. Cheat Sheet

Civil law. Part II. Cheat Sheet

Civil law. Parts I, III and IV. Cheat Sheet

Civil Law. The special part. Cheat Sheet

Civil Procedural Law. Cheat Sheet

Civil Procedural Law. Lecture notes

Clairvoyance session

Clairvoyant goose


Clamp Clamp

Clamped Needle

Clamping of a file in a jigsaw pencil

Clandestine Regional Committee operates

Clarifying linseed oil

Clasped handkerchiefs

Class A Ultra-Linear Amplifier

Class AB amplifier with galvanic isolation

Class B Amplifier

Class B power amplifier with distortion correction due to the use of direct communication

Class B Triode Amplifier

Class D amplifier for a subwoofer

Classic grip of a ball with a palm

Classic set of light sources

Classification and purpose of cables

Classification of catastrophes

Classification of electric motors

Classification of elementary particles

Classification of emergency situations of natural and man-made nature

Classification of emergency situations

Classification of fluorescent lamps from leading manufacturers

Classification of galaxies

Classification of harmful substances by the degree of impact on the human body

Classification of hazardous and harmful production factors

Classification of intercoms

Classification of metal detectors

Classification of personal protective equipment

Classification of plants

Classification of premises by the degree of danger of electric shock

Classification of premises, buildings and outdoor installations by explosion and fire hazard categories

Classification of risk factors

Classification of soaps

Classification of the basic forms of human activity

Clauscorrector II. The stabilized power supply unit of the tube preamplifier (300 volts 50 milliampere + 6.3 volts 3 amps)

Clauscorrector-I. Two-stage amplifier with passive correction on 6S4P, 6F12P, 6F12P lamps

Claws will recognize the lion

CLAY on CMOS elements

Clean everything is clean, dirty everything is dirty

Cleaner equipment. Job description

Cleaner of fabric, products. A typical safety manual

Cleaner of production and office premises. A typical safety manual

Cleaner of the production premises of the kitchen. A typical safety manual

Cleaner of the school canteen. A typical safety manual

Cleaner of the territory of the cemetery. Job description

Cleaner, greaser. A typical safety manual

Cleaner. Job description

Cleaning copper items

Cleaning copper with ammonia, acid, ammonia, cologne

Cleaning fruit and potatoes. A typical safety manual

Cleaning Lubricants

Cleaning Marble

Cleaning metal parts of machines

Cleaning nickel articles

Cleaning of steel items

Cleaning pipes from rust and scale

Cleaning roofs from snow. A typical safety manual

Cleaning the finds

Cleaning the garbage chutes. A typical safety manual

Cleaning the gilding

Cleaning the surface of adhesive residues

Cleaning the switches from the snow. A typical safety manual

Cleaning the washbasin with manganese and acid

Cleanroom of production premises. A typical safety manual


Clerk. Job description

Click the mare in the nose - it will wave its tail

Climb on the Rampage

Climb the chair

Clinical psychology. Cheat Sheet

Clips for skis

Cloakroom attendant. A typical safety manual

Cloakroom attendant. Job description

Cloak-table cloth

Clock control circuit for the clock

Clock for automatic device management

Clock on the transistor

Clock with thermometer and barometer

Clock-alarm-thermometer with infrared radiation

Cloning of a coin


Close your eyes and think about England

Closed Coin

Closed veranda with film

Closing box

Cloth clip

Cloud Types

Clouding of lime water under the influence of carbon dioxide

Clouds in the room

Clouds of the lower tier

Clouds of the upper tier

Clouds of vertical development

Clowning Flower

Clumping Coin

Coach, do not drive horses!

Coastal Sailor. Job description

Coating metals with a layer of copper

Coating with a layer of tin (tinning)

Co-author of what discovery in medicine was furniture furniture?

Coaxial antenna of the 144-146 MHz band

Coaxial Antenna

Coaxial cable - inductor

Coaxial head in the loudspeaker of the central channel

Co-axial INVERTED L at 160 m

Coaxial load equivalent

Coaxial vertical antennas

Cobblestone is the weapon of the proletariat

Cockroach, cockroach, cockroach...

Code converter (encoders, multiplexers, etc.)

Code exit to the intercity

Code lock on the microcontroller

Code lock on three buttons

Code lock with alarm

Code lock with numeric keypad

Code lock

Code switch

Code switch

Coded lock control module

Coded lock on thyristors

Coded lock

Codifier. Job description

Coding speech in digital cellular communication systems

Coffins piled up

Coil clamp

Coil inductor and capacitor in AC circuit

Coil spring


Coiled electrical insulating products

Coiler of bus salons. A typical safety manual

Coiler of electric machine elements. A typical safety manual

Coiler of furniture. A typical safety manual

Coiler. A typical safety manual

Coils contour imported radios. Color marking

Coils on carbonyl rings

Coin and apple

Coin and brush

Coin and coin for manipulation

Coin and glass

Coin and hat

Coin and matchbox

Coin and piece of paper

Coin and ring

Coin and scarf

Coin and talking bottle

Coin disappearing from a scarf

Coin from nowhere

Coin from the note

Coin from under the scarf falls into the pocket

Coin in a ball of wool

Coin in a closed bank

Coin in a paper bag

Coin in a scarf

Coin in the decanter

Coin Interference

Coin on the bottle

Coin on the tip of a magic wand

Coin passing through the leg

Coin through the bottle

Coin through the sleeve

Coin under the glass

Coin under the hat

Coin with the disappearing party

Coincident number

Coins across

Coins Coming Together

Coins from a magic wand

Coins from the air

Coins from two shawls fly to one

Coins magically multiply

Cold air

Cold press pre-presser. A typical safety manual

Cold processing of metals on metal-cutting machines (turning, milling, drilling). A typical safety manual

Cold spike

Cold start of the engine

Cold War

Cold-cathode electroluminescent lamp controller OZ9938

Colinar antenna Slim Jim (G2BCX)

Collapsible house-hozblok

Collapsible Workbench

Collapsing the camp

Collect four coins together

Collecting coins from the air

Collecting figures by suit

Collecting forest seeds, fruits and cones. A typical safety manual

Collection of dishes from the tables. A typical safety manual

Collection of figures

Collective and individual protection of the population

Collective filter for TV antennas

Collector motor control

Collector of plastic products. Job description

Collector of products and structures. Job description

Collector of wood products. A typical safety manual

Collector. A typical safety manual

Collector. Job description

Collet clamp

Collinear antenna of the 160-meter range


Color bar

Color changing ball

Color correction on the TDA4565 chip

Color cubes

Color desert

Color distortions in video recording

Color Labeling of Capacitors

Color Labeling of Import Resistors

Color Lighting

Color maps

Color marking of contour coils of imported radios

Color marking of domestic semiconductor devices

Color marking of imported capacitors

Color marking of permanent resistors

Color Marking of Resistors

Color music console

Color music device on fluorescent lights

Color music installation on trinistors

Color music installation using active transistor filters

Color music installation with a number-pulse control of trinistors

Color music installation with phase-impulse control

Color music installation with two-level brightness control

Color music installation

Color music switch garlands

Color papers change places

Color prediction of maps

Color reaction of Molish

Color reactions using glucose

Color temperature

Color Test

Colored carcass

Colored cements

Colored crystals dissolve in the jelly

Colored diodes

Colored lights

Colored pictures using liquid glass (or silicate glue)

Colored reaction of copper sulfate with ammonia solution

Colored rings in jelly

Colored water

Colored water

Colored wax sealing

Coloring matter from plants

Coloring Tibetan Sheepskin

Coloring toilet soap

Coloring xylolite

Colorist. Job description

Colorless green ideas sleep violently

Colossus on clay feet

Colourer of paints. A typical safety manual

Columbus egg

Columbus of the Russians

Combat traditions of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation

Combine business with pleasure

Combine harvester

Combine operator. A typical safety manual

Combined AFC control unit

Combined antenna for the ranges of 80 and 20 meters

Combined Bandpass Filter

Combined construction subwoofer made of wood and fiberglass

Combined Feedback in UMRS

Combined frequency counter

Combined generator

Combined HPV Filter

Combined KB Antenna

Combined power controller on the K145AP2 chip

Combined power controller

Combined power supply, 220 / 0-12 and 0-215 volts 0.5 ampere

Combined radio

Combined Record Level Indicator

Combined TV Antenna

Combined Volume and Voice Control

Come back, I'll forgive everything!

Come from childhood

Come to the Shaped Analysis

Comic trick with slippers

Commandant. Job description

Commander for the receiver and transmitter Signal-1

Comments are unnecessary

Commercial activities. Lecture notes

Commercial activity. Cheat Sheet

Commercial agent for real estate transactions. A typical safety manual

Commercial agent. Job description

Commercial Director. Job description

Commercial law. Cheat Sheet

Commercial law. Lecture notes

Commissioning of lead-acid batteries

Commodity expert. Job description

Commodity. Cheat Sheet

Common grounds for liability for causing harm

Common toilet soaps

COM-Mouse Schema

Communication electrician when operating the ASEC system. A typical safety manual

Communication operator. A typical safety manual

Communication through the lighting network

Communications device

Commutation elements of foreign production

Compact car amplifier

Compact Clean Boost Pedal

Compact electric soldering iron

Compact fluorescent lamps. Classification

Compact fluorescent lamps. Conformity of different manufacturers

Compact fluorescent lamps. More options

Compact fluorescent lamps. Technical characteristics

Compact metal detector for a field effect transistor

Compact metal detector on beats

Compact metal detector on the K175LE5 chip

Compact radio control device Signal 1

Compact transformerless power supply, 220/9 volts 0.2 ampere

Compact Welding Rectifiers


Comparative Anatomy

Comparative characteristics of galvanic cells of AA size

Compass points, angular marking



Compensating current sensor with magnetic shunt

Compensation for hard work and work with harmful or dangerous working conditions

Compensation for harm

Compensation for moral damage

Compensation loops


Competition of two pencils

Competition. Cheat Sheet

Complementary high-power transistors of the KT8115, KT8116 series

Complete description of the scheme of 200-watt PSUs

Complete set of automated warehouse. A typical safety manual

Completeness, detail and accuracy of maps

Completing network adapters

Completing the AC ammeter

Completing the Alan 48 Plus and Alan 78 Plus transceivers

Completing the AT Power Supply

Completing the AU of imported mini-systems

Completing the AV3302 power supply

Completing the Baofeng UV-5R antenna

Completing the car receiver Toshiba TX-20

Completing the computer speaker SP-P110

Completing the device for measuring the complex resistance

Completing the DFT in the RA3AO transceiver

Completing the DTI82 Multimeter

Completing the e-book Texet TB-840HD

Completing the frequency meter control node

Completing the Generator GIS-02T Electronics

Completing the HRA24AX sound emitter

Completing the import telephones

Completing the imported electronic clock

Completing the laboratory power source

Completing the network charger

Completing the pass-through ceramic capacitors

Completing the power supply SY-002-5-12

Completing the RA3AO Transceiver

Completing the rocker switch

Completing the speed controller for three-phase asynchronous motors

Completing the temperature regulator of the soldering iron tip

Completing the transceiver of V.Drozdov's design

Completing the VHF FM receiver of the MAMVO

Completing the welding machine

Completing the welding transformer TDE-101U2

Completing wind power plants

Completion of programmers for guaranteed programming of PCF8582 chips

Completion of the power supply BP2-3

Completion of the RA3AO transceiver DDPA under arbitrary IF

Complex furnace-fireplace-stove

Complex security systems

Complexity of light

Compliance of models and chassis of THOMSON TVs

Compliance of models and chassis of TVs BLAUPUNKT

Compliance of models and PHILIPS TV chassis

Compliance of SAMSUNG TV models and chassis

Compliance with the work and rest regime

Complimentary transistors KT529A and KT530A

Complimentary transistors of the KT6116 and KT6117 series

Component Connections

Components of a household electricity network based on solar cells

Composition of the first aid kit

Composition of the television observation system

Compositions for cleaning various things

Compositions for perfume

Compositions for shine lining

Compositions for skin blackening

Compositions for the removal of written in ink

Compositions of casein paints

Compound Amphibian

Compressor Engineer. A typical safety manual

Compressor installation

Compressor operator ZIF-55. A typical safety manual

Compressor station operator. A typical safety manual

Compressor to light-music device

Compromise (price / quality) impulse stabilizer

Computation node

Computer control of measuring equipment mechanisms

Computer fan control unit

Computer interface for ICOM transceivers

Computer mouse for quartz watches

Computer mouse

Computer operator. Job description

Computer Power Supply for 24/7 operation

Computer power supply in radio amateur designs

Computer Power Supply Tester

Computer tester from the set VM9222 MASTER KIT: troubleshooting in the PC system unit

Computer TV tuner as a frequency counter

Computer typing operator. Job description


Computer-mouse constructions

Comrade does not understand

Conceived number

Concentration of force

Concepts of modern natural science. Lecture notes

Conceptual art

Concert stroboscope

Concierge. Job description

Concrete patterns on garden paths

Concrete wells

Concrete worker. A typical safety manual

Concrete worker. Job description

Condensed Milk

Condenser Connections

Condenser installations. Electrical measurements

Condenser installations. Installing capacitors

Condenser installations. Protection

Condenser installations. Scope, definitions

Condenser installations. Wiring diagram, equipment selection

Condenser testing device

Condenser Zener rectifier

Condensers and Applications

Condensers with an organic dielectric

Condensers. Code marking

Condensers. Color marking

Condensers. Temperature coefficient of capacity (TKE)

Condensers. Tolerances

Condenser-Zener rectifier

Conditional graphic and letter symbols for electro-radio elements

Conditional graphic symbols for electrical machines

Conditional graphic symbols in diagrams taken in the Radio journal

Conditional signs and decoration of maps

Conducting a briefing for the 1st group on electrical safety. A typical safety manual

Conducting classes in athletics. A typical safety manual

Conducting demonstration experiments in chemistry. A typical safety manual

Conducting exercises in gymnastics. A typical safety manual

Conducting laboratory experiments and practical training in chemistry. A typical safety manual

Conducting laboratory works and laboratory practical work on physics. A typical safety manual

Conducting mass events. A typical safety manual

Conducting materials

Conducting school mass events. A typical safety manual

Conductor Bronze

Conductor materials. General information

Conductor materials. Key Features

Conductor. A typical safety manual



Confectioner. A typical safety manual

Confectionery Hat

Confetti disappears from the package

Confetti from a magic wand

Confidential information is also a mystery

Configuring quartz filters

Configuring quartz filters

Conflict of Civilizations

Conflict of the good with the best

Conflictology. Cheat Sheet

Conformity of atmospheric pressure to altitude above sea level and boiling point of water

Conformity of GRUNDIG TV models and chassis

Conformity of models and chassis DVD GRUNDIG

Conformity of models and chassis of SHARP TVs

Conformity of models and chassis of SONY TVs

Confusion and Reformation

Confusion instead of music


Connecting 2 computers on laser pointer

Connecting 2 computers on laser pointers

Connecting a group socket and building an extension cable

Connecting a large number of buttons to one input of the microcontroller

Connecting a powerful ultraviolet lamp

Connecting a single-key and two-key switch

Connecting a sound card to a telephone line

Connecting a sound card to a telephone line

Connecting a three-phase asynchronous motor to a single-phase network via a capacitor

Connecting a three-phase asynchronous motor to a single-phase network

Connecting a three-phase motor to a single-phase network

Connecting acoustics to modern receivers

Connecting an electric heater

Connecting an electricity meter

Connecting and terminating wires and cables

Connecting computers through COM ports on two wires

Connecting Cords

Connecting machines

Connecting Multiple AVI Files

Connecting pass-through switches

Connecting Rope Rings

Connecting several VHF receivers to the antenna

Connecting single-phase and three-phase electricity meters

Connecting small remote 120-volt power supplies to the 220 V network

Connecting Sound Blaster to a telephone line

Connecting staples for paper

Connecting the D-100 Printer to the PC

Connecting the DVR to the car system

Connecting the EL-BI electrical plug-in

Connecting the electric plug B16 242

Connecting the electrical panel

Connecting the ends of a pneumatic hose

Connecting the fuel tank plug

Connecting the hob

Connecting the LCD indicator

Connecting the Pocket Receiver from the UZP

Connecting three-phase consumers to a single-phase network

Connecting to the computer of the remote control

Connecting to the set top box of four joysticks

Connecting with a star

Connecting with a triangle

Connecting wood panels

Connecting your sound card to your phone

Connection diagram for the drum kit modules

Connection installer-line manager. Job description

Connection of the modem to the AVU

Connections of power sources

Connectors SONY car radios

Connectors Tyco Electronics / AMPs MicroCMS

Consecutive guessing of maps

Consequences of a poor electrical contact

Consequences of Drug Use for Human Health

Consequences of thermal pollution of natural reservoirs

Consideration of disagreements on the investigation, registration and recording of accidents at work

Console screw press

Conspiracy of the doomed


Constitutional (state) law of the Russian Federation. Cheat Sheet

Constitutional law of foreign countries. Cheat Sheet

Constitutional Law of the Russian Federation. Cheat Sheet

Constitutional Law of the Russian Federation. Lecture notes


Constructing a Shadow

Constructing a Valcoder

Construction electrician. A typical safety manual

Construction Engineer. Job description

Construction of micro hydroelectric power stations

Construction worker, building materials industry and housing and communal services. A typical safety manual

Constructions based on the KR1182PM1 chip

Constructions of A.Partin

Constructions of I.Bakomchev

Constructions of S.Shipovsky

Constructions of solar cells

Constructions on transistors of different structure

Constructs of M.Erofeev

Consultant for Taxes and Levies. Job description

Consultant for work with clients. Job description

Consultant of the helpline. Job description

Consumer behavior. Cheat Sheet

Consumer Society

Contact Center Manager. Job description

Contact hazard conditions in three-phase networks

Contact joystick for PC

Contact materials

Contact socket type

Contact spike suppressor - impulse generator

Contacts - durability

Container ship

Content manager (site editor). Job description

Content of production and auxiliary premises

CONTEST Transceiver

Contour coils of imported radios

Contract Law. Cheat Sheet

Contribute to something

Control and revision. Cheat Sheet

Control and revision. Lecture notes

Control device for moving parts

Control Device for the Cooling Fan of the Power Amplifier

Control Device Power Supply

Control master. Job description

Control module for electric drives of vehicle locks

Control panel for heating with three groups of heating elements

Control scheme for a fluorescent lamp with a power of up to 26 watts

Control scheme with DTMF decoder

Control screen for the light-dynamic installation

Control unit for driving lights

Control unit for semi-automatic welding with thyristor regulator

Control unit for the soldering station on the PIC16F887 microcontroller

Controller for minimum and maximum voltage

Controller in logging operations. A typical safety manual

Controller of gas facilities. A typical safety manual

Controller of gas facilities. Job description

Controller of machining operations. A typical safety manual

Controller. Job description

Controller-laboratory assistant. A typical safety manual

Controlling 12 Volt Halogen Lamps with a Dimmer

Controlling a car enthusiast

Controlling a chandelier using two wires

Controlling a chandelier with four lamps

Controlling a two-wire lighting fixture

Controlling an electric boiler

Controlling Field Effect Transistors in Pulse Converters

Controlling Occupational Safety

Controlling PC fans

Controlling the Frequency Synthesizer of Radio and Lighthouse radio stations

Controlling the FT-897D USB Transceiver

Controlling the lighting of several switches

Controlling the lighting of two switches

Controlling the magnetic starter with one button

Controlling the power of your TV

Controlling the radio model with a computer

Controls of the metal detector

Convection from the warmth of the hand

Convenient microdrill

Convenient soldering iron

Convenient switch

Conventional designations of electrodes for manual arc welding

Conventional signs (signs) of GOCH

Conversation Machine

Conversation Machine

Conversation node for the phone

Conversion in a matchbox

Conversion of a calibrated micromotor into a compression engine

Conversion of a scarf

Conversion of dominoes

Conversion of one coin into two

Conversion of solar radiation into electric current

Conversion of the computer power supply to the charger

Conversion of water into blood

Conversion variant of the transmitting set-top box (UA1FA)

Conversions between number systems - easily and with a smile

Convert 10 kopecks to 1 ruble

Convert a bottle into a bouquet of flowers

Convert a suitcase into a table

Convert coffee into coins

Convert confetti into sweets

Convert one card to another

Convert the angle of the potentiometer to a digital code

Converter 12/220 volts for hiking

Converter 12/220 volts on the field effect transistors

Converter 12/220 volts using a standard transformer

Converter 12/220 volts

Converter 1260/430 (144) MHz

Converter 144/27 MHz with a smooth heterodyne

Converter at 1260 MHz

Converter at 27 MHz

Converter for 144 MHz for the CB radio station

Converter for a fluorescent lamp with a controller

Converter for CB radio station

Converter for electric razors

Converter for feeding fluorescent indicators

Converter for powering household appliances

Converter for powering radio receivers

Converter for radiotelephone on CD4047 chip

Converter for receiving soundtracks of TV programs

Converter for remote control, 9 volts 4.5 milliampere

Converter for satellite TV reception

Converter for supplying a digital multimeter

Converter for supplying a two-phase asynchronous motor

Converter for supplying fluorescent lamps from a car battery

Converter for VHF receiver up to 900 MHz

Converter from the range of 50 MHz to 24 MHz

Converter K1003PP1 in automation devices

Converter of a constant voltage of 12 V battery in an alternating voltage of 220 V 50 Hz

Converter of a constant voltage of 12 V into a variable 220 V

Converter of IF of sound 6.5 MHz in 5.5 MHz

Converter of single-phase mains voltage in three-phase frequency of 50 - 400 Hz

Converter of the electronic ballast using a self-protected switching transistor

Converter of unipolar voltage in bipolar, 30 volts 1 ampere

Converter on the CD4047, 12/220 volt chip

Converter, 12/220 volts

Converter, 12/220 volts

Converter, 3/10 volts 15 milliampere


Converters of audio channel from CCIR and back

Converters of the USB interface on FT8U232AM, FT8U245AM chips


Converting 35AC1 into a subwoofer

Converting a digital indicator into a digital thermometer

Converting a snake into a stick

Converting a torn card into a whole

Converting aces into four other maps

Converting four maps

Converting Network Adapters in the STP Standard

Converting paper into an egg

Converting P-CAD files to image formats

Converting Saul to Paul

Converting three maps

Converting two coins into one

Converting water to vodka

Convertor 65.8... 75 MHz - 88... 108 MHz


Cook an educational institution. Job description

Cook pre-school educational institution. Job description

Cook. A typical safety manual

Cook. Job description

Cooler Malfunction Indicator

Cooling Fan Controller UMZCH

Cooling Fan Controller

Cooling Processors

Cooling system relay VAZ-2103... 2108

Cooling system relay VAZ-2103... 2108

Cooling the graphics card

Coordinate Grids

Coordinator for warehouse operations. Job description

Copal oil lacquer

Copernicus Nicholas

Copier with fluorescent lights

Copier. Job description


Copper forehead

Copper joins the silver

Copper multi-band VHF cassette antenna

Copper ringing and a cymbal sounding


Copping nails

Copying ink

Copying paper

Copying paper

Copywriter. Job description

Cord flight model of the airplane

Cord flight-training model of the aircraft

Cord node

Cord racing model of the plane

Cord Speed Model

Corkscrew antenna

Corn corn picker

Corner mini-fireplace

Cornering Corner

Cornerstone (foundation stone)

Cornucopia (Amalfhein horn)

Corporal Gap

Corporate Law. Cheat Sheet

Corporate lawyer. Job description

Correct prototype chassis from Klausmobile

Correction amplifier for cable TV

Correction amplifier for media devices

Correction fluid

Correctional psychology. Cheat Sheet

Corrector of ignition timing

Corrector of the angle OZ

Corrector of the frequency response of Linkvitz in low-power UMZCH

Corrector of the ignition timing for the car

Corrector. Job description

Correspondence of models and chassis of TV sets of different companies

Correspondence of models and chassis, functional composition of TV sets of different companies

Correspondence of models of TV, video, audio equipment and remote controls BQS

Correspondent. Job description

Corridor switch

Corridors of power

Corrugated board with motor

Cosmetics. Job description




Cost-Release Method

Costume. A typical safety manual

Cottage cheese

Couch time on this very place


Could you call someone an Eskimo?


Counters and frequency dividers


Counting matches in boxes behind your back

Counting the circles drawn behind your back

Country furniture from planks

Country furniture from water pipes

Country Furniture

Country house with all amenities

Country of Fools

Country of unlimited possibilities

Courage, courage and once again courage

Courier node

Courier. A typical safety manual

Courier. Job description

Cover for the roof

Cover nakedness

Cover of Isis

Cover of paper

Covered coin

Covering the population in protective structures of GO

cow moo simulator

Cow node

Cozy Corner

Crab Loop (a tightening skin)

Cracking process

Cracks on the lips

Crane operator (machinist) of the jaw log loader. A typical safety manual

Crane operator of all types. A typical safety manual

Crane operator of the gantry crane with manual control from the floor. A typical safety manual

Crane operator. Job description

Crankshaft disassembly tool

Crap as a sticky note

Crap on lean oil

Crash alarm for the car

Crash or sharp braking of a train

Crawl in Plastun

Crawler Motor Tug Seal

Crawler Motorcycle

Crayons (for wood, leather, cloth, etc.)

Crazy Day, or The Marriage of Figaro

Creamer-spiller of petroleum products. A typical safety manual

Cream-fuel dispenser. A typical safety manual

Creams for shoes turpentine and water

Creams for shoes. Raw materials

Cream-spiller varnishes and solvents. A typical safety manual

Create a spring of living water

Creating a power-on delay

Creating a slide show in Adobe Premiere

Creating and implementing an OSHE

Creative director. Job description

Creative manager of the radio station. Job description



Criminal law. General and Special Part. Cheat Sheet

Criminal law. The special part. Cheat Sheet

Criminal Procedure Law of the Russian Federation. Cheat Sheet

Criminal procedure. Cheat Sheet

Criminal procedure. Lecture notes

Criminally-executive law. Cheat Sheet

Criminally-executive law. Lecture notes

Criminology. Cheat Sheet

Criminology. Lecture notes

Critically about the U-knee

Critical-minded person

Criticism is easy, art is hard


Crocodile for heat removal

Crocodile Tears

Cross-country vehicle

Cross-country vehicle

Cross-cutting of whips with gasoline-powered saws (when bucking is performed on the cutting area). A typical safety manual

Crossover and price


Croupier. Job description

Crow in peacock feathers

Crown of thorns (wreath)

Crucify him!

Cruel, sir, customs in our city

Cruise liners

Crush the bastard!

Crush the water in a mortar, carry water in a sieve

Crushed egg

Crusher of crushing and sorting plant. A typical safety manual

Crusher. A typical safety manual

Crusher. Job description

Crushing stick

Crying (crying) in the waistcoat

Crying Frances

Crying on the rivers of Babylon

Crying with a great voice

Crystal amplifier to the detector receiver

Crystal Patterns

Crystals - especially beautiful samples

Crystals - how to adjust their value

Crystals - how to grow them correctly

Crystals - large and small

Crystals of metallic copper


CTO administrator. Job description

Cube and two scarves

Cube in the cylinder

Cube passed through the glass

Cube with a secret

Cube with a surprise



Cucumber and napkin

Cucumber in a bottle

Cucumbers in bottles

Culinary expert of flour products. A typical safety manual

Cult of personality

Cultivator. Job description

Culturology. Cheat Sheet

Culturology. Lecture notes

Cunning device box

Cunning lady

Cunning mechanics

Cunning mechanics

Cunning pins

Cunning rope

Cunning toy

Cunning toy


Curator of the registration department. Job description

Curie Point

Curie-Sklodowska Maria

Current circulator at two transistors

Current Inrush Limiter when switching on the incandescent lamp

Current leads with voltage up to 35 kV. Current conductors with voltage up to 1 kV

Current leads with voltage up to 35 kV. Current conductors with voltages above 1 kV

Current leads with voltage up to 35 kV. Flexible current conductors with voltages above 1 kV

Current limit indicator

Current or power consumption indicator

Current overload warning

Current overload warning

Current protection device in bipolar power supply

Current regulator on a trinistor

Current relay

Current ShI-regulator

Current source to compensate for the self-discharge of the battery

Current sources

Current stabilizer for 100-200 ampere

Current stabilizer from 0 to 150 A

Current stabilizer up to 150 ampere

Current switch КР1055КТ1А

Current-conducting wires with voltage up to 35 kV. General requirements

Current-conducting wires with voltage up to 35 kV. Scope, definitions

Cursed Questions

Curtains with electric drive and remote control

Curved dipole

Curvilinear and three-dimensional paradoxes


Curving bottle

Custom is a despot between people

Customs Law. Cheat Sheet

Customs Law. Lecture notes

Customs. Cheat Sheet

Cut and recycled paper

Cut and weld water

Cut off a hunk

Cut off finger

Cut unnecessary fragments of AVI file into VirtualDub

Cut, but restored tie

Cutoff frequency of multi-tier filters

Cutter (founder). A typical safety manual

Cutter for cutting thin plastic

Cutter in the garden

Cutter of veneer and facing materials on scissors. A typical safety manual

Cutter. A typical safety manual

Cutter. Job description

Cutter. Job description

Cutter-cutter. A typical safety manual


Cutting a bone. A typical safety manual

Cutting ferrite

Cutting friction

Cutting friction

Cutting glass tubes

Cutting in half the apple in the hands of the viewer

Cutting machine operator and operator on automatic and semi-automatic lines in woodworking, engaged in cutting plates and sheet materials. A typical safety manual

Cutting magnetic lines of force

Cutting metal on scissors. A typical safety manual

Cutting of wagons excluded from inventory. A typical safety manual

Cutting teeth on canvases

Cutting the carcasses of mined animals

Cutting two tapes

Cutting, pruning of branches. A typical safety manual

Cuvier Georges

CW-SSB filter with electronic commutation

CW-SSB transceiver of direct conversion for 10 meters

Cybernetic Planet Planet


Cyclic number

Cyclopean labor

Cyclops wireless remote control device

Cylinder coloring

Cylindrical lens

Cynicism reaching to grace